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  1. Well I've spent the winter doing all the PM's I could do. Just finished with the new tires, brakes and the Star Glide conversion. So here are the pics. http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg318/2057ken/006-1.jpg http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg318/2057ken/005.jpg http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg318/2057ken/002-1.jpg
  2. Shipped my Road Glide seat off to Rick Butler this morning. I have put some miles on it and was pleasantly surprised with it for a stock seat. I've done a Saddle Sore and a Bun Burner on it so I know that I can do a thousand mile day on it with no major problems. There is still room for improvement though so I figured that with the snow on the ground, it was a great time to let him work his magic.
  3. The wife and I stopped at the local HD shop and were admiring their fleet when I noticed something. There was a new Street Glide sitting next to a new Electra Glide Classic. The bikes were exactly the same price (like 19400). To my untrained eye the Street Glide looked exactly like the Electra except it was stripped of the rear tour pack with backrest, light bar, chrome bag guards, radio, front and rear bumper, rider floor boards and fairing trim.. So I said to the salesman, I bet you dont sell alot of those stripped down bikes for the same price you sell the decked out one for.. I was SHOCKED to find out that the Street Glide out sold the Electra 10 to 1!! After finding out they are exactly the same bike with just more stuff added onto the electra, I went to the parts counter and found out that the extra parts on the electra added up to over 3 grand worth of parts.. So I go back to the salesman and said, how come people dont just buy the electra and remove the parts they dont want and keep them in case trends or needs change.. He looked at me dumbfoundedly and said, cause people dont think like that... I still dont get it, my mind dont work like that, who wouldnt want 3 grand of xtra parts for free..
  4. Phantom Wife's car is paid off this August and she still says I can buy NEW bike so I took out the 2012 Harley Electra Glide Ultra Limited Saturday morning.She seen it at the Harley dealer when she went shopping with oldest boy a couple weeks ago and she liked it.Well she actually like the Pearl White Electra Glide Ultra. Seemed kind of tight for the driver and arms started to ache in shoulder area.This was only after 20min ride--might be alright if set up to me . Also stopped in to the Yamaha dealer to see about the Venture which was posted as normal price of $19,999 BUT ON NOW FOR $19,023 which includes $145 payday payment warranty/taxes/freight/p.d.i./administ.but they are only offering me $3800 for my 2000 Roadstar Silverado 1600 fully chromed and options with 85,000klms. Not sure if this is a good deal for trade or not any ideas??
  5. A buddy asked if I wanted to go look at some property up north . We took the bikes and rode 541 miles . Waterford to Cheybogan . Took our time 14 hours worth. I have to say that this Road Glide Ultra is the best riding bike I have ever been on. All broke in now with 750 miles which is more miles than I put on the RSV in three years. lol Maybe I forgot that I liked it too.
  6. Had first ride (2000 Roadstar 1600) with wife and another couple today. Went to Anna Mae's for supper. Was a 160klm ride. Yes I said it rite=== Phantom Wife=== even suggested the ride!!! Imagine that--almost had heart attack. Still complains about being uncomfortable and sore after ridding----misses the COUCH(87 Venture) so it is still possible being able to buy a new bike this tear. Still don't know which bike I would like to get. Bikes I'm looking at are --Venture---Harley Electra Glide Ultra---Kawasaki Voyager---Road Glide Ultra--- and Cross Country Touring. Right now price isn't a factor until we start pricing for financing / comfort of rear seat for wife/ warranty / maintenance/ and other things.
  7. Look what a HD Fat Boy can do,,, oh,,, sorry that's a Road Glide!
  8. My 2008 Venture next to a friends 2009 Ultra Glide Classic. Mike
  9. Couldnt find any info on this. my seat is just way too uncomfoprtable after many attempts at repairing and adding foam. I found a nice pillow top electra glide seat that I have purchased . Waiting for it to arrive so I can modify it to fit.
  10. hig4s

    Road Glide

    Went and test road an HD Road Glide Ultra today.. Nice bike, might be my next bike. Wind noise a little better than the RSV, engine noise about the same volume but less whiny, stereo way better, completely clear at 70mph. The seat and ergonomics were about the same as the RSV. The 103 engine has about the same hp as the RSV and more torque, yet comes with a 6 speed trans, seemed you could chose between three gears at any given speed. The handle bars were up too much for me, but just rotating them down should correct that, I don't think I would need different bars. There was a tiny bit of turbulence with the stock screen, but then is was short enough to look over, and even the stock RSV screen was taller than that, if I bent down a little and looked through the turbulence went away, so a different screen should correct that. I won't actually get serious about deciding whether to change bikes or not until next year when the warranty runs out on the RSV, but right now I have test ridden every brand touring bike except the Kawasaki Voyager, and the new BMW 1600GTL. Of the bikes I've ridden the only one I would consider replacing the RSV so far is the Ultra.
  11. I traded my VR and Sporty for a '11 Ultra Classic Electra Glide today. I'll still hang around and hope to ride with some of you in the future, though.
  12. Dont shoot please. I am in a little situation and have had a possible opportunity to obtain a 2007 Electra Glide with 31,000 miles in very very good condition. It will allow me to remain in a bike but will eliminate my situation with the RSV. Keep in mind the RSV itsself is not my issue. I love this bike from what little I have rode it. BUT I can get out from under it and have a Electra Glide. Granted I will have some remaining debt obviously, but without going head deep into details it works better. What could I expect as far as handling, balance, low speed handling, etc comparing the Electra Glide to the RSV??
  13. Hopefully ya can see these. 2007 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic. Glenn
  14. Below are some pictures of the first four panels from my cousins HD Road Glide. All are being done in a horror film/Halloween theme, with a different theme on each panel. Though side covers, which appear to both be pumpkins. Most of the characters in the panels have been modified to resemble Hogs. The left side of the tank is Freddie Kruger, but with hog features. Not for most people, but what he wanted. There is some extreme detail in theses. The guy that is doing them has put about a week in the tank alone. His bike is the orange on on the right in the last picture as it was. Gary
  15. Hello everyone! I am new to this forum and I would like to know if the slip on mufflers from a 2006 FLHT (Electra Glide Standard) will fit on my 2007 Tour Deluxe like the road king mufflers will?
  16. I took a test ride at a Columbus Oh. HD dealer today C&A Harleys. My son wanted to take a test ride and I agreed to go along. The one I would have liked to rode, Road Glide, was already spoken for when we could go and my son could get the one he wanted. The bike was a CVO Street Glide, 110 cu inches, which is 1800 cc. Fuel injected six speed. It was a very comfortable bike, Great guaging and controls. I have never been a fan of forward controls or a fork mounted fairing, but I did like the bike. It handled well at low speed when cornering. I probably would have liked it better, as far as comfort, if it would have had a drivers backrest. I felt like I was pulling back against the handlebars when riding it. Now the downside. It shook like an out of balance washing machine at idle. This smoothed out once under way. When accelerating it felt like the bike was starting to develop some power and it hit the rev limiter. With the six speed transmission, it seemed like I was shifting to often. I felt like my Venture would have probably been about 5 bike lengths ahead of the HD when I hit second. It just didn't have any really impressive power for a 1800 cc engine. MSRP was $31,000. It would make a nice cruiser for someone that didn't want any really impressive performance though. Bottom line is I am very happy with my dinosaur 1st gen. Even if I hit the lottery, this would not be my next bike. Did see an RSV there and left a Venture business card on the seat. Gary http://i1007.photobucket.com/albums/af193/gdingy101/Harleyrides.jpg
  17. Was surfing today and saw where HD has their 2011's out. One was the Road Glide Ultra with the 103 ci standard. If only money was no object or atleast if I had that much to spend.
  18. a few of my buddies and I decided to help out another friend and change out his pipes on his street glide for him. We had to ride it over to my buddies garage about 6 miles away. So naturally i got to ride it to the garage to be worked on. Since I havent ever ridden a HD of any kind, here are my first impressions. Bike seems smallish compared to my tour deluxe. I love the narrower tank. I also like the fit and finish. His bike seems to idle a little high, Vibration at idle was there of course, but it didnt really bother me. I really liked the fairing, not used to the hand controls on bars, but of course wouldnt take long. I seemed to feel a little scrunched up in the seat. My feet didnt feel quite as far forward. I like the bar positioning. Feels like the bars come back toward me a little more. The seat rest and pegs are set for a guy 5' 9" and i'm almost 6' 1" so that explains the scrunched in feel. Over all i like the bike. Its a bone stock 96 inch motor, not terribly quick by any means but ok. When I pulled into the garage shut off the bike and sat on it till we got a lift under it. Right away I couldnt believe the amount of HEAT coming from the motor. That i did not like. Would I change to a glide, maybe, but in no hurry.
  19. Hi Everyone! Just thought that I'd share my experience of the previous weekend. I met up with my father and his brand new 2010 Harley Street Glide. I like my RSTD quite a fair bit, but did come very close to purchasing an older model Electra Glide over it due to the Harley experience, blah blah blah. Well I can say firmly that after taking it out for the day and swapping back and forth a few times, the RSTD is now my Pride and Joy! I guess I was taking for granted how great my bike really is. Clutch whine, pfft, I'll take that any day. First off, the Harley Vibe was so strong it was shaking my to pieces. I was finding myself joking around by over exaggerating the shaking, like I was being electrocuted, when were were side-by-side at the stop light. I really didn't enjoy the vibes, especially in stop-and-go traffic - it not really fun. Yes, it did straighten out once we got going and it was nice and stable. Sound wise, well, its low and deep. Which actually gave me a pulsing headache after a few hours. But what I did notice was how GOOD my RSTD exhaust sounded. Nice and crisp, and when the old guy layed on it once he figured out the high rpm game, wow, just great. I kept trying to take off really quickly with the Glide, but was shocked to see my RSTD right in my side mirror everytime. Neck and neck, we were keeping up to each other with no difficulties, and he's got the stage 1 on the Harley. Don't get me wrong here, the Harley is a nice ride, but I was so thrilled when I got back on my RSTD! I feel like a million bucks now. Maybe I will save that much now that my Harley lust is gone down the toilet. :mo money:
  20. If Yamaha didn't make a RSV or RSTD. what would be your bike of choice? I think I would be riding a Harley Street Glide, if I could come up with the money or Kawasaki Voyager.
  21. Check out the May issue---Touring Cruiser Shootout. Harley Street Glide VS. Victory Cross Country. Then the June issue----Star Stratonliner Deluxe. Both bike's are a copy the the Street Glide. The Victory and the Stratoliner look like twins. The Victory's fairing does look better though. If Yamaha wants me to trade my 86 VR or my 09 Ultra for a newer Yam.---they had better step up to the plate. Someone go throw a bucket of water on them to wake them up.
  22. My Dad is looking to sell his 2000 RK with 31k on it. Very clean, black, fuel injected, all the fun stuff like LED mirrors with integrated turn signals, removable sissy bar, air horn, extra lighting on the rear, blah blah blah. He wants to buy a new Road Glide or Street glide... If I'm not mistaken he said $8500 would make him happy. I'd be all over it, but I can't cough up the dough. I'll try to get a classified ad in here today, it's located in Richlands, NC 28574. It looks just like this one, but Dad's has stock pipes. http://images01.olx.com/ui/2/91/83/f_23678883_1.jpeg
  23. After removing the trunk I took my first good ride sunday on some good twisties! The C/T feels alot better than before. I didn't feel like I was drifting in the turns like before. I think the extra weight off of the bike made the tire more stable. I put over 5K miles on the tire with the trunk and couldn't get the feel but after one day without it I'm thinking of staying on the darkside with the star glide. http://i525.photobucket.com/albums/cc340/MARKANDBINA/starglide001.jpg
  24. I have started but need to know will a RSTD back rest fit or do I just need to make one? http://i525.photobucket.com/albums/cc340/MARKANDBINA/9-12-09022.jpg
  25. Still looking to replace my wrecked VR (last June) I have a question but would not like to turn this into a BASHING thread !...so, has anyone here sold an RSV and purchased a HD Road Glide? I like the fixed fairing bikes better than the bar mount fairings IMO. And your thoughts are??
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