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  1. The clutch doesn't release completely and the trike tends to creep ahead. Probably a simple procedure to most of you, but I just need a little help here. I changed the fluid. I now need to bleed the system. Thanks. Owen.
  2. On 1999 Venture Royal Star what is the plug in the trunk for? Is this for the intercom system? How does the intercom system work? I have never had one on my bike and am not familiar with it. Do you have to buy a intercom box to put in the back?
  3. I am new to this forum and have already got some great information from here. Recently purchased a 84 Venture Royale and spent about 2-3 weeks going over everything making it worthy for the road. Two things I want to address: 1. cruise control is not turning on (I leave this topic for another time). 2. I have noticed that I have a small leak in my CLASS system. Example: I set the rear to the medium setting (43 PSI) after about a hour of riding the psi is down in the low 30s. I know the right answer is to take everything apart, find the leak and repair it. I believe the front has an even slower leak. My idea (I haven't seen anyone post this) is to hook up the CLASS system to a switch that, once turned on, will turn on the CLASS system while the bike on. This way, I can ride for a long trip and periodically to on the switch and monitor the system. I have already installed a separate fuse panel which is controlled by a relay which is controlled by the key so there is no way to forget to turn off the system. Thoughts.... concerns...
  4. http://www.road-hound.com/ Anyone had experience with one of these? Do they have a good mounting system for the RSV?-Jack
  5. Hello, I work at a repair shop and had a Yamaha Venture pull in, its an '88. The class system keeps throwing an E4 error message. I looked it up and I guess it means there is no voltage coming out of the air sensor. Now, when i turn the key I imagine I should hear the compressors kick on, but I'm getting nothing. Any idea on where I can get the full class system minus the computer itself? Thanks! Zac
  6. My 83 just started flashing the battery emblem when I start it up. After several minutes of running, the battery emblem goes out and does not appear until I shut off the engine and restart it. I'm suspecting first the battery, then the charging system second. How do I go about determining which is at fault? Thanks ahead of time for the help.
  7. Mrs. Yamadawg has a VTX 1300 Trike with the Motor Trike conversion and it has a windshield instead of the fairing. We would like to add a sound system and need some recommendations and watch outs. We are looking to do a permanent mount with radio and need ports for a MP3 player and future technologies. I would appreciate any input and ideas. Thanks! Don
  8. Looking for a Voltage gauge for RSV. Wanting something that mounts clean and looks good. Added heated jackets for me and the wife and want to keep tabs on the charging system while using them. Anybody have one on their bike that they love?
  9. The nice man in the big brown truck just showed up again at my house. This time he had a small box with a Hi-Lo beam HID setup for my scoot. It has all of the wire harnesses and is supposed to be plug and play. The system has a relay and a fuse already in their wire harness. It is a 35 watt system so I will have a little more power for something else. I will wait to install it till I can get out on a dark road to get a before and after pic of what the light looks like shining down the road. I'm sure gettin lots O new toys on the scoot this winter.
  10. Would this work on our Venture system? http://www.sierra-mc.com/proddetail.asp?prod=BMP-HGW-IPD-V03
  11. Bazooka MC-YAM-AMK Amplifier Kit is available from crutchfield and i wonder if anyone here has used this product? i like the idea that it will plug into the system without cutting any wires, however it is a bit $$$$$ pricey$$$ and looking for any info or product reviews thanx mike.
  12. Ok, we dodged another bullet. The world as we know it did not end ..... again. We've seen enough of these predictions over our life times to know, or belive, or think it's all hokie as hell. Well I do anyway. I have a good friend that made a small fortune during the Y2K paranoia selling supplies like oil heaters and laterns, bulk canned goods, bulk dried goods, solar systems, water systems and such and even refurbished old style 29 channel CB's and Ham Set ups. And batteries! man he sold tons of batteries! He had even set up with a Federal Firearms License and was able to sell weapons. When I asked him what he had done for his own survival he laughed his butt off. He had cash! What more could you need? I though he was one of the most poorly prepared of all. Now don't get me wrong. I'm no survivalist, not even close to what some people are doing these days. I still got a little Boy Scout left in me and I have always liked the "Be Prepared" mentality. So, let's pretend, that the world as we know it today, has collasped. The global monetary system is gone. Every form or currency is worthless and the base of the system such as gold and silver and worth the same weight in dirt. There are still items to be had, but money means nothing. It's down to trade or barter. So just curious, when the stuff hits that fan, what would you see that you have that is of value to the rest of the world? What can you do? What do you have that will allow you to continue on? What can you contibute to the new world? I read an article a while back that used the term "The New Normal". Something we might all have to consider someday. Now that don't sound so far fetched as the world just ending does it. Just a new "Normal". Forget about why it happend and who caused it. It did and now you need to go forward. So what ya got? Mike
  13. I've had my Venture Royale a little over a month and a half now and have put about 1000 miles on it. I have to admit, of all the bikes I have owned or have ridden over the years, this is by far my favorite. When I bought the bike the CLASS system had been disabled. The previous owner did not like it for some reason. All parts are still on the bike and he assured me there was nothing wrong with the system he just did not like the way it adjusted the bike when he rode two up with his wife. The guy is local and a decent guy so I have no reason to believe this isn't the case. When he disabled the system he removed the fitting for the rear shock that connects to the compressor and added a valve to directly air up the shock. I can find the hoses online to replace this hose with the proper connection. I have noticed that when I had a passenger on the bike the back mudflap hits the ground when going over bumps and from the looks of it, it has been doing this for a while. I added air at the valve he placed in the line but it doesn't seem to do much to raise the rear of the bike. My question is this. I have looked into the Progressive front springs and also checked out a few aftermarket rear shocks (Hagon, etc). Is it worth my while to try to get this CLASS system back up and running or I should I just consider going the Progressive route with new rear shock? 99% of my riding is solo. I rarely have a passenger. When I ride the bike solo the suspension seems fine to me. I do feel like the back end sits a bit too low though. Sure, I would like to have the CLASS system working, but am I missing anything by not going that route? Seems to me that if I get it working I might just be asking for more problems down the road. Whereas if I do the Progressive and new rear shock I should not have to even think about anymore. I appreciate any opinions one way or the other. Thanks.
  14. I just got my trike, never rode one for any extended distance, I find the ride a little harsh, so I have a couple of questions. First a little info about my trike, It is a 93 Venture Royale, with a Motor Trike kit installed by the factory in 99. One of the previous owners added air bags that are hooked up to the class system. It also has progressive air shocks. How much air should I run in them and what air pressures do you reccomend in the tires. Mine are radials, and right now they have 20 lbs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. wondering if someone can help! is there anyway to bypass the class air system on my 1986 yamaha venture royale? I bought it a week ago and it isnt working. e-4 message can hear the pump clicking. took the controller out checked for soldier breaks. Im thinking this is gonna be a lot of work! so can I bypass the system so I can ride? thanks for any help!
  16. Good morning: I've just finished replacing my brake, throttle and clutch lines with SS units and my handlebar with a Flanders model. All went pretty well, but my front brake lever does not have a firm feel to it and the bike can be moved, with some effort, with the brakes applied. I have checked all my connections for tightness and there was no air in the system when I bled the lines yesterday. A check of the service manual doesn't lead me to what could be wrong. So what could I have missed or done wrong? Is there some adjustment at the lever itself which needs to be performed (the manual doesn't indicate anything)? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I do believe in "old college tries" and will bleed the lines again with a vacuum pump. The reservoir is angled slightly back (not horizontal when the handlebars are turned left), but I don't think that should have a bearing on a closed system. Thanks in advance to all who can lend a hand. Regards, Eric S. "alta55rsv"
  17. My bike has started clicking if it does not start right up. So far I have continue to try to start it and it starts and the clicking stops. I have been told that the 1300 do not have a silonode (sp) but has some of typ of gear engage system instead and that is what might be causing the noise. Anyone now or had any similiar problems? Thanks
  18. Could someone please tell me how to turn off the audio system? I've found in a manual that I should press and hold for couple seconds "Audio" button, but it's not turning the audio system off, the channel displayed on screen just starts blinking. I've tried all the possibles combinations of buttons but just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong
  19. RSTD no stereo. I want to set up and use my sirius radio system. I will have speakers in front on handle bars and in speaker pockets on trunk. Question is what do I need to power my sirius radio to work (besides 12 volt socket) Will I have to install a stereo with an aux output or can I get something that will work other then a stereo that can be tucked away and out of site. Any suggestions? Joe
  20. I just bought/received a Garmin 765T off Fleabay. I'd like to hear from other 765T owners about their mounting setups and hookup to the RSV audio system. What settings work the best? I am aware of the cable Buddy Rich has for sale and am leaning that way, are there alternatives ? I loaded 1200 songs to an 8GB SD card for the MP3. I hope it sounds better through the bikes audio system than it does through some earbuds. Couldn't find any equalizer or tone controls in the unit
  21. 83 Standard. Looking into cleaning up a rats nest of wiring and would like to have some input on whether I should eliminate the cb/intercom system. If I do I would add in a conventional am/fm radio in its place for those times the wife might want to hear some tunes. For me I'd never use either of them due to poor hearing. Considering the bike I thought keeping it simple would be the way to go. Thoughts pro & con are welcome. Larry
  22. ust curious, I have been collecting and and reselling vintage stereo equipment for about 3 or 4 years now. It is a addictive hobby if you enjoy music in a full and more spacial format than a set of hearbuds and MP3 compressed format. I have worked my way up to a system now that I could only dream of earlier in life. I think I may have my ultimate system in the works. I just picked up a pair of McIntosh MC-30 tube amps. Can't wait to hear them up and singing. My current main system consists of, Klipsch Forte II & Klipsch LaScalla speakers Yamaha C4 preamp & Yamaha M4 amp Empire 598 Turntable Pioneer 707 Reel to Reel Rotel 855 CD If you share this little addiction let me know what you have for a setup. http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c66/CNONT/sys1.jpg
  23. Ive got a 1984 1300 voyager that is having overheat problems. Ive flushed the system, replaced the thermostat. any help will be greatly appreaceted.
  24. What all is involved in disabling the yics system
  25. I don't usually endorse a product like this but I just couldn't resist!!!!!!! I went to Wally World Saturday and they had this stuff on sale Turtle Wax black box waxing system. So I said what the heck, my 02 midnight Venture is due for a full waxing I'll give it a shot. It is marketed as being for black vehicles only and shes black. It is a 2 step system. Put on cleaner conditioner, let dry, spray with a black detail spray(everything is black in color),buff off,put on wax,let dry,spray again with spray,buff off and!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god I have never seen anything like it. The paint looked 20 layers deep with a mirror finish I AM IMPRESSED! Now the fun part, not being one to stop at one, I proceeded to do my wife's (BLUE) Suzuki Burgman with it and..........same results! Guess the black vehicles only is the gimmick. But THIS STUFF IS UNBELIEVABLE if you haven't tried it try it REALLY it's worth the 15 bucks. I figure I will get about 5 or 6 waxing's out of it!
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