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  1. Seen in testing at Yamah test track. Already have a scooter (twist and go) version on the streets in japan. also have a test mule based off an R6. Could this and the multiplane engine be the reason for the big delay?
  2. Hamilton, Alabama Motor Sports Super Store Have you ever wanted to test ride a Can-Am Spyder? Well mark your calendar for January 17th. Can-Am is bringing 12 of the all-new 2015 F3 Spyder for test rides. So make plans to come join us at Motor Sports Super Store on January 17th at 10:00 am for a test ride. Riders must be 21 and have a motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license.…For info call 205-921-7777 ask for DonnyHamilton, Alabama Motor Sports Super Store Check you LOCAL Can-Am dealer to see if the are hosting this event....
  3. Ok, let's see what it looks like now.
  4. Test rode a Vision today and it was a smooth ride, however I think the bike I rode was defective it clunked really bad when you changed gears and had no power on acceleration. The handle bars seemed way to high does anyone know if they are adjustable?
  5. Are there any members here that own a spyder? Tina and I are thinking of getting one and were wondering what peoples opinions were. So far the reviews are all pretty positive. We are heading to Pioneer Motorsports tomorrow to test drive one since they have been so good to us Ventureriders. Any opinions will be appreciated Thanks Mike and T
  6. An odd question. Anyone here buy the RSTD and wish they had bought the RSV that they test rode? Or visa versa? I really love my RSTD, but the test ride on the RSV still sits in the back of my mind. I loved it, but had issues with the top heavy. I am a small guy. I know we probably wouldn't use the cassette player or even the radio. But the looks are so cool. I don't regret it and am looking forward to some long rides next year. Just wondering that's all.
  7. Well after putting 10,000 miles on my Kumho CT, I replaced it with a Avon Venom. During the 10,000 mile Kumho test I endured: --- multiple wild tank-slapping episodes on curves above 70 mph --- instability trying to stop sideways on a grade... tire wanted to dump the bike --- instability on grooved highway --- pain in the ass getting comments from people telling me my wobble problems were other bike problems & that I needed to fix them because there was nothing wrong with a CT Well, I changed the tire & tested it today. I took the same routes & speeds that always generated a wobble. There is NO WOBBLE! Woo HOO! I then redid the test with speeds up to 100 mph (corrected). So now if I get carried away passing or avoiding, I don't have to fear a Tank Slapping episode of SUPER FEAR. The 2008 RSV rides & handles great now. No CT for me ever again on a 2 wheel motorcycle. JohnB
  8. Motorcycle journalist from a French magazine test riding a new bike...................:bang head:
  9. The salesman had to come with me tho ... company policy or something... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Hw_0-fRR4Q&feature=related]Funny Test Drive of a Yamaha R1 Bike - YouTube[/ame]
  10. For those of you at asheville that knew we had to leave early because our daughter was in the hospital heres an update. For those that didn't know my daughter had corpral tunnel surgery the week before and began having severe stomach pains, went to ER several times and couldn't find anything wrong, thought it was gas from the iv pain med she was on. Finally while we were at asheville they admited her to the hospital. So they thought it may be her gall bladder but the test showed ok. Yesterday they did an upper and lower gi and said if it was ok they were still going to remove the gall bladder. It checked ok and they got a gall blader expert in and he wanted another test which showed the gall baldder was functioning ok. So they finnnaly decided it was bacteria in the colon and since she was cleaned out from the gi sent her home with new antibiotics last night and so far no more attacks. So thanks for the concerns and prayers, hopefully thats all it was.
  11. well today i got the bike all put together and running and took her out for a little rip, got in 50 km before the plugs fowled and i had to returen home, will pul the carbs tomorrow and test all my floats and valves
  12. I got an email showing that Star Demo Days will be in Sturgis again this year. I read all the way through the list of bikes available to test and noticed no Venture AGAIN........I think you can go to the yamaha website and see the list. Click on news and events on the top header. Then click display and demo schedule. It shows places and lists the bikes available to test ride.
  13. I have 4 coils on one of my parts bikes and would like to pull them and keep them in case somebody needs them. Is there a way/procedure to test and check them off the bike or on the none running bike ?
  14. http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/dns-changer-malware-300000-people-worldwide-lose-internet/story?id=16726397 I have seen it everywhere, paper, radio, internet. Appears if computer infected, you will lose access to internet on Monday when FBI shuts down these affected servers. Includes link to test your computer. Wondering if this might be cause of wierd operation some are seeing on VRO?
  15. It appears I need a stator.. or I think I do. I changed the regulator for the new one and still no charge. When we test the stator with the bike running and the 3 white wires disconnected we get voltage across any combination of 18 to 40 or more AC depending on the RPM so we thought the stator was fine. BUT if we do a continuity test to ground each of the 3 wires are grounding to the bike which I believe they should not be doing.. So If I need a new stator (the one in is was a new one from Montreal 3 years ago) Which one should I get and from where. Skydoc is reluctant to sell me one of his because I have a Mk1 and apparently the cooling is not as efficient so it could burn out. Any ideas are welcome.. any solution would be helpful... Soon would be good as well due to it being riding season and my better half is already complaining. The bike left us stranded 500 Kms from home and it has NEVER failed us like this before. Actually had to trailer it home.. She groaned about that I'm sure Would really like to have a high output IF POSSIBLE..
  16. Due to difficulty of reading the technical bulletin in the back of the parts manual in the library, I retyped the two bulletins pertaining to the stator cooling kits. Reddevilmedic with burned coils from 1-7 o'clock, does not appear to be lack of oil cooling mentioned in TA, but please make sure your outside baffel is in place under the inspection cover. The inside baffle on the stator looks correct, but there is no mention of ANY washers. Practice states stator screws are red locktite, and hand impact installed. Also I can't not see the wire (shaft 1) inside the bolt hole, pretty sure I could on mine. Stick a small wire in the hole and feel for shaft 1. 1 final interesting note, is I think I count exactly 6 burned coils, exactly 1/3 of the 3 phase stator. Possible for some reason you have one of the three phases overloaded. As the stator is directly wired ONLY to the regulator/rectifier, this leaves the options for overload limited to the RR ac volt side or the 3 white ac wires. If not already done, I suggest you remove the 3 pin connector between stator and RR. Also do the diode ohm test on your current RR. If even doubtful don't use it on another, 3rd, stator Would strongly suggest to get a clamp amp meter. When you get all back together, test each white wire with clamp meter. They should be about the same amps. Harbor freight has a couple cheap ones should workfor this test: http://www.harborfreight.com/catalogsearch/result?q=clamp+meter 69166.doc 69167.doc
  17. Greetings! Just traded my 05 V-Star 1100 Silverado in on a 07 Royal Star Tour Deluxe, my dream bike! One problem, when I test drove the RSTD, I was in traffic so didn't test the cruise control. Then my husband goes up and buys it for me (a total surprise!), and he didn't try it either! So now I finally get it out on the open highway and when I slide the control up and push the set button, nothing happens. The indicator light does come on, but that's it. And to keep the payments down, we bought this without a warranty. I know...live and learn. Any ideas? I also didn't get an owners manual, so any leads on obtaining one would be helpful.
  18. Good news! Repair shop found my wheel spacer. Now I can make it to the Kootenays this weekend. Thanks to the guys that offered me a replacement parts. Now just have to pick it up, get it all together and take it for a:cool10: test. Markus(calgaryrider)
  19. well today i went out to look over some used motorcycles to kind of get a feel for what would feel good to ride. i dont have the cash yet. but things might be good in august for a new to me bike. i stopped at a dealer and asked about some used bikes. he had a vstar 650cc nice bike low miles and a few honda shadows not sure of the size? i asked if i could take out the vstar for a ride? he checked to see if i had my endorsement and i do. he said yep you can take it for a test ride but you must have a major credit card? i was like why? he said they run it through and place a $250 amount on your card? when the bike comes back and there is no damage your card will get that $250 credited back to your card? i thought maybe it,s to cover some insurance thing? kind of like a car rental? i was not asking to rent the bike i wanted to test it. i left with out the test ride. but did get to hear it run and look at the maintenance records. what the hell how would i know if that bike had brake or transmission problems or something untill after i bought it? i never heard of this before. has any one else?
  20. Never mind me. Just trying a couple things,
  21. So Hinshaw in Auburn Wa had Honda Demo day. So a friend (85 Goldwing) and I (91 MKII) rode out and I test rode a 2012 Wing. The last time I was on a Wing was my 1980 (Bought New) then sold in 83 and went to raise a family. The 2012 Wing is all that I've read and heard about. Smooth, Smooth, Smooth. I had it in 5th and took it down to 5 mph and throttled it and it was stlll smooth. All Power, Power, Power. Wow lots of torque. Agle and nimble, nimble, nimble. Very responsive to curves and any little push of the handle bar. Balance, Balance, Balance. I couldn't believe that at a stop light, I was sitting on one of the heavest production touring if not the heavest and I was tossing the Wing left and right with easy. With a little more time on the Wing, I think I could make most complete stops without my foot ever leaving the foot pegs. Slow speed crawls are so effortless. When I first sat on the Wing. It seemed like I was sitting on top of the Wing and I'm only 5 ft 8 inchs. Everything seemed like I was looking down on it. But it took only a few miles before I quickly adjusted to the Wings sitting and gage position. It was something that I been wanting to do for many years. So now I can put it to rest. Would I trade my 91 MKII for it......no... The Wing is Smoother, but so is the MKII. I can ride my MKII 500 miles in a good day and do the vibration test. Which is to touch some stationary object with my hands and my hands does not zing. The Wing has more power. Well that is a given 1300 vs 1800. My VR MKII can get up and really go also. I think the Wing seems to responds quicker and could be more manuverable. But the question is how much more. Like I said I think, but not real sure. The Wing definately seems to have it hands down on balance at the stop light, but then the Wing had foot pegs and my VR had floor boards. Not a real big issue for I'm almost flat footed on my VR with Floor boards and as soon as I get my seat back from Rick Butler I should be flat footed for the seat will be lowered a little over 1 inch. I do miss the smooth ride that the stock OEM springs provided on my VR when on ruffer roads. I just installed Progressive. So I really can't compare the spring acton between my VR and the Wing, but the Wing sailed over the bumps. After getting back on my VR, I prefer the seat position of my VR for I feel like I sit in the VR rather sitting on top of the Wing. All the gages on my VR are out in front which I prefer for viewing. I also like the way the VR engine thumps at low speeds a bit more like a typical m/c then really smooths out as one gets going. I also like the sound of the VR more when I get on the engine, the VR has a really nice throaty sound. The Wing with all that plastic almost seems to be in a slightly different catagory than a motorcycle. I like to see more of the bikes engine and stuff. The VR MKII seems to have the right balance. I'm always looking back at my Shiny VR as I'm walking away from it. The other think is that as my 21 year old VR, just gets better with each aging year like a nice classic car. While any new 2012 bike after the 1st year new newess is over then its just a used m/c with years of payments to come. Its kind of like for me I'm getting ready in a couple of years for a brand new car. My plan is to buy a nicely reconditioned 65 GTO rather than buying a brand new car. So I'm kind of particial to an older vehicle reconditioned that a brand new vehicle. Well there you have it. I'm glad I got the test ride out of my system. My VR pass the test for I still prefer the VR.
  22. .... on the "Wing" board. Just installed a 195/55R-16 Kumho Ecsta SPT XRP. Won't get to test it out until next weekend tho but looking fwd to it.
  23. OK The brakes are blead and now feel fine. I just took the second test ride and it is now back firing just a little bit on the # 3 and 4 cylinders when de- accelerating any hints on this new problem?
  24. I took my first test ride today after doing this years round of repairs, up grades and modifications. New Dunlop E-3's front and back thanks to Two brothers Motorcycle tires in Lawrenceville Ga. New Starter clutch Thanks to Dano New programable TCI Thanks to Dingy New HO Stator from Rick at Buckeye Performance Getting it cranked due to the suggestion from 09RSTD to turn the petcock on. The bike runs good but the brakes are a little spongee and un responsive. I forgot how much of a PITA bleeding the brakes are. The front brake fluid resevoir screws stripped, had to drill out, trip to Lowe's for 2 4mm x .7 beveled head screws. Going back out there for some more pump,pump,bleed,pump,pump,bleed,pump,pump,bleed,fill, fill, pump,pump,bleed, pump, pump, ble................................................Arrrrrg again
  25. Klaus from YSS just e-mailed me with a oppurtuniy for someone the e-mail is below, just wished I lived closer and I would jump on it. Joe, the inquiries and orders for this shock are getting more and more, but I never had a chance to test one on a bike, or to have a bike in the shop to see whether we can offer remote pre-load adjusters or other model shock with compression damping. Do you know of a list member in NJ possibly in the center of the state around Freehold who would be interested in a deal for letting me have the bike over a weekend or so to do some tests. If not, can you put an info out on the forum to let them know that I am looking for a Royal Venture in my area and the owner could contact me at 732-786-9777 or email me at sales#yssusa.com
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