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  1. My 2018 TC audio is giving me fits. Weather before or after starting the bike with my iPhone plugged into the bike right side pocket it continues trying to access a usb flashing on and off the touch screen and not charging my phone. Every once in a while it will connect as an iPod and change from my fm channel to music on my phone. I change back to radio and a couple minutes later it changes back to iPod. Help!!!!
  2. [h=2]PRV175 Fixed With Software Update![/h] I know that several people on this site have installed the PRV175 into their bikes. I've had the PRV175 for about a year now and it mostly works well except that I like to listen to the music on my phone's SD card (64 GB) using a Bluetooth connection to the PRV175. That works fine but so far I've had to pair the phone each time I start the bike and turn on the PRV175, really a pain if I happen to click it into gear with the sidestand down and kill it. That has all changed now! Very nice for a feature-rich stereo that can be had online for $130. My PRV175 now reconnects just like any other Bluetooth device, every time since updating the software and pairing the phone. I asked Prospec Electronics, the distributor of the PRV175, permission to post the update file on the site but the response I received is: "As far as posting on Venture Forums, I would rather you just leave our contact information, if you don’t mind. The reason for this is that I want to make sure an individual needs this update and is properly prepared to do it. Updating a later version or losing power during the update can leave irreversible damage. I really appreciate your interest here. Please post this email address as the contact: service@prospecelectronics.com " Here is the info on checking your current version and what's required to do the update once it is received: upgrading will not hurt anything provided that your version is numerically less than the update which is V14-5281. Please check it before proceeding. To check the version, with the unit off, press volume down then volume up three times in a row until the display lights up and shows the version. Syscrusher - (This is Down,Up,Down,Up,Down,Up) It will give the version only briefly so look sharp. To use the update: Please ensure no possible loss of power can happen during the update process. 1. Prepare a USB flash drive by formatting it clean (FAT). Add the update file (attached) to the flash drive. Make sure there are NO other files on that drive before continuing. 2. Turn the Stereo on. 3. Plug in the flash drive. 4. The stereo should go straight to USB mode. The backlight should then go off and "UPDAT" should display. 5. when finished, the backlight will come on and display "SUCCESS". 6. Press the power button. "Welcome" should display as the stereo will be on. Now you can disconnect the flash drive. 7. Check the version. It should be V14-5281. Updating goes very fast so don't fear your battery will be drained or anything like that while you wait for completion. You will need to set your menu defaults again after this.
  3. I am new to the forum and to the Venture Family. I have a 1988 Venture with original radio and cassette deck. I want to find upgrade with bluetooth. Would like it to replace old unit so I don't have more accessories mounted to bike. Any help welcome.
  4. Hi All; My CB won’t turn on (no light) I have removed the rear trunk put the CB into the L/Saddle bag I cut I small grove in the side making sure no to pinch the wire. When I checked the plug that goes into the CB there is power in 2 holes. I had a amp installed by a radio shop in the front faring. Is it possible that they have cut into something that has to do with the power going into the CB switch on the handle bars. If yes, what can I do to fix it without going back to the radio shop. ???????????
  5. I have a 2008 RSV, I pulled up to a stop light one day when the light turned green I let out the clutch and the bike stalled out. When I looked down I had no power, I checked the main fuse and battery both were good. My neighbor looked on his phone while I was checking these, he said the ignition switch was notorious for going bad. I pulled the ignition switch cleaned it up, I put it back together and it worked fine. I rode for a week with no further problems, then getting ready to leave for work the same thing happened. I used a volt meter and checked the ignition switch sometimes it would make connection sometimes not, when I got the bike home I looked at the ignition switch again. I could get power and even got it to start a few times however I could never get the neutral light to come on. I put a universal switch on and get power to everything except I still do not get a neutral light and it will not turn over. I have checked the clutch switch, kick stand switch, neutral switch, automatic kill switch, manual kill switch, and the starter button. I suspect it is the ignition cut off relay or the ignitor, I have had no luck locating the ignition cut off relay and not sure if there is any way to test it if I did find it. Has anyone experiences this problem? I have a random short in the radio, not sure if it is in the remote head or the main radio. I did find it shorting out so I disconnected the radio, after looking at a wiring diagram I noticed what looked like a wire going into the radio so I pulled the fuse and reconnected the radio. This does not seem to effect anything I have looked at.
  6. Hello guys, I'm a newby Venture owner. I just purchased a really nice 1989 Yamaha Venture Royale and it is a great bike. The only thing missing on the bike is the cover for the sound pick up on the radio. I don't know exactly what it is called but it picks up wind speed or road noise or something that makes the volume increase on the radio. Is there any place to get a replacement part or is there any ideas of something I could use as a substitute??? Thanks Steve
  7. I'm replacing the cassette deck on my 89 with a hook up for an MP3 player. I put a switch on to enable/disable the radio. I was wondering what the effect would be if the radio was on AND I had audio feeding from the MP3. Turns out it behaves just like the intercom - when there is audio from the MP3 it mutes the radio. This would be annoying with an MP3 because the radio would be piping up at quiet sections and between songs. It would be a really slick way to tie in something like GPS or cell phone though. Of course the radio would have to be on to hear the other device.
  8. An odd question. Anyone here buy the RSTD and wish they had bought the RSV that they test rode? Or visa versa? I really love my RSTD, but the test ride on the RSV still sits in the back of my mind. I loved it, but had issues with the top heavy. I am a small guy. I know we probably wouldn't use the cassette player or even the radio. But the looks are so cool. I don't regret it and am looking forward to some long rides next year. Just wondering that's all.
  9. Well the Mayans got it right. How do I know this? I know this because "Sweet Home Alabama" came on the radio today and I turned it down. Shocking I know never in my life have I ever turned it down
  10. I bought my 99 RSV in 2011 and the cb has not worked since I got it. When I push the cb button nothing happens. The rest of the system worked just fine until today when I went out to see if I could figure out what was wrong with it. I removed the CD player from the bracket and left it connected then I removed the trunk mounting screws, lifted the trunk and tilted it forward to get to the cb. Then I removed the cover and then unplugged and reconnected all of the connectors to the cb. Then I turned on the key and tried the cb button. The FM radio just kept on playing just like before. Then I pushed the channel up button and nothing happened, then I pushed the audio button and nothing happened. I tried all of the buttons and nothing happend. It just kept playing the same radio station that it was on when i first turned it on. The only thing that works is the volume and the display was showing the station it was on. Then I turned off the ignition the display went dark but continued to display the radio station for several seconds before it went blank. I turned on the ignition and the display lit up and it continued to play the same radio station as before only now the display is blank. There is still no response from any of the buttons but the volume still works. At least it is my favorite radio station. Can anyone tell me what the heck happened and how I can fix it.
  11. I was messing around the other day and using my cell phone for Pandora. After awhile I switched to regular FM radio. I had to really turn down the volume as it about blew my ears out. I flipped on the CD to listen to something after that and had to turn down a little more, not as much as before. Of all the music I would have to say the CD player has the clearest and loudest out put. The Aux the least. Why? Maybe because you have to run it thru so many cables etc to get anything? Just wondering, and has anyone else experienced the same?
  12. I have a 2011 STVS and would like to know if I can use another CB radio that has a built in SWR meter to adjust the antenna for SWR on my Royal Star. Thanks Bob
  13. Are there any radio knobs available? Or is there a suitable sub? Knob was missing when I bought the bike. The previous owner said someone liberated it from the bike one day.
  14. OK we're riding along last week {Monday-Tuesday} going to Lincoln Caverns in Pa. listening to the radio. I reach up with my thumb to hit the seek button on the radio remote on the left handlebar. It changes channel but when I go to release the button it pops out at me. Luckily my finger is still there to stop it from its jumping to oblivion at 55. I manage to grab it and hand it over to the wife. Upon inspection of the button it seems to have a broken spear { for want of a better word} which renders it unusable. Does anyone have a spare one lying around with a few missing buttons that would be willing to sell me a button out of it?
  15. All, I'm differing to the vast knowledge of you guys. I've got a 2007 RSTD with a Hoppe Quadzillza fairing and every radio that I've mounted has cut out after a short time. The latest Kenwood has lasted the longest at just under a year. But they all start out the same, first the radio light will cut out but the unit still plays fine then after awhile the unit starts to cut out and restart itself, next it'll cut out and not work until I restart the bike. That's usually the point were I replace the thing but this one has now cut out completely. I may have a blown fuse and I'll look at it when I change to a taller windshield for the winter, probably this weekend. Now my questions are does anyone have any experience with an after market radio with a remote that can take the vibrations of a motorcycle, and would adding amps help with anything other than sound quality? Also has anyone used a Harley radio on a metric bike? Thanks in advance.
  16. It doesn't happen all the time, but here goes. I have an '05 RSV. When I use the CB talk button on the left handle bar grip, the CB changes channels. As I sit here, it just hit me to try the passenger talk button and see what happens, so next time I will. If I have the display set to view the radio and push the talk button, the radio changes channels going thru the preset channels. It is happening more frequent now but not all the time. I have had all the connectors apart inside the fairing and under the seat to clean and apply dielectric grease and still have the problem. Any ideas??
  17. Just a comment on the new Jensen model JHD910 AM/FM Radio I purchased a few weeks back, and installed in a tank back for use on the new 08 RSTD. This is a very good quality radio, and I am very impressed with its performance. If anybody needs this type of radio for installation in, a boat, truck, RV , heavy equipment, etc. etc. I highly reccomend it. Yes its expensive !! but seems to be well worth the price. ( and its small ) and easy to mount, for wherever needed. ( price, about $200.00 ) :cool10:
  18. Had hooked up headset to go for a ride. Once hooking plug in from Helmet to the bike we recevied a very high pitch squeal. The radio works just fine without the helmet being pluged into bike. It does it with two sperate helmets and front seat and back seat get the same noise. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Hal
  19. Sena SMH10B-10 Review This is a review of my new Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Headset and how well it functions for my particular application. Spoiler alert! It works extremely well! The Sena is a replacement for a three year old Scala Cardo Q2 headset. I considered a new Scala 4 but the reviews were not stellar. I have tried several different wired systems over the years but have a need to go wireless for some of my activities. I have used starcom, kenedy, rider and a couple others. Basically I need connectivity between the headset and the following items: 2 GPSs, phone, MP3, intercom, ham/wx band radio. Why so much stuff? I have only one motorcycle and it needs to meet all the requirements for its intended duties; pleasure rides, long distance endurance rides (IBA), touring, bicycle charity ride escort (Motorcycle Marshal), and anything else that comes to mind. The idea is to throw my leg over the FJR1300, turn on the headset and go. No fuss, no hassle, just go. I will not discuss the installation and set up of all this equipment here. Only the bluetooth connectivity and headset operation. Here are the general equipment specs: Headset - Sena SMH10B-10 FW V4.1, BT V3.0 GPSs - Garmin Zumo 550 Ham/WX Radio - Yeasu FTM10R Transceiver, AM/FM/VHF/UHF, Dual channel Bluetooth Phone - Apple iPhone 4 The Sena SMH10 allows several connection profiles including Headset Profile, Hands-free Profile (HFP), Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), Audio Video Remote control Profile (AVRCP). I have yet to try all the possible profile combinations but have already found that by simply using HFP and A2DP everything works as I need. With the multiple connects and the availability of the SM10 Dual Stream Stereo Transmitter (dongle), which allows wired audio connections, the connectivity is nearly limitless. The basic helmet mount comes with a single stereo 3.5mm input. My particular needs have been met without having to acquire the SM10 dongle. The old Scala Q2 worked pretty well but two major problems were the short battery life (3-4hrs) when connected to the ham radio, and the fact that it could not be paired to anything else when the ham radio was in use. When not using the ham radio, it was paired to another headset (intercom) and the GPS which also paired to the phone and those worked well also. Battery life was then extended to a more realistic 6 hours or so. The Sena allows for multiple connections via HFP profile and allows me to connect to the ham radio, GPS, and intercom at the same time. I use A2DP profile for the GPS to allow stereo MP3 streaming. Another plus for the Sena is the available volume is 3x that of the Scala. Instead of straining to hear, I am able to run it at about 75% volume at highway speeds. The audio is clearer and has more bass than the Scala even though the speakers are only slightly thicker. With the helmet on, I can fill up with gas at the pump, walk inside the store while still hearing and talking on the radio or phone. While assisting a down or injured rider, I can stay in contact via the ham radio with out having to carry a separate hand held radio on my belt. Audio reports from the phone and ham radio have been very positive. Audio prompts from the menu system are nice. I found this SMH10 on ebay for about $160. Not bad when comparing to other available units.
  20. So, I finally broke down and bought a fairing for my 2007RSTD Midnight. I got it off Ebay new for a good price. It's fiberglass and has spots for 4 speakers and a radio. I think it may be a Reckless or at least looks like one. My problem now is what brand radio and speakers should I add? What have you guys used? I know it should ne a marine one i guess. I would appreciate some help. Thanks
  21. I posted this in the audio thread but wanted to throw this out here and see if anyone had the same issue. I just picked up my 85 and installed a new set of 100W speakers since the old ones sounded like the cones were dried out. Well that was a waste of time and money. The new ones sound the same. It is very distorted and the bass and lower frequencies are the worse. The volume also appears to be very high. What would make the system distort and sound like broken speaker mebranes. Sounds the same with AM/FM/Casette. I do not have headsets. I do notice that when I walk around the bike with the radio on that the FM signal varies. Not sure how to improve that as well. AM/FM switch on the control unit does not work. I have to turn the radio on and off and then sometimes it changes between AM/FM.
  22. Problem, RSTD, has NO Radio. Solution " Jensen JHD910 " Marine quality AM/FM Wx band radio. Bought one, installed in a Tank Bag, Installed antenna, Works great !! Some problems with Ignition Noise on AM band, but my new home brew antenna has almost solved the problem. Anyway, Its a darn good Radio !!! But--- Its expensive, About $200.00 bucks, Size, its only 5 in wide, 3 1/3 in high and about 1 3/4 inch thick. A deffinate plus for mounting, Takes AUX input for MP-3 players,
  23. OK, I know most folks are not to interested In AM Radio Reception on motorcycles. However: If you are, I have hit on a simple ( but cost a few bucks ) way to greatly improve AM Radio reception on the bike, and also cars. Being a Ham Radio Op, helps a little here. ( I'm also an antenna, "freek" in addition to a Motorcycle adict) Anyway, by modifying some Unused, Ham radio Antanna's I have come up with a greatly improved AM Antenna for the bike. If interested, PM me for the Details, if you are interested in an Antenna project, IF, better AM reception is of interest to you.
  24. I went to the Hot Springs AR rally this past weekend. Yesterday morning getting ready to come back home from Hot Springs I went to start my 07 RSV and it just clicked when I hit the start button. I noticed when I hit the start button all the lights and the radio shut off. The radio did not come back on. I turned the key off and back on and it started fine, but had to turn the radio back on and all of my radio preset channels were gone. It did this one more time on the way home at one of the stops. I am thinking from the threads I read this morning it is in the ignition switch or could be the ignition wiring. I will not be able to check out the wiring till Friday. Need to check my warranty and find out when it expires since it is an 07 model and I bought it used.
  25. I was looking for someone that has the radio controller on the handlebars for a 2nd Gen. Mine seems to acting up and not all the script shows on the screen so I just want to see if the controller is at fault or the nut behind the wheel. Any body got one to lend me to try out and potentially sell? Bubber Bike is 2006 Midnight Venture
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