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  1. Hi everyone. Just left for a 6k run and I'm I have a bad ground somewhere on the #5 "signal" fuse. This just happened. The first 1k was fine. The bike ran fine and charges fine.With the key on(engine off, the volt meter is way down. Around 9 volts. When I hit the brake, the gauge goes up to normal. With the engine on, the voltmeter stays at the very low voltage and when I hit the brake, the gauge goes up to 13 or so. Usually, the gauge shows 14+ with the motor running. Testing my trailer lights, the fuse blew. With nothing connected, the fuse is hotter than hell.On the bordeline of blowing. What all is attached to the "signal"fuse? What should I start disconnecting? Overall, the lights are fine, cranks strong, runs fine. But this fuse is going to blow and I'm afraid if I take off, I'll burn up the stator cuz something is drawing a lot. Please Help! Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, Blonde has a hick up. She cuts off right after I start her up in the morning when I put her in gear. The kick stand indicator is not on the display which whenever she has trash in the switch the indicator would show the stand down even when it was not. After a few minutes of idle and picking around she will suddenly go in gear and work fine. Now once I get her on the road she might for a split second or two have a complete power loss but then be fine the rest of the ride. Any ideas what it may be? She just started this last week but seems to be getting worse. At first it was just a hick-up power loss for a fraction of a second and then ran fine. Im pulling what few hairs are left on my head out. Any ideas? She is a 1987 Venture Royale. Thanks
  3. Well I talked to Mini muffin at 0500 Afganistan time 8:30 pm eastern standard time and then again at 7 pm my time noonish est.She made it to her Moms house just fine I am glad about that. I am doing fine over here is stinky very stinky Kandahar.Google Kandahar3 look at the map and the dark lake you see well Ill let you figure out what it is this is a pg rated site. I thought that I would let yall know I am ok and rally in need of a bike ride and an Ice cream.I get pepsis over here but they are 300ml and they are made in Dubai.They just dont taste quite right but they will do at least they have them unlike when we stopped in Germany on the way over and all I could get was coke needless to say I was a thirsty somebody for a while. Yall take care I will check in again when I can Jeff
  4. just, wanted to thank the one who made this rally and all the meets we have possible. none of us would be together without don. had a great time with him and Eileen this week. two fine people. don hope the new addition to your family works out for you and Eileen. :clap2::clap2:
  5. Ok this doesn't make sense to me but I don't know much about motorcycles. My volt gauge reads right at 12 volts but if while cruising down the road I keep slight upward pressure on the shift pedal it reads higher:confused: I guess I will just adjust the pedal so it always sits in that possition but I was wondering why it would do that? Also another issue with the kill switch. If I put any pressure on the switch it kills it. And I don't mean it the up direction that is supposed to kill it, I mean if it is down and running if I push down more on it it dies. If I relase the pressure its fine. It's not a big deal because if I don't touch it it's fine I was just wondering if that means the switch is going bad and should be replaced so it doesn't cause a problem in the future.
  6. I just bought an 84 Venture, with 50,000 miles 80,000 km 2nd gear works fine. Is there a way to tell if it's been replaced?
  7. Has anyone experianced chrome pealing off their Bub Slipons?? I used to keep the bike outside and found the vary end of the tips are loosing the chrome. The tips were on the bike when I bought last year, but were fine. Thanks,
  8. Ok a couple of weeks to when we leave for the ralley. On the way to church this morning I lost 1st gear. 84 VR. Starts in neutral and goes up to 2nd and 3rd no problem. Most of the time goes to 4th ok as well and 5th is Ok. Once in awhile 4th is missing too. I shift back down and up again to get it. Was working fine and this happened all of a sudden. I replaced the stator in the spring and had the shifter off to do that but it's worked fine for 6,000 Kms since then so I don't believe that is the problem. So question is what could be causing this and what is the solution? Do I have to remove the engine and split the case? HELP!!!! Wayne
  9. Borrowed a Carbtune from VR member Magnum and did a sync tonight. Once I figured out (read the post properly) that I had to do the initial sync-ing from the right side of the bike THEN the left side, it was a piece of cake. I did not have a tach, so I sync-ed the carbs all to 240mmHg. Bike was idling fine, but I tweaked it down a little to bring the carbs up to about 260mmHg. Thanks to Freebird and Kbran to the great posts in the Tech section. Bronson
  10. I went out to ride today. Started the 04 up and pulled it out of the gararge to load up. She started just fine. Battery is less than one year old and is kept on a battery tender. Loaded GPS and everything up then went to start it but nothing happened. No juice, no nothing. The GPS works fine and is getting power to it. Not a mechanic here so all I did was take the seat off and check the battery connections and they are fine. And the kill switch is not the problem either. Any thoughts?
  11. want to thank everyone that is donating prizes for the 09 rally. keep them coming. we want every one to win something. i really want to thank aussie annie for taking such a great interest in our group and going above and beyond the call sending prizes from australia. if i was rich i would pay to have her and mr. annie to be here to meet the fine folks that are venture riders. we love you annie. i will make it up to you some how. bill :clap2:
  12. I have been working on getting my '89 rebuilt and on the hiway. The problem I have is the tach and lights on the dash have quit working. Could it be one of the relays under the dash or do I have a bigger problem? Engine seems to run fine but the tach, volt meter and lights. Any help would be appreciated. Chuckles
  13. Goldie is running, or rather ran for a few minutes, then the ignition module bit the big one!! Now I have 2 dead units and one that runs on 2 cylanders... I am in dire need of a module ASAP! Don't want to miss MD because of it. Anybody got a spare to part with?? I'm going to check the schematic to see if there is any reason that I should be blowing them. The only thing changed was the pickup coils but I can't see what they would do to cause the unit to self destruct. It did run fine while it ran...
  14. Ok, so after many trials and tribulations, i finally got the old beast up and running. However now I'm having some heat issues. Went for a 100 mile shakedown ride after I got it back together, and everything was fine. Rode it 50 miles into work that night, did fine until I got into town. stopped at a stop light, and noticed the heat guage creeping up. took off from the light, and it dropped (and I mean dropped, like split second went from bottom of the red to middle of the green). It did fine rest of the way to work. went to come home sunday afternoon, it did just fine until I got onto the highway. Guage creeped up to the red again, and just stayed right at the bottom of the red. Pulled over at an exit ramp, waited it out for a bit so it could cool off, got back on the highway, just fine for another 20 miles, guage goes back up to bottom of the red. Leapfrogged it the rest of the way home. Thermostat was replaced with the NAPA 156 two weeks ago (gasket fell apart in my hand, had to RTV the housing, new gasket and o-ring are ordered and hopefully will be here tomorrow). Does this behavior indicate the water pump is going out? If so, anyone happen to have one they want to get rid of? I can't seem to find it on the parts diagram, and I'm really hoping it's not going to be too big of an ordeal to replace.. been without my bike for two years, really don't want to spend another summer wishing I was riding. as an afterthought I looked in the classifieds and saw there's a water pump out of an '84. http://www.venturerider.org/classifieds/showproduct.php/product/2071/cat/6 any reason why this wouldn't work in my '86?
  15. Hey, Any one interested in this '84 thats for sale a few miles down the road from me? Want me to go and have a look at it for you ? The owner says: I am looking for an excuse here, ................. anyone ? Brian H.
  16. Ok all you electrical genius types. I am somewhat stumped here. I know how to test the stator using the AC voltage test and it seems to be fine. Is there a way to test the Regulator? I have an 84 VR. Is there a way to retrofit a MKII regulator? The plug has more wires in it than the 84. When I parked the bike for the winter it was charging fine. Over the winter I added a couple of relays (for horn and highway lights). A chrome bumper converted to LEDs and a 12v receptacle. So I'm wondering if I did something wrong but was very carefull with these installations. I soldered and heat shrank every joint etc. Is there a way to test for excessive drain while running? I had a "rebuilt Stator" that I got off eBay a couple of years ago and installed it. That didn't solve the problem. But it may not be a good one either. Any ideas?? Wayne
  17. What is the correct size for the dog bone bolts? MM6 X 40 Fine Thread? Thanks, Jeff
  18. First time out this year...speedo works fine, but odometer doesn't. What's going on?
  19. Anybody know where i can find a conversion to go from floorboards to pegs on a 96 Royal Star. I would like to have foward controls but i don't want to shell out the dough. Unless anybody can tell me were i can get a set for cheappppp!! But pegs will be fine for now just need to find the conversion????
  20. Hi, I have a 1996 Royal Star standard. It has about 20k on it. It has always started and run just fine....however, in the last couple of days it has behaved strangely. It seems to happen after I go for a ride and let the bike sit for bit (say an hour or two), then when I go to start it it just turns over but won't fire. If I wait a couple of minutes and try again it works! It's fire up almost instantly, as usual. It does not die once running or driving. And if I shut the bike down immediately, it restarts just fine. Would the fuel pump going out behave this way? I personally think it's likely to be electronic since it does not even come close to starting when it's cranking over. Any likely culprits? Thanks!!! Jeff:nanner:
  21. Someone posted a thread about changing the side stand if you lower "both" the front and rear. Can't seem to find it again. Someone said the stand from an older RSTD would work fine and listed the length(s). If anybody has made this mod could you please post the info. Thanks in advance.
  22. well im having trouble with my 83 venture xvz12 it wont start ive changed the tci checked the picup coils and omed out the coils and they are all checking out fine but still no spark can any body give me some thought of what i could do next
  23. My 12V plug in for accessories has died. I went to plug in my little air compressor and it wouldn't work. I then tried other plug in accessoroies and they were dead. Could this be the fuse? Everything else on the bike is fine. Thanks.
  24. I decided to take the bike to work tonight. Weird thing happened. The starter turned the engine over just fine but it would not fire. Choke in, choke out it didn't matter. Finally, I shut off the ignition then turned it back on and tried it. Now it started right up and has started just fine three more times. Should I be concerned? Perhaps, the ignition switch is going bad? The bike is fairly new (07) with only 9,000 miles.
  25. I just saw the Millinium 0001. Setting in a building outside of Tulsa OK. Very fine indeed. Pics to come hopefully. SS
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