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Found 17 results

  1. Going in tomorow for my left knee replacement! Had the right one done in feb this year! turned out to b a wonderful thing. started to have trouble with left knee, had it looked at, doc said it was bone on bone, not as bad as right one was but still bone on bone. monday at 10:30 we get the left one replaced!!! Its a b----h gett'n old!!!! Like this new parts for old farts program!!!! Would appreciate any prayers you all would like to send my way! THANKS!
  2. Hey Carbon One.....is this how it REALLY happened????
  3. This is a big Thank You to Miles (The Million Mile Rider) for coming up and putting my 89 VR back together and running this morning. Having only use of one hand it would be well into next year before I would have my other hand in useable condition. As soon as my left hand gets about 80% flexibility, I will be getting more surgury to fix some more bone relayed issues. Then back to therapy again. Miles reasembles the left handle bar switch. Swaped out the battery from my wrecked 91 VR to my 89 VR. Cleaned out the carbs and got all 4 cylinders firing. Reassembled my front headlights. He taught me a few tricks on M/C maintenance. Thank you again Miles.
  4. Yesterday I went and got my bike out of storage because today it's going to be 47 degreres in Mich. Streets are bone dry and no salt so I got to do it.
  5. well not with motorcycles. but moving up with my PT and moving a little better. i now moved up from snail to turtle. i made it half way around the gym. today with the use of the walker. orthopedic doc said the left knee is in real bad shape and the last operation. back in november 2009 prety much did it in there is verry little cushion. cartlage. left the bone on bone. is makeing the knee cap grind. he agreed to let me keep it untill july. then we talk total replacement. he said he would like it done before next winter. because i need to move that new knee around and in the winter there is verry little room around here to walk and exersize. im just happy i can now stand and move even if its not verry far and i need the use of a walker. where trying to get me back to the use of a cane. i have 2 weddings to attend my daughter in may. and a old friend in july. one i give the daughter away. the other im the best man. he,s a old neighbor from MN just cant figure out why a 72 year old would get married again. and ask me to be his best man/ i think he out lived all of his other neigbors LOL. or could be all the scrap we use to collect and find out we spent more time cleaning that crap. just to make a few$$. but the memories of him and how tough that old bugger is. makes it all worth the while.
  6. Trying to get a few things caught up before I go in next week on the 12th to have my left knee replacement done. Saw the Dr. and the joint is shot bone on bone. Had the right one replaced 2 years ago and its great ( hope this one ends up the same way.) At least doing it now will have me ready to ride come spring. Hope everyone has a fun winter. Steve
  7. today at 4:00pm i have a meeting with my lawyer to talk about an offer of possible settlement of a long 3 year battle of workers comp case. im not sure what the $ offer is. but i had 2 torn minicus repairs a back injury that they gave me over 7 injections in ans it,s still not perfect. but healed fair. as for the knee. it will need a replacement in the future. as bone is now on bone.. im hopeing. to get enough to pay off the 5 grand on my car. maybe enough to get another bike? so i can work on the venture some more. i hate to say with these first gens a back up bike never hurts. there too big for litttle jaunts around town. so was thinking if all goes well today and i find out if we get the settlement by spring. a nice yamaha 650cc or 1100. yamaha vstar would be a nice. run around bike. so wish this oldgoat some luck. as this year has realy sucked for me.
  8. First off, let me say, "Happy Thanksgiving" to all the VR.ORG members from Jean and I. Now, on with the story. Jean and I had the pleasure to go to my brother's house for Thanksgiving Dinner this year. We live in the "Valley" (400 ft. above sea level) and my brother, even though he lives only 20 minutes away, lives at 2800 feet. As we started up the mountain, the entire landscape turned into a winter wonder land, with Ice covering EVERYTHING as if this part of the world had been dipped in glass. Tree branches hung close to the ground loaded with ice and the scene was akin to "Venturing" to another planet. I have seen this "Ice Effect" many times over the years, but it never sises to amaze me. With the snow tires crunching away, and the wipers going full blast, we made it to my brother's house safe, and sound. We ate more food than I care to think about, and a good time was had by all. Now, the time came where my brother's wife had cut the ham bone from the remainder of the ham that was left and stepped to the back door, to throw it out side for my brother's dog, COOPER. Well, as that ham bone flew through the air, my brother, and myself, and Cooper shot towards the back door like we were shot from a cannon! I remember being mear inches from that tasty morsel before it had bounced off the ground, I looked back, and to my surprise, my brother had me by the belt, and Cooper, his trusty dog had my brother by the pant leg! Needless to say, the house erupted into a roar of laughter, and I stood there as the ham bone fell to earth, bounced off the icy landscape, and skidded to a stop a few feet from Cooper's dog house. I lost all interest in the ham bone once it had slid into the icy mess of the back yard, at which time, good old Cooper, trotted past my brother and myself, picked up the ham bone, and proceeded into his dog house, Proud that he had foiled this "snack" from two old men that had already eaten, "Way too much". After the laughter had died down back in the house, my brother and I "slunk" back into the house, with our heads hangin' low, mumbling something about, "That darn dog would have never beat US to that bone when we were in our prime, ea brother"! Well the loss was soon forgotten, with more helpings of pie and cake and coffee and laughter. So I share this story with you today my friends, to remind you that the love of friends and family is a blessing, you can NEVER have too much Pie, and lastly, "Every dog has his day", but as Arnie used to say, "I'll Be Back!" and that pesky dog will be tied up the next time that ham bone goes a flying! I hope you had as much fun as we did on this Day of Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving from Earl and Jean, and "The Little Shop By The Creek"!
  9. Ok, so I'm in a hurry to meet my buddies for a little ride tonight. I bug out go about 5 miles to meet at the gas station then we head out, tonight I am sweep. 4 more miles down the road I glance back and I am missing the side bag cover on the right side!!! I always check to be sure these things are latched down, well almost always. So I am no in search of a lid for my side bag on a '98 Royal Star Tour Deluxe. They are solid molded plastic. If anyone has an extra one for the right side (they are different) or know where else I can look ( I am heading to ebay next) give me a shout. Like Forest always says, "Stupid is as stupid does" or something like that. Bone head in Georgia.
  10. We have a weird way of talking over here sometimes, it's calles "aussie strine" OR rhyming lingo!! What silly one's have you heard cheese & kisses...missus dog & Bone.......phone septic tank.......yank niagara falls.....balls (s'cuse me)
  11. Hello to all my wonderful friends. Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers. Home from hospital and trying to adjust to all this metal on my leg!! I will wear it till the bone heals, which could be up to six months I wore the other one for eight months!! I have four metal rings around my lower right leg and attached to those are 12 wires going into the bone, and two bigger bolts going in to hold the bone out and in place in my shin. Biggest risk is infection, and I have to keep them clean and not allow the skin to attach to the wires etc. OUCH !! Doctor's think that because my knee doesn't bend anymore the leg chose the next weakest area to try and bend.....which was at the bone graft site. Once the leg heals I think I may have to wear some sort of brace on the lower leg to prevent it wanting to bend -- but that's okay, and better than not walking at all. So, will take some time to sit here at the 'puter for long, but the good thing is: I'M BACK
  12. This is happening waaay too much!!! Please pray for James. James had a motorcycle accident today at about 3:30 on Transit Road near Sheridan Drive. A tire blew and he tried to compensate the next thing he remembers is being in the ambulance. We think the motorcycle flipped. He is in ECMC with 8 broken ribs,his lung collapsed but is Ok now, a broken collar bone and a fractured shoulder blade. Please keep him in your prayers and maybe cheer him up with a visit when you can...he should be in the hospital for a few days
  13. What is the correct size for the dog bone bolts? MM6 X 40 Fine Thread? Thanks, Jeff
  14. OK, so the title is a little misleading.........Had my knee surgery on Wed the 25th. They found a slightly torn meniscus, loads of arthritis and two nice bone fragments floating around in there, occasionally sliding up under my knee cap and causing all sorts of mischief. Well, theyre out, the tear is repaired and I took my first big move today by making it up the stairs to my bedroom all by myself. Im finally getting mobility back in the knee again. Guess those bone fragments locked things up pretty well when they wanted to. One fragment was the size of a fingernail. Only had to take Oxycodone for 3 days. Still have about 85 left..........Should be a heck of a lot more comfy on the bike now. Love my new walker too...........
  15. Recently heard from Allan. Seems our buddy Allan has been out of commission. The weekend before the Eureka Springs gathering he hurt is knee very bad and it will need surgery. However, while waiting for the surgery he developed a bone infection. He has been on the antibotics, and surgery is delayed. He seemed pretty down and depressed, which I know I would be too. So keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Jay
  16. No, it's not an ad for kevlar shirts, honest. It's the only video that came out. I'm still working on that whole backwards aiming thing. This was on 46 between Columbus and Gnaw Bone. That's the Jethroishes, then the Mariner Fans, followed by the Leadwolves. Thanks for riding with me guys. Sorry you couldn't make it all the way, Dan. [ame= ] [/ame]
  17. I just got a call from Orrin, and he is in the hospital. Fri. night out riding his 05 RSTD with a friend and had to do a fast stop, and it all went bad. He said that his helmet has a big gouge and he's sure that it saved him. He's got a broken collar bone and 3 broken ribs, along with some road rash. He hasn't seen the bike yet. He should be home in a day or two. Steve
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