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  1. So far I've made 125 of these... 1st Generation mostly, but some apply to all models: Replace bolts on muffler clamps & use anti-seize compound before they freeze up Do the starter internal ground, another post. May not need heavier battery cables. Add a ground wire directly from the starter to the negative battery terminal or main ground wire Add gauges if unsure of reliability, most on Ebay are Oil pressure, oil temp, Amp meter, indicator LED lights to remind if accessories are on/off An external oil plug is on the engine right side with large socket allen screw/plug between water pump and clutch covers down low center engine. Shorten the throw on clutch lever by making a shorter push rod Shorten the brake lever throw by removing the return spring (remove 10mm bolt to see) Clean battery and grounds regularly Super glue any plastic cracks, also stops further cracking. Do not over tighten any screws on plastic Install foot guards for rain & cold air (MK1's) Always put bolts/screws back in with grease/oil on threads to prevent corrusion Put a guard around the mirrors in case you drop the bike Replace any frequently removed nut/bolts/screws with all the same kind to reduce tools and time servicing. Use a socket screwdriver rather than a wrench/rachet, it is faster & you don't over tighten. Put a mud guard around the rectifier/regulator, but leave it open to air Eliminate both/either fairing pockets (Std models) this adds 50% more room. Use insulation to fill in holes. Rubber around mirrors to protect them Make sure the air filter is tight (not rattling) in housing The weather stripping on the bottom goes bad with age Further explanations are available via PM's. Happy fixes!!!
  2. Friends got a 92 Virago 1100. It has the updated starter assembly but still has a problem. It does not have the 2 spring clips that fail regularly. The starter intermediate gears that are on a spiral between the flywheel and motor do not return to the home position. These gears are on a pivot with a spring. Please tell me it is not the starter clutch that it $227!!! Any suggestions?
  3. I finally pulled the thermostat housing and starter off my VR. My starter drags when hot, so I wanted to clean out the brushes, etc. Plus, I had a SLIGHT coolant leak out of one end of the elbow. I can't say it was a fun job. I realized the RH head pipe was in my way so I tried to remove it; couldn't get it out of the collector, but it did move forward enough to work around it. Well, you know how these things go. But nothing got broken, I have some factory parts in shipping and matched up all the o-rings at a bearing shop. I just bought a NAPA 156 T-stat as recommended by y'all. Mine was working OK, but while I'm in there... Somebody (forget who) said to be sure to ask for the "heavy duty" version. I did and the guy tried a couple ways of cross-referencing it, but it ended up that the number 156 only refers to one t-stat - there is no heavy duty. Did most of you just get the plain ol' 156? Also, I can't get it out of the housing - the rubber gasket is stuck pretty tight in there. Any suggestions? The starter has a bearing in the back by the brushes. Does it come off the shaft for cleaning and lubing? It's not really that dirty in the starter, I don't think cleaning is going to solve the hot-cranking problem. How much are those fat battery cables? Jeremy
  4. Well heres another one. Im fearing the worst with this one. Sometimes when i go to start my bike ( 83 royal ) I get a grinding noise from the starter it sounds like two gears grinding together but not engaging all the way. Sort of like when a bendix goes out on a car starter and since these bikes dont have a bendix this cant be good. Has anyone experinced this. Im thinking maybe the starter clutch is bad. I have recently put in a new stator which frustrates me because now i may have to tear down that side of the engine again, which means ruining those new gaskets. when it grinds i let off the button and try again and it does'nt do it it works normal on the second try thanks for your help MATT
  5. GeorgeS and I were discussing my current and reoccuring draggin starter problem. He mentioned that he remembered someone posting that they had used a solenoid from a small foriegn car to replace the oem solenoid that comes on the 1st Gens. But, he did not remember the details of which car the starter came off of. The problem is that the stock solenoids don't seem to hold up very well and the cost of new replacements from yamaha run close to $80.00. Using the car solenoids was considerably cheaper with a heavier duty solenoid. The question is does anyone remember the name of the post or by who the post was made that had the details of this solenoid mod?
  6. The starter on my 83 Venture has developed a problem that isn't easily repaired (shorted field coil), and it's time to replace it. There was a dealer that was selling the 4 brush starters to us for a good price. Anybody remember which dealer it was?? If I remember correctly the 2 brush starter from the Venture, the 4 brush starter from the V-Max and the starter from the 2nd generation Ventures will all fit. Am I correct?? Is the 2nd generation starter the 4 brush type?? Anybody have a starter they want to sell? Frank
  7. OMG! What a difference. I use to have a slow starter once the bike was hot. Comtemplated replacing the starter or at least removing it and cleaning it out like is recommended somewhere on this site. But I thought I'd try the battery cable upgrade first. Wow! What a difference. No matter how hot things get, even on the hottest days around here in Texas, starts right up like it is the first start that morning. I am really impressed. If all you 1st gen owners haven't upgraded to the larger battery cables, I highly recommend you get after it right away. I at first thought it would be a difficult task but the entire procedure only took less than two hours and a little bit of vaseline. AND, I didn't have to mess around with pulling that extremely difficult starter.
  8. Alright, so despite all my other issues with the bike, the newest one is that it won't start. I hit the starter button and I get a click. nothing more. I suspect the starter Solinoid, and I figured to test it I'd run a battery cable off the battery and hit it straight to the starter. Enter my new problem: Where the heck is the starter???? Can I get someone to take a couple pictures and show me where I need to run this cable to? I've poured over pictures in the manual and I can't make heads or tails of the black'n'white's. Also, I don't suppose this is like my old truck was where you can take a hammer, tap the solinoid a couple times and make it work, is it? Thanks in advance!
  9. I hear that Yamaha retrofitted the early Ventures with a crankshaft 'paddle' device to improve oil circulation over the stator coil to dissipate heat from it. Does anyone have a part number for this 'paddle' ? I am going back in to change the starter clutch and I'd like to install one of these while I am at it, but can't find it listed in any of the parts diagrams at Yamaha.com. Thanks, Brian H. Uxbridge Ont
  10. Hi, My '84's starter clutch is a real problem when the bike is cold, like first thing in the morning, but not so much when the bike is warm from a run or has been sitting in the sun at quitting time. Is this a common failure mode? (I have the part, just no time to install it) Thanks, Brian H. Uxbridge Ont
  11. Hello all, Well my '87 VR left me sitting only 2 miles from home today. i have tested the solenoid and starter work, so I guess I am down to the starter switch unless I have missed something else. I started digging into where the starter switch is and that is no picnic, any suggestions or hints? Thanks D
  12. OK so since the weather has been crap here so far, the old gal hasn't been used much this year. In fact according to my gas log, I filled her up last A MONTH AGO! She has become a bit hard to start from cold of late: She doesn't seem to want any choke till she fires then likes about half way for about 3 or 4 mins, and then stumbles if I don't take the choke off but runs and idles fine so long as I do. The battery is brand new, and I have 4 guage battery & starter cables installed already. The starter clutch still needs replacement but is less of a problem since the new battery went in. It was approx 15 deg C last evening and 5 deg C this morning and she gave me exactly the same problems at both temperatures in her nice dry garage. Well I have ordered up 160ml SeaFoam / tank of fuel STAT, for the next few tanks. All good stuff, lots on hand. While riding along though, I thought perhaps I should splurge on some new plugs for the old gal too. Seems to me I have read here that there are some super platinum, forked electrode etc plugs that these bikes really like. Whats the consensus guys, what are the best plugs for these old bikes? What would make her real happy ? Thanks, Brian H.
  13. Hey all just asking for a friend. Does anyone know if there is a rebuild kit for the 1st gen starter or where on the web to look for a new one? Thanks
  14. Hope someone can help me. I removed my radiator on my 89 venture royale to get to the starter. I cleaned up the starter's interior in regards to the forum for dragging starters. The starter and radiator work perfectly but now the cruise control doesn't work. Any ideas? the indicator light on the handel bars work and the set and resume lights come on and then go off as normal when I turn on the cruise but I can't set the cruise. I checked all the switches on the brakes and clutch. help! paru
  15. Hello, Help, Hi! I have a 86 Venture Royale that has a heel toe shifter. It broke off of the crankcase cover. I took the crankcase cover off and had it welded and beefed up. After being careful to put all the gears right from the starter to the 'flywheel', I closed it up. I was pretty proud of myself until I tried the starter. A miniature whine almost inaudible. I tried to think of what would be wrong and charged up the battery thinking that maybe I was too low on juice. Put battery back in and tried again. Nothing. Reluctantly, I took it apart again, thinking that perhaps I had the gears binding. I made sure that the starter was free and working before I put the next sprocket/gear on to connect the started to the flywheel. I even made sure that the flywheel would turn. I was VERY careful to put the cover on gently and tightened it up. I took a deep breath and hit the starter. It clicked. Not whined, but clicked. Thinking that perhaps the lead to the starter was bad, I used a jumper cable to go from the battery to the starter. Good sparks, but nothing else. Now I need help! Anyone else experience this? Any ideas? I need to fix as soon as possible because I moved two weeks ago and it is still in the other parking lot. I thought I was good at mechanics, until I have been working on this bike. Even though I am not a guru, I am good at learning, which I am doing a lot of! One great thing on this site is the folks here are not the 'take it to the dealer to fix it' type. I appreciate your advice!
  16. Bought a new battery for the scoot today but it seems like the starter is dragging. Last fall my battery bit the dust so I thought the slow crank was because of the battery. Starts slow and the battery is giving all it has. New battery is charged fully. Maybe time to tear down the starter and clean it up inside? Any ideas?
  17. My 84 VR is sick. Several months ago it took a full choke before it would start and then it progressed to were it would only start when it was warm. (set out in the the sun) Now it will rarely start without a spray or two of starter fluid. I have followed many of the suggestions on this site and have replaced the plugs, wires, fuel filter, air filter, new gas, etc. I also tuned the carbs. Once it is warmed up, it runs fine but getting it started is a major pain. If I don't have a charger on, it will crank until the battery runs out unless I give it a shot of starter fluid. Previously, after it was running and warmed up, you could shut if off and it would restart immediately. Yesterday, after I had rode it for a hour or so, I shut it off but had a heck of time getting it going again. It took several seconds of cranking it before it started. Any suggestions on what the problem might be or what to check next? Thanks.
  18. Just before I parked the bike for the winter I went to start it. It cranked about 1/4 of a rev, there was metal breaking sound and what sounded like a spring or something under tension releasing. Push the starter button now and nothing happens accept the starter trying... dead electrical load. The engine will not spin over. Where do I start looking and testing? My thought was to pull the left side center cover and try to turn the engine crank over with a socket and breaker bar. I'm hoping to eliminate a broken valve I think. If that proves to be good, is there something in the starter gear train I should then dig into. TIA
  19. Home again and pulled big yellow out from under her tarp. unplugged the trickle charger, checked all the necessities, and started cranking. No luck. It will turn over like a champ, getting spark, but just refuses to fire up even with starter fluid. been trying for a couple days now and it's not wanting to cooperate. Any suggestions before my migraine gets worse? Going to go get a new set of plugs Tuesday and once again pull them and put in the new ones.
  20. I have problems starting my bike when it's warm(hot) It seems like the battery is dead but the battery tests good and I tried a differnt starter I remember seeing something about updated battery cables awhile back
  21. Starter was intermittenly making loud clanking and banging noise. I had months ago had the starter out and cleaned it out, and it was spinning as it was supposed to. Thanks to this and other forums : the answer was the clutch which turns the crankshaft. The parts were ordered from my local dealer,new clutch assy, and gaskets to do the job. Thanks again to the tech section the job went very well. My dealer San AntonioYamaha even gave me a discount on the parts because I told him I was a member of both thr VENTURERS: and THE VENTUR RIDERS forums. Here in San Antonio we are fortunate to have 2 great dealers one in town the other in Kerrville. Destinitation Cycle . I think I saved 5 hrs labor charges and the parts at a discount, Im a happy camper. Any one in the area, SOUTH TEXAS that needs help, send me a PM. I feel grateful to be part of this group. Bill P:bighug:
  22. O.K. every time I look at fixing something I find more crap that was wrenched on by the previous owner that just pisses me off. I have had several problems with the starter not catching. It will turn sometimes and sometimes it just spins and you can hear it clicking on the other gears like it is trying to catch. I figured I was going to have to look at a new starter or the spindle anyway. So today I am trying to get the bike started after two weeks of straight rain, and it wont catch for nothing. I had a low battery to start with as it had been sitting for two weeks. So figured I would look at the starter. Well after 3 long and now drenched in coolant hours I managed to find the issue. Not only is one side of my radiator just hanging with NO SCREWS but the STARTER HAD NO SCREWS IN IT EITHER. WHAT THE *****.Well I tried to hold the starter in place while the wife hit the start switch but I am still getting a skip and grind going on. I looked at the starter and the splines are showing some wear but I do not think it would be enough to completely miss and free spin like it does. The gear inside the bike looks solid but I am not sure how much damage has been done since the BOLTS WERE MISSING. am hoping I do ont need to replace the gear in the engine. and the starter seams perfectly good it just shows slight signs of wear on the splines. I am going to see what the local stealer is going to charge me for these bolts but if anyone out there has a few starter bolts or the bolts that hold the radiator to the frame I would appreciate you letting me know how much they would cost me plus shipping charges. The splines just don't look like they are damages enough to miss.!?!?! http://www.rcspaducah.com/images/HPIM1086.jpg
  23. Hi guys, My 87 is getting a little weak on starting, especially when hot. I've checked for voltage drop in the circuits (had that problem with other Yammy's) and it is normal. It's probably just a tiring battery, but I've had issues on my Virago with the starter and the one on the Venture looks similar. The Virago sometimes gets all plugged up in the brush / commutator area with brush dust and needs simply a good cleaning out. But it's realy easy to get the brush cap off on that bike because of it's location. Does the Venture have any common problems with the starter? Things that make it start operating weakly? What's involved in removing it? Do I have to go into the case cover to remove a snap ring or anything? Can I leave the starter in place and just get the brush cap off? Thanks, Jeremy
  24. Well, yesterday I decided to take my new battery back to the store. It was pulling down to 7 volts during the initial starter inrush. It tested well on a load until the store turned it up to about 175 amp load. Then it fell flat on its face. Got another battery and gave it a 6-8 hour charge. Stuffed it in Mocha and hit the starter. WOW- starter has so much speed and torque I thought it was a different bike! BAD NEW BATTERY. Now I have a new fuse panel, new wiring, new master fuses, new 4GA battery cables, new grounds and a happy grin. I even put in an extra circuit from the battery to a relay for driving lights. The system holds 14.4 at idle, 14.6 at 2K and above. When I step on the rear brake it goes to 14.8 for a moment. Must be the anti-dive and the rear brake lights. Thanks to all who gave suggestions and told their tales of electrical woe. It all helped. I will take pictures of the problem areas I found and my cables and fusebox for our archives. Happy New Year JB and the now well charged Mocha
  25. OK, I turned the gas off to my house , to remove some gas appliances , and well Now my furnace wont come on, So ya ll will know it has a spark starter kind of like a grill. Tried the directions about turning off for 5 min, and all that stuff. Please help me!.....Fred
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