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Found 12 results

  1. As many know I was involved in an accident Last Sunday gedtting hiit boad side.While I still have a ways to go, still in the hospitle with more upcoming tests. Anyhow thnks to all who have called or offered help in any way.The bike is totaled.More later
  2. either before or long after the meds have worn off. ie: Last Saturday Linda and I went to a benefit swiss steak dinner. Saturday evening she started having pains that were thought to be indigestion and by Sunday noon they were near unbearable. ER here we come. Gall bladder and chest/shoulder pain. After 6 hours of tests and waiting she was admitted to the hospital. After a couple scans of some sort it was decided to do a cat scan. The result of all the tests was inflamed gall bladder and a wire tube running from her chest area to her abdomen. Of course there's a lot more to it but the bottom line is that the pain dissipated after 2 days and we now wonder how she made it the the airports without an international incident. The Dr's office said the Intraperitoneal 'tube' was on her chart, however it seems that nobody told either one of us about it even being installed during her ovarian cancer surgery. Now we both have concerns about it because the port for her chemo caused blood clots because it was left in too long and as everybody knows, blood clots are no fun and can be deadly. Sorry about the long verbage -
  3. First time I've ever seen motorcycle crash tests ...
  4. My 2 year old great grandson is in the hospital. The doctors are thinking he may have leukemia. Blood tests will start next week. I'm hoping that it is not the cause of his problems.....
  5. Thanks to all who helped with my last question. After performing the suggested tests and maintenance, I still have no spark. Looks to be that the TCI has failed (though I have not been able to prove that the pickup coil is not at fault). Being a 92 model with the single pickup coil, there do not seem to be very many used ones available. Does anyone know of anyone who tests and repairs TCI boxes? Does anyone have a schematic for a 90-93 TCI box? It is not wired the same as the 1985 schematic that is available here on the website. Anyone installed the Ignitech on a 90-93 venture? I can get one of these for less than a used Yamaha TCI, but don't want to spend the money if it is not going to work right. Thanks Steve
  6. Otherwise known as a youtube schpiel... Saw this on todays WOOT. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dj9X5EvdMds&feature=player_embedded#]SWITCHBLADE[/FON"]YouTube- Real Actual Field Tests #5: Air Hogs Switchblade RC Plane[/ame] Funny.
  7. Had to go in today for some pre admission tests for my back surgery. First was simple EKG for the heart. Was told something was not quite right and they had to set me up with another type of heart test. (he said the name but I have no clue to what it was) Asked him what was wrong and he did not want to talk about it until the other test is done. Talked to his assistant Kathy after she made the appointment for the test and she said the test is for blood flow. Said they don't want to loose me during surgery. So that test is next Monday and if all is well they will continue with the other pre addmission tests. Sure gives me something to think about for a week. This getting old is just no fun anymore.
  8. My son got pulled over by the R.C.M.P. while riding with his girlfriend in Sidney. The cop informed him that he had done nothing wrong but that they had orders to run the plate of every motorcycle they see. A couple years ago my son got a dui while driving his truck. He paid the fine and took the suspension and got his drivers license back. What they did not tell him is that because he got a suspension his motorcycle license was automatically invalidated and he would have to re-take the tests. He did not know this so had been driving for a year and a half without a valid motorcycle license. The cop then informed him that despite paying for insurance the insurance was invalid because the license was invalid. The cop then informed him that when he had originally passed his motorcycle license 30 years ago he had passed it on a 195 cc twin star so it has been illegal for him to carry a passenger for the past 30 years. In order to carry a passenger he would have had to re-pass the test on a bike bigger than 200 cc. They did not tell him this at the time so he never did. The bike was impounded and towed. Invalid motorcycle license, invalid insurance, illegally carrying a passenger. He was told he could not get the bike out of impound until he re-passed his motorcycle test. He took a day off work to do all this and was informed the first slot available to do the test is in the middle of October. Impound fees $ 25.00/day plus towing fee plus licence test fee. Fortunately he found out that he could get a temporary operators permit which would allow him to get the bike out of impound. When he went to get it out of impound he found that the paperwork to impound the bike had never been processed so he could not take it out of impound. It took all day and several hundred dollars but he finally got the bike back. Be aware that in B.C. if you get a suspension it automatically invalidates your motorcycle license even if the bike was not involved and you must re-take the tests. If you originally passed the tests on a bike of less than 200 cc you must re-pass the tests on a bigger bike to be allowed to carry passengers. The cops have orders to run the plate of every motorcycle they see. Seems like harassment to me.
  9. Let me begin by saying that, like most men, I visit the doctor as seldom as possible. That being said, one beautiful day last July, while riding the 07 RSV that I have grown to love, I was within my fence leading to my house. Our land is southwest of San Antonio and anyone familiar with the area knows that the one thing in abundance is SAND. Because I was waiting for the gate to close to ensure the dogs did not go out, I was stopped. I was in very soft sand…and…a very stupid negligence on my behalf; I did not ensure I was in first gear. As I revved up the engine and released the clutch, the front wheel, in the soft sand, turned. Being in the incorrect gear I did not have the power to get moving forward and the bike started falling. My reaction was, of course, to attempt to hold it up. I am 5’ 7” and weight 175 lbs…so you know the outcome. While attempting to right the bike as it was going down, I hurt my right wrist. After trying to cope with the injury, I finally gave up and made the doctor’s appointment. While visiting the doc, he noticed it had been a while since I had been in to see him…therefore, he asked me to get the usual tests done that should be accomplished every year…especially for a 60+ yr old man. Well, the tests revealed a problem with the ole PSA, which most men know is a possible indication of prostate problems. After two biopsies revealing “atypical cells” the third one confirmed prostate cancer. I am scheduled for surgery on the 16th of January to remove the prostate. Although I am nervous about the whole thing, I am very happy to have this situation found early enough to be alleviated…thus avoiding any further, more significant, conditions. Guys, don’t be foolish like I had been and avoid the doctor…had this not been caught (had I not had the bike incident)…the condition would have continued to worsen and, well, who knows what may have been in my future…assuming I would have had one. If my posting helps but one of you to have the same good fortune as I have experienced, it will be worthwhile. Knowing that my health is in good hands will enable me to have a great Christmas…I wish you all the same.
  10. We've had a sort of crisis here over the past month. About a month ago, my wife Sam called me from work telling me she needed to go to the ER because she was having chest pains and shortness of breath. It was the longest 10 minute drive of my life to go pick her up and get her there. After 6 hours of tests and more tests, they told us that it was definitely NOT heart or lung related, her blood tests showed no heart attack and she did not have blood clots in her lungs. (Now...Sam had no idea what the lung tests were about, but having run on ambulances for 30 years, they scared me the most because I know how bad they can be)Anyway, they let us go home and she went to visit our regular doctor the next day. They wanted an echo-cardiogram, which was done. We got a call a few days later that they might have found something wrong and she needed to see a cardiologist ASAP.It seems the echo cardiogram showed her heart might not be pumping properly out of the left side. So....more tests and another 10 days of waiting on pins and needles, today we got the results of everything. Seems the first echo cardiogram was wrong and she is fine........seems the chest pains were probably caused by either a pulled muscle of a torn rib cartilage. I'm not really a religious person, but as we got into the car after leaving the doctor, I DID look to the sky and say a thank you. Those of you who have met Sam know how special she is and she means the world to me so the past month has been very stressful. I think I now know at least a part of the anxiety that some of you are going through with your loved ones, and believe me, you all have my thoughts and best wishes. I don't know what I would have done if the news was bad.
  11. I have problems starting my bike when it's warm(hot) It seems like the battery is dead but the battery tests good and I tried a differnt starter I remember seeing something about updated battery cables awhile back
  12. This past year has been filled with ups and downs in our family, the biggest up being the birth of our second grandchild 3 weeks ago, but seems the downs waited till now to rear their ugly heads even higher. Charlene has finally been diagnosed with spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal that causes pinched nerves causing much pain) the doctor thinks this is more of the problem than the hip or knee, hopefully she will start treatment before the 1st of the year. Then last nite my daughter called with chest pains again and again went to the ER, this time they did a bunch of tests and find the problem to be gallstones, which means surgery sometime after the first of the year................. Hopefully the New Year will be a better year here. Lots of good things to look forward to with the coming year. Hopefully after Charlene has her treatments she will be able to get back to riding with me once again, and she should be able to enjoy our non motorcycling vacation, when we go on our cruise next summer. So here is wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays..........be safe and God Bless.
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