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  1. anybody have a windshield laying around that they want to get rid of. i'm looking for one to cut down to make a shorty for hot weather riding. it may even get painted so scratches aren't a big problem either. let me know. thanks
  2. Hey guys I've got my 99 RSV all apart and I am ready to get it painted. I live in Hickory NC and am looking for someone who would do a good job at a reasonable price. Any suggestions? Also, what in you opinion is a reasonable price to have all the parts painted from a RSV [front fairing, lower fairings, tank, side covers,fenders and saddlebags(not doing the tour pack)]. I want everything sanded and painted back in only one color. So a little help on pricing and any painter suggestions will be appreciated! Pics will follow afterwards.......
  3. Here are the engine cases painted black. I am leaving the rest of the engine original. The cases will show more that the engine anyway so no need it spending more time painting. I am not quite finished with the chrome covers, need to fill in the painted areas and polish some more. Note one says 1300, the cover from my 83 had the chrome peeling so this one was much better. [ATTACH]66678[/ATTACH][ATTACH]66679[/ATTACH][ATTACH]66680[/ATTACH][ATTACH]66681[/ATTACH][ATTACH]66682[/ATTACH][ATTACH]66683[/ATTACH]
  4. Just wondering if anyone here has painted all their side covers on the motor when the redid their bike or engine repair. I have seen some painted various colors but I am talking flat black here. If you have, and took pictures of them I would love to see them, I have painted mine with high heat matt black, havent put them back on yet, but I am debating on whether to leave them flat black or go with some clear coat over them to give them a little shine and help protect the paint better.
  5. Painted my Calipar Covers. I think it came out pretty nice. Going to do the "V"s on other accessories.
  6. Looks like painted to make look pretty. Still looks like it might be a good one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Yamaha-XVZ-XVZ12-XVZ13-Venture-1200-1300-Exhaust-Collector-Chamber-1983-1993-US-/400287635350?hash=item5d33009796&item=400287635350&pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr
  7. been working on a little project..... whadaya think? removed the silver diamond cut fins and replaced them with a set of rasberry painted to match the bike fins, then diamond cut them.... damn bryan!! it's all your fault!!
  8. Hi all, Just picked up this 1989 Venture and realized that this custom paint job has some specific meaning to somebody. Just wondering if it once belonged to a member here. The trunk has a great eagle painted on it and on each side of the eagle, as shown below, there are two little scarecrow characters. the left on with a 90 and the right side has a 91 and Vdaze painted across. Looks like some type of ride/gathering. So..anybody recognize the eagle and the scarecrows ?
  9. 1BigDog

    Cool Pic

    Painted on the side of the van [/url]http://l3.yimg.com/bt/api/res/1.2/5uGMcYmHlRPYNgGKItZU1w--/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7Zmk9aW5zZXQ7aD0yNTk7cT04NTt3PTU5MA--/http://media.zenfs.com/153/2011/08/22/78-paintedcar-moilogo_162626.jpgnext
  10. Just got some pin stripes painted on today by, Killer Designs by Darin Allen from Flatwoods Ky.
  11. Finally got the trailers done. The blue/black is mine and the black one is my brother in-law Don's. They are not 100% perfect, there are some blemishes, but all in all, they came out pretty nice considering they were painted in a garage. Now to get them to maintainance day for some pinstripe. Can't wait!!
  12. OK...with extremely SORE THUMBS, I am happy to say that I have removed ALL of my tank badges. WOW, the tank badges were really stuck on there! Now, the reason I did this is because in June my hometown (Blytheville, AR) is hosting a Car and Motorcycle Show and have paid a professional pinstriper to come in and do some pinstriping on the cars and motorcycles. That doesn't mean I am gonna have pinstriping done on my tank, I may just personalize the trunk or something. I really don't know what I am gonna do yet...which I why I am posting. For those that have removed your tank badges...did you just leave it like that, did you have graphics painted on it, or did you have painted? Or did you do something else. Pictures would be great...am I gonna steal your idea? No, but I might borrow "parts" of it. LOL Wally
  13. I am going Thursday to look at a new for me trailer so that I can get to Dons MD this spring. All I know so far is that it is a Menard's trailer, similar to the HF trailer, with a car topper from Farm & Fleet. The trailer frame and bottom half of the topper are painted black and the top half is painted Yamaha black cherry, I would most likely want to repaint it, to either a light color to reduce heat buildup in the sun, or to match my bike or sell the topper part and build the box that I really want. It was used once to Sturgis and back to Milwaukee. He is asking $400 which is way to much to me when I can get a new one for less from HF. Anyone know what specifically I should look at on it other than the obvious mechanical stuff?
  14. with out a doubt this is the worst piece of crap i have ever worked on. i got all the major welding and panel replacement done on the body, and it is at the paint shop. i would have painted it myself, but i'm kind of new to clear coat and i wanted a show job. i painted the frame and started the final assembly this morning. i am having a major delema on whether or not to build the motor. i found a website that has all kinds of race parts for these harbor freight motors. billet rods, roller rockers, cams, etc.. i,m talking serious horse power for a light weight scooter. i,m not sure how it will handle speeds over 80 or 90 mph. so far it looks like a brand new scooter. i was'nt planning on this big of an investment. it's all the little crap that eats you up, hardware, and many other odds and ends. linda asked me how much for the paint job. i never asked. i figure a couple of grand. if it's less i won't feel so bad. there just ain't no cheap cushmans. i sure do love them no matter what the cost. pictures to come. i'm taking alot of them.
  15. OK gang, another update on the continuing changes to my beast; I painted the bike gray with clear a couple of months ago. I also painted the windshield trim black. I like it a lot. However, the top-box and 'bags looked huge in gray primer. One of the new BMWs has its 'bags painted black on the back-half. I think this makes them look smaller. Here are pics of my two-tone top-box and 'bags . . . What do ya think?
  16. My Beast is painted and re-assembled . . . .Finally! Paint Color = Machine Gray with clear coat Gloss Black Painted = windshield trim, mirrors, radiator trim "Tire Shine" on dash panels and other black plastic The saddlebags and top box are still in primer. I hope to get them painted soon. I think I will go for a lunch ride . . .
  17. I currently have an 07 blue / black Venture. I've been tossing around the idea of changing the color to Sunkist Orange. When I was a teen, one of my friends painted their Sportster that color. Can the dash be painted on the Venture? Craigr
  18. Second choice painted to match? I would have to figure out a backrest for it but its brand new.
  19. Finally got Don's trike painted the way he wants. At least for now, he says. A friend painted flames on the front fairing, front fender, tank & rear fenders. Another friend painted Don's signature "B2 Stealth" on the back trunk lid. I think it looks really great. Wanted to share it with you. It was such a beautiful day today and poor guy still can't ride. Hopefully his hand will heal soon and he will be on the road while poor me is at work making that "gas money". LOL! Let us know what you think. Patti [ATTACH]42531[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]42532[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]42533[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]42534[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]42535[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]42536[/ATTACH]
  20. Do any of you know what year Yamaha started painting the 1300 engine? I've seen several pics of Ventures without the Black painted engine, but mine is painted. craigr
  21. We were up in Burton Ohio this past Sat. and some one went by me with a custom painted ( with blue flames ) RSV. Loud pipes and sounded great ? Steve
  22. I created this disaster myself, since I removed the lighted spoiler from the trunk, yesterday, to see if I could determine why 3 of the lights, in the strip, were not working. I couldn't see a way to repair the problem, so I put it back on, using loctite on the screws. After returning from a short ride today, of an hour or so, I saw the light strip dangling from the wires and the spoiler was gone. We back tracked the route with the car right away, but never found it. I loved the looks with that spoiler on the trunk, now it looks naked! I now need to get another one. If any of you know of any place that I can buy one, please let me know. The color is like Plum or purple, but what ever color that is available, I'm sure it can be painted. I need your help! Thanks, Owen.
  23. Guy is seling localy this Venture and ad said is 99 venture. Can someone identify this bike by the badge on gas tank. I don't thik 99 is coming in midnight version. Or could be just painted. As far I can see is missing gas tank trim, and there is no studs on seat. As well hinges on sadlebag is blacked out.
  24. Finally finished the bike this past weekend. Took it out to work last night for its shakedown ride. Bike seems to run better and a bit more power with all that AIS crap removed and plenty more room to access stuff now. Repaired some small cracks and painted the Wagner Grill and inserts to match the bike as close as a spray can will allow. I also bought those stick on ports which I was going to apply to the air boxes, however I think they look better on the saddlebags.
  25. I just got my bike put back together after getting it painted. Man it looks good! A buddy of mine painted the tank, front fairing, front fender, lower fairings and saddlebag tops (I'm picking them up tomorrow). I bought this bike last spring - it was totaled. I replaced the whole front end and a few other parts. This paint job pretty much completes the restoration. Now if I could just keep the darn pollen off of it. Anyone in the Carolinas knows what I'm talking about...
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