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  1. Hi all, New to this site, not new to riding, or old bikes, or turning wrenches. Currently I have a 76 KZ900, 85 V65 and the couch, which is what I call my 86 Venture. I'm not satisfied with the way she's running. I sync'ed the carbs last nite with good results however she seems to idle rich (smell gas in exhaust). I've been through many carbs over the years, both motorcycle and car but I'll admit, the CV carbs are a different breed. My question; are there mixture adjustment screws on these and if so, where the heck are they?
  2. It seems I now have the duty of Well Tender on my property. Last good man quit and the small time drilling company has said from the main line tap is my responsibility. I guess since I am a free gas customer not making them any money it's my problem. The old gas well was drilled back in the sixties with an old spudder rig. I remember back as a kid she would roar when you blew the water drip on ocassion.Nowdays I blow the water valve weekly through the winter months and she has little pressure and not much volume.I bet the main line pressure is less then 50 psi.One of my questions is can I u
  3. I am really tired of sitting on my bike and rocking it back and forth to fill the tank to the top. I am thinking of drilling some holes in the inside sleeve of my gas tank. The sleeve is solid and goes into the tank about 2 inches from the inside edge of the collar. It keeps me from filling the tank that last half gallon unless the rocking ( which looks really ridiculous) and it burps fuel all over sometimes. Anybody else have this kind of experience? Editing because after this posted the threads for this topic came up and I saw the fix and comments from V7 Goose. Don't know why these thre
  4. i was out driving my 2005 pontiac grand prix 74.000 miles on it i was down to a 1/4 tank of gas then the check engine light came on? this has done this before in may on my trip to MN but after a fresh tank of premium gas it went off? and has not come back on untill now when i went and put a half a tank of gas in 2 days ago and ran it down to the 1/4 of a tank. this was regular gas not premium? im hoping that now that i filled it with premium it will go off again after running this tank out? any ideas what could be the cause of this? i just cant afford a major problem right now. i dont feel
  5. I keep my bike in a WheelDock wheel chock when it is in the garage. On Friday night I was cleaning the bike and absent-mindedly put the kickstand up. On saturday I was getting ready to roll it out and remembered it had a full tank of gas, so I went to put some seafoam in. I ended up spilling it on the gas tank and was worried about what it would do to the paint. So I ended up cleaning that up, breaking my routine because I started to get into a rush. I backed it out of the garage and was startled when it kept going when I tried to put it on the kickstand. What a shock. It is tough to get ba
  6. So when is the gas light supposed to go on.This is the longest ive ridden on reserve.Was I safe for a few more miles? Gas was so expensive today that I didnt top off so I dont know how many gallons I used. The weekend was great weather and I refused ti full up any of my vehicles with a30 cent hike per gallon.
  7. Does anyone know what the napa part # for the gas filter for a 1983 venture royale
  8. Well, I took my first long trip on my RSV last week. A friend's wife died suddenly and I went to be with him. Drove from Daphne, AL to Shreveport, LA. Great trip. Approx 450 miles one way. Butt was starting to get a little sore by the end of the first leg, but on the way back, I was squirming early on. Guess I need to build up those butt muscles with more riding! On the way home, I was cruising mostly around 90 on the speedo (probably 82 or 83 in real life) then this woman came by me and I fell in behind her. We were running at 100 by my speedo. I began daydreaming about the last da
  9. When I purchased my 87'VR last winter I was getting 31 MPG one up and 28-29- MPG two up. Needless to say, I was not impressed! Over the winter of 08' I did a few repairs, mods and after about 1000 miles I can now say for sure that my gas mileage is much better. Here is a list of the mods: 1) Carb. Diaphragms (when I pulled mine, they looked like spaghetti strainers! I just replaced the rubbers, NOT the sliders) 2) Needle Shim Mod from 5Bikes ( Removed Nylon spacer and replaced with S.S. washers, .050 thinner than Nylon spacer) 3) Crankcase Vent Mod ( plugged airbox, removed vent tubing, i
  10. tbbrider


    How much seafoam do you use in a tankful of gas for winter storage and how is the best way to winterize your bike?
  11. I'm kinda bummed. The biggest thing is that my gas tank started a slight rust last year when I did my 83/86 Frankenbike. I've been dealing with it all season. The rust dust in the fuel will accumulate in my carb bowls until there's enough to foul my carbs and they start running like crap. I'm sick of blowing & draining my carbs regularly. After I clean them out, my Venture runs like a raped ape! I did put a couple of filters in line just before the carbs, and that lasted quite a while. Ultimately I'm sure I'll need to pull the gas tank (UUuugh!!) and clean it out/coat it. I bou
  12. a group of us have decided to ride to Newfoundland next summer. There will be three couples on five bikes we plan to spend 6 or 7 days there, about three to get up to there and three back for about two weeks total. Are there ferry services at both ends of Route 1. what are the must see places, will we need to plan carefully to avoid running out of gas or are stations spaced reasonably close, last summer on a sunday morning we ended up running on fumes looking for a gas station (that was open) in the cape bretton area. In nova scotia we never bothered to make hotel reservations, we were able t
  13. I've installed new plugs, synced the carbs. Then on a test drive, the MKII sounded much better, better all around performance also. Then at one back road stop light, when I got the green light I throttled the VR when I shifted from 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd, of which I can't recall it backed fired in the shifting process, when I left off the gas. Does the Back Fire indicate I need to make an adjustment?
  14. I'm about to put my new-2-me 2000 RSV away for the winter and wanted to know if there was anything in particular you guys do when winterizing your scooters? I plan on taking the battery into the house, and running the carbs dry, draining the bowls, Is there anything else I should be watching for? Do I need to remove the gas tank to get at the carb drain plugs? Oh yes, I put a good wallop of Fuel conditioner into the tank and ran it for a good 10 minutes so the fuel hit the carbs. Cheers, D.W.
  15. Been playing with ingitech software. Went for ride around the block to test my latest load. At stop sign I thought to myself "awful rich" due to the gas I could smell, "wonder how my ignition advance changes caused it to be so rich?" (TPS ingitech is running great!) Headed home and pulled into garage, started to back into my park spot, and slipped in pool of gas-it was pouring out right in front or rear tire. Key off and finished parking. Pulled the overflow lines out where I could identify which one was leaking, and identified #4 when pump on. Turned pump off, and rapped on #4 diap
  16. Well it finally happen. I usually get from 39 to 42 MPG. I've been tweaking things for quite some time to try and help my gas mileage mainly because a few people have bragged about 48 to 50 MPG. I recently went on a 954 miles trip over two days. The guy I went with was on a 03 Venture and I had never ridden with him before. I was watching our gas mileage and he consistently took less gas than me, actually on one run I put in 5.2 gals and he put in 4.3 gals for 213.4 miles. Darn near 50 MPG for him and not to shabby for me. Overall I was able to check the first 823 miles because we didn
  17. Good day. I just got my '86 back on the road after some major carb transplantation. I had 2 carbs with hopelessly seized low speed jets so I got a set of 4 from thirdbike and frankensteined a set out of the 8. The floats were perfect and as it turns out, the needles he sent were different than mine...with a longer and shallower taper. They were also set to their max rich setting. I put on some new diaphragms on the best of the slides, left it at max rich and bolted it back together. Holy crap...what a bunch of nasty noises when I started it up...I did a balance, set the low spe
  18. Anyone have a good method of draining the gas tank on a MKII?
  19. As some of you know I have been battleinga rough running issue in 4th and 5th gear under a load for 3 months now, also popping and some back firring when slowing down or coasting down hill. Anyway on our trip it got worse and really hammered under a load in 4th and 5th gear. My mileage also dropped from 41 mpg to around 37mpg. Over the last couple of months I have done everything I could think of to fix the problem but it just kept slowly getting worse. I had also noticed that the gas cap was becoming a little hard to take off and put back on. Well today I happened to look at the bottom of the
  20. My trike [07 Venture with a hannigan kit] at around 110 miles or one,two bars on the gas gauge starts to count down.Is this normal? How far can you go [on the countdown] before you have to switch to reserve?
  21. I’m still trying to get my ’83 VR running. I feel like I’m making some progress but I’m still far from having it going. It seems like it is starving for gas. I have cleaned the carbs as well as I can. It will start and run for a few seconds and then dies. It will start again and die again. It sounds just like it is running out of gas. I have new gas lines and new filter going to the inlet side of the fuel pump. I still have the original line going from the outlet side to the carbs. I suspected that I may have an obstruction in the line so I removed it and blew air through it. It see
  22. This web site may have already been mentioned on VR,,, but it's worth repeating. Just like there is a "gas buddy" site to tell you the gas prices in your area ( gasbuddy.com ) there is also a non commercial web site to help you locate gas stations that sell non-ethanol 100% gas. It's user updated, so, not necessarily guaranteed or certified. I happend to look the other day and found out the Shell just down the road from me has just started to carry it in 87 octane!!!! Green politics aside,,, my Venture runs a whole lot smoother and better mileage on 100 %GAS. The local guy actual
  23. I've just encountered a possible problem with my 2005 Sea Doo RXP. It has only 59.6 hours on it. I bought new back in 05 and have never had a problem with it. I run it almost completely out of gas and engine mist it every year before storing. Being busy this year didn't get a chance to ride but figured I'd better start it. Added 1 can of sea foam to approx 1/2 gal of gas to clean fuel system and let run for 2 min. Then added 2 gal of fresh gas... wouldn't start, so i depressed throttle and thats when I heard a loud bang??? sounded like an inner tube exploding Smoke is coming out f
  24. Months back someone had a link to a small custom leather company that made leather gas cap covers to fit RSV. Anyone know what it was or know of gas cap covers besides the Yamaya one? Thanks, Mike G
  25. Put gas in the tank and fuel comes pouring out the butterfly end. Any suggestions as to what needs to be fixed?
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