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  1. well my old dell computer bit the dust. and I was going to go get a new computer. when the fedex man showed up today with a nice size box from my daughter and son-inlaw in side was a new HP computer:cool10: now I have to figure out this windows8 stuff. this computer has 8gb ram and 1tb? hard drive. and just a basic dvr dvd player and burner. came with a 20 inch monitor. looks like my year has got better than my last 3 or so years. I bought a new to me Honda shadow ace750.. 2000. that will be here this spring. so looks like some good times might be my way. if I was in that Christmas contest I would have to say this year would be one of my many best ones. good family and good friends here who could ask for more?
  2. I have an 83 Royale & a 2000 RSV MM. I owned an 81 Venture for about 16 years and then sold it at the instance of my wife. (wish I still had it). I"ve had my 83 for about 7 yrs and my RSV MM for 2yrs. Ride them both but have ridden my 83 on most of my long distance trips. I decided to change up my routine this year and rode the RSV to Sturgis for the first time. After completing my trip, I made several observations. I'm curious what others have noticed in their own experiences. First: 83 is nimble, agile, corners easilty with great balance; has quite a bit of zip and is extremely comfortable for the long ride. In contrast the RSV is awkward, difficult to corner, seems not just top heavy but front end heavy, in fact, the front end shimmies at times particularly at lower speeds on the way to HWy speeds. I took my left hand off the bar for a second & the front end began to shake so bad it spilled coffee all over the bike that was secured in my mounded beverage holder. Overall ride on the 83 is much smoother and the bikes handles way better then the 2000 RSV. Other differences: 83 has voltmeter, tach, full set of guages, on-board compressor for automatic ride leveling system; 2000 doesn't have any of these. Only difference I saw where the RSV out performed the 83 was in the sound system. Much better in the 2000 with the addition of the rear speakers; when listening to the speakers and not the headset, it has a quadraphonic sound quality. Earlier this spring I mentioned to the shop foreman, that I enjoyed riding the 83 Royale over the 2000 RSV. They didn't have a lot of background on Ventures & didn't believe me until they had worked on both and taken both for test rides. After that, they agreed that the 83 was a much smoother & better handling bike & couldn't believe all the amenities that the 83 came stock with over the present RSVs. The 83 really was ahead of it's time. IMO, the only way to improve on the existing RSV is to make it more commensurate with the 1st Gens! Just curious what others may think.
  3. I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a previous owner of a couple older model BMW K bikes. I used to commute on them (when I had a job). My wife and I rode on weekends and she grew to love it almost more then I. Well we were looking for an affordable bike to take some trips on. And with the help of this awesome site we chose a Venture. Then I found a deal on one in Idaho. It is a 2000 Millennium edition and with Only 8800 miles on it. Well needless to say it is now in my garage in California. My question to the forum is other than a complete fluid’s change and carb sync. Is there anything I should concerned with before we start logging miles on the puppy
  4. Looking for the ball milled covers. Just found the ball milled backing plates. Brand new in swainsboro ga. On his self since 2000. Gave me nice discount!
  5. I just bought a 1999 venture and I owned a 2000 venture a while back It seems to me the handle bars are not as wide on the 1999 as the 2000 Would someone please measure the width from handle end to end please if you have STOCK handle bars. I couldn't find a dimension in any manual
  6. I just bought a 2000 2nd gen, still have my 1st gen, gonna semi retire the 84 for now. Yes, big differences but you can get parts for a 2000. My 84 and 2000 are both redheads, I like red bikes!
  7. I am looking for a set of stock mufflers for a 2000 RSV. Does anyone have a set they could part with? And, am I correct in assuming that any year from 1998 forward would fit my 2000? Thanks, dana
  8. First, let me introduce myself. I am Walter McGarr from Hoover Alabama. I just purchased my second RSV, a 2007 Midnight. My first RSV was a 2000 model. Rode a VTX1800 for four years after I sold the 2000 RSV. With introductions out of the way, has anyone stayed at Two Wheel Inn in Robbinsville? Heading up that way next week and was wondering what to expect. Thanks
  9. Just got back last night after a 6 day, 2000 mile trip from ATL to PA and back, with lots of stops in between, and while the '99 RSV ran great with no mechanical issues, my MPG's were awful. The best I got was 32 on straight stretches of highway riding at an average speed of 72mph. The best overall mileage I got on combined highway/local roads was 35. Either my carbs are way out of whack, or the 10% ethanol is really killing my performance. All other maintenance areas were addressed before the trip, including all fluids and filters. And since the fuel injected Ultras I was riding with all got 42+mpg's on ethanol gas, I'm guessing I need a carb tune to determine if this is the problem. Any north GA area members that have a carb tune kit, I'd love to hook up with you!
  10. Will 2001 Venture carbs fit onto a 2000 Royal Star?
  11. HELP, MY BACK IS KILLING ME..!!!! I'm looking for a backrest for my 2000 Millenium Venture. It is a cream colored rubber seat. I might even want to have a similar color leather seat and backrest built for it. I just bought a Mustang seat for my 06 RSTD from Phoneman1981 and it has a backrest on it. Now I don't think I can ride the Venture without a backrest. C Ya, Graderman46
  12. Went to look at a 2000 RSV today...only has 71,000 km on it ( about 44,000 mi.). It looks and runs like new, but there was a problem. The intercom didn't work. The radio plays through both headsets as did the CB when someone started using channel 6 nearby, but the intercom just wouldn't work. Switched headsets front to back and the same problem. I thought the radio and intercom shared an amp and therefore if one didn't work, the other one didn't either. Anyone have any ideas? The bike is gorgeous but my wife really wants the intercom...so she can make useful suggestions as we ride along!
  13. Just returned from a great ride up to Whistler. The Sea to Sky Highway is a great road to scrub in the new Avon tires... all round, not just in the middle. There was a British Sports Car rally in Olympic Plaza. Lots of MGs, Triumphs, Jags, a few Lotus, Aston Martins, Bentlys, and Minis. Oh, and a Rover 2000 TC. In the dim distant past, I owned a few of the models, and drove a few more. Good day, and only rode through two light showers.
  14. Saw this great sign in car today, but could apply to the factory horn on my 2000 RSV - 'Horn not working, please look for finger' ! and yes, I'm fixing it this summer.
  15. I'm thinking hard about adding another bike or trading my Road Star and I was pretty much decided on a Yamaha Roadliner or Stratoliner; but then I started researching the Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 and it's definitely in the mix now. I was just wondering if anyone has owned both or had a chance to ride both to compare them in power, riding position and comfort. I've been on a Liner a couple of times and would be happy with one but I'm understanding that the Vulcan gives a little more room to stretch out and a lower seat height. Anyone?
  16. A friend is looking to upgrade from vulcan classic to cruiser so he can do long distance riding. Has concern about cornering and agility vs. Venture. Found 2000 Yamaha RS Boulevard. Any comments or recommendations? He is looking to stay under $6,000 purchase price.
  17. Read some of the posts regarding power problems. Not sure it fits mine. I have a 2000 Venture and just put on a sidecar for the wife. It weighs 225 lbs. Expected to loose some power and fuel milage. However, I went from 35/40 down to 20/25 MPG. I don't expect to go get the good MPG back but this is a hit. Going up grades on the interstates is a struggle. Have changed plugs, no wet ones when I did. Does not starve or stall out. Looking for ideas, suggestions. Thanks, Bill
  18. If anyone is interested: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190443834405&_trksid=p2759.l1259#v4-35 .... better yet, try the link in the following post.
  19. Due to my wife losing her job in February I lost my 2007 RSV yesterday. It was heartbreaking watching it leave! I have a 96 4x4 Suzuki x90 5 speed and some cash if someone has a 99 or 2000 plus they don't ride any more. I am not interested in anything but a 2nd Gen RSV, just spoiled now. If you might be interested call me at 706-252-0662........Ken
  20. :cry:l firing order on 2000 venture 1300
  21. Anyone ever ridden one etc?
  22. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Yamaha-Royal-Star-2007-VENTURE-/320562665776?cmd=ViewItem&pt=US_motorcycles&hash=item4aa3061930 2000 miles?? Insane!!
  23. I did a search on the forum but I could not find this info. Where is/was the 2nd gen manufactured. Esp the 2000 RSV. Rich
  24. Does anyone have a couple of the old Venture Decals that were sold back in the mid 80's when the Venture Touring Society was in existence? The word Venture is written out and in gold color.. I have one on an old helmet that is pictured below. I want to put them on a new helmet as I have just purchased a 2000 RSV.. thanks in advance for your replies...
  25. Saturday, 12 June 2010, about 4PM sighted a 2000 Millennium edition headed north on US. Was it anyone here?
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