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  1. I was out prowling the city on the '84 last evening and wandered into the area where the PO that had my bike before I bought it lived. On a whim I thought I'd swing by and see if he was around. I couldn't remember the house but I knew the street so off I went. As luck was with me I saw him turn around and look as I headed up the hill towards his place. As I pulled into his driveway he was just staring at the bike. All he said when I got off was "That can't be the same bike?" Well, yeah it is. How many other '84 Yammys have ya sold? But the day he sold it to me he dropped it off on a trailer, not running and many parts off the bike in boxes. I could tell he hated to let it go but I only knew a little bit about why. The only time after that was the early summer after I got it he stopped by and I had it back together, street legal and running. He was impressed it was even running at all. That was 2007. His Dad had bought the bike new in '84 from a local dealer. Had it all that time until he got older and wanted a lighter bike but he kept the Venture for the long rides but he passed away shortly after that. The son kept the '84 as it was part of remembering his Dad. It sat in his garage for 9 years unridden, but cared for. Over those 9 years he would find leaks and remove parts to try to fix then. Never got them done and parts went into boxes. I'll thank him for that, they were all there. But we spent an hour talking about the bike. He was shocked at the changes I had made and all the modifactions done. He was happpy the bike was being cared for and ridden. I've put over 30,000 miles on it since I bought it. His Dad would have been happy about that. But it made my night as I knew I had made someone happy, other than me, that be bike was still road worthy and being taken care of like it had been for all those years by his Dad. I just wish the two of them had some decent screwdrivers between them. I mentioned the stripped out Phillips heads I had found on the bike and the son laughed and asked me how many I'd had to replace. "About all of them." Mike
  2. I put the rear running lights on the + acc. terminal of my skydoc fuse upgrade. Then from the Acc. terminal to the switch, then to the rear lights. There is no relay in the circuit. It looks like the battery resistor mod is also on the same terminal. Question #1-Is it possible that when I turned on the lights that I could have blown the resisitor? It was fine during testing etc...but yesterday evening I decided to hit the switch to turn on the running lights and immediately my battery warning light started flashing and now it always on (with key on) Question #2 If I need to install a relay in the running light circuit, what do I ask for? Question #3 Does the battery resistor mod need it's own terminal?
  3. I was all packed up, helmet on and ready to go. Planned on an all day ride up to Ottawa for a new car-topper for the trailer, then down to Cornwall to pick up a set of carbs on the rack I had bought from Thirdbike. I kissed my wife goodbye....turned the key and ....NOTHING! I was up late last night playing with the running lights and I guess I killed the battery. "no problem" I thought, Just boost it off the car and I'll be on my way....a minor delay. Not so! It would not run. I could get it to fire, but it would rev up and die. It wouldn't stay running! Now I know my battery and charging system is OK because I NEVER have issues under normal operating. I suspected fuel delivery... I opened the one screw all the way out thinking it was the drain ...(it was the one that usually is 2 1/2 turns out) but no gas came out. I opened up one carb and removed the slider and diaphram to check and as I tried to start it I couldn't see any fuel misting in there or any other indication it was getting fuel. (Is that even a way to tell?) I checked the fuel filter. (What a pain to get to!) Sure enough when I blew it out I THINK a slug of something came out. I felt something bounce off my hand but it might even have just been a drop of gas. ( As gas was pouring out of the bike I realized I should have turned off the fuel supply first!!!) I charged up the battery while I was working and once I got it all back together I went for a ride for over an hour and it ran just fine. So now I don't know for sure if it was the fuel filter, or if the dead battery could have prevented it from running somehow. I had it connected to the car battery (car not running) so I have to believe it was the filter was plugged. Any thoughts?
  4. Just finished wiring the beast for a trailer using a Reese Towpower tail light converter. Bike lights behave normally after completion. When I connect the trailer and turn the key the headlight fuse blows. I see two possibilities: 1. There's a short in the running lights on the trailer or 2. The trailer running lights are too much draw for the circuit. Any helpful thoughts appreciated...
  5. I've got an 83 venture for couple of years now. I cannot seem to get it running correctly, poor mileage ( 28 MPG) and back firing ( poping back through the carbs) slightly after making a corner then accelerating. After a pop or two it picks up and takes off. This is with both the original TCI and the new one I purchased last year. The bike normally runs better before it warms up. I readjusted the valves last year too. I thought it was running rich so, had the carbs off last week to reset the floats and install smaller shims in the sliders. Still run bad maybe a little worse. Put the original shims back in. Now I have a float stuck and gas coming out the overflow line. So I get to pull the carbs again, oh joy. Mainly, I also noticed that the #4 carb slider is not moving. Last week I pulled and cleaned the idle mixture needle valve and the two ports ( top and bottom sides of the diaphragm) into the throat. I set the idle mixture screws to 2 turns out. This week I reinstalled the original shims in the sliders I have reset the idle mixture screws in to 1 ½ turns out. Once I get up to about 4000 RPM it seems to smooth out. When I syn’cd the carbs I get about 9” vacuum on all cylinders at 1000 rpm. Is there some other internal thing I may be missing that would stop the slider from working correctly in just one cylinder? I pulled that slider again and the diaphragm ( no holes in it also about one year old ) is seated correctly and I have already disconnected the YICS some time back and plugged the lines. I also have not found and intake leaks.
  6. Got the carbs on, and was trying to adjust the mixture screws, which were turned all the way in. All 4 were stuck. Got 3 of them loose, but the last one rounded out the screw head. Pulled the carbs, took the one with the stripped screw off the rack, and got the screw out with an easy out. Reassambled my carbs and reinstalled. Now it seems to be running on all 4 cylinders. But I had fuel pouring out of the small plastic overflow on all 4 carbs (pic below). Gave them a few taps with a rubber mallet and 2 of them stopped, but 2 of them are still running a constant stream when the key is on and after the key is off.I am assuming that is because the bowl is still full. I am thinking stuck floats, or float level Any input is appreaciated.
  7. When I finally got a headset for my RSV, I was told it transmitted a buzzing noise over my voice. I attributed it to the cheap Motocom headset. I have since up graded to J&M headsets. This afternoon, the neighbor across the street asked me to listen for a radio check from his Wing. He came in loud and clear, but he said he could hear me ok, too, but there was a buzzing when I hit the transmit button. The buzzing is the same engine running or not running. Any suggestions???
  8. My computer keeps kicking on like its running something even when not in use. Sounds like a high speed fan running it may run for 30 sec. to a min. haven't timed it. Everything else seems to be normal.
  9. I have a 2006 RSTD. My Liner had a switch that was meant for running lights. The RSTD doesn't have this switch. So I'll need a switch and light ideas. I'd like to be able to turn them off and on separate from the headlight and the switch has to look like it wasn't an afterthought. Ideas?
  10. We hear how guys are using Sea Foam when a bike has been sitting a long time and when their bikes are not running well. But i was just wondering if guys are using it on a routine basis, just to keep things running well. Can it be over used. I was thinking about running a tank full of Sea Foam treated fuel, before i leave on my long trip. How are you guys using it?
  11. I have a 98 Royal Star that I purchased basically in pieces. I have put it all together myself and had to re jet the carbs because I could not find a replacement exhaust for the 4 into 4 factory pieces and they were not able to be reused because the previous owner had tried to do some "custom" welding which made them useless. Fast forward a year and I have not only purchased the Venture 4 into 2 exhaust but also all of the factory hangers and brackets and most recently, factory hard saddlebags. I had issues with the bike pissing gas out of the right bank of carbs overflow tube, so I tore them down as far as I could and cleaned everything. I then took it to a mechanic that synced them for me ( I feel as if he overcharged a bit at $90 to do it) and the bike has been running really well. After a long ride last weekend, I decided that the BUB's that came with the Venture exhaust was rather loud and I had some Harley Touring pipes laying around and I have seen a great deal of guys here using them, so my dumb ass slaps them on and I take a ride. On the way back I smell gas and look down to see gas POURING out of the drain tube all over the motor. I quickly get back to the house and wipe everything down and figure maybe the Harley pipes in some way were putting to much back pressure on the carbs and reinstall the BUB's. No such luck, now the bike is still pissing gas at an alarming rate and also smoking and has the smell of oil in the exhaust. At this point I have invested so much time, energy, and MONEY I just want to take it to someone and have it fixed. Or maybe just cut my loses and sell the damn thing! I really like the bike when it is running properly. I know that it doesn't have the power of the newer versions, but it seems to go down the road just fine. I do not want to spend some ungodly amount to get this fixed however, as I could have purchased a great running newer bike at this point, so I am reluctant to drop loads of cash on this deal. Yamaha dealer that is local says that they will start at $500 and go from there. The independent that did the sync will prob be the same. Any ideas? Maybe just buy a newer 32mm and do a swap? Am I missing something that it could be? I hate to say it, but my Road King was way more dependable. In the three years I owned it I never did anything but oil and tires for 33K (sold it with 56K) I was hoping that this bike would even be better, but it looks like that will never be the case. I only have 30k on the ODO right now on the Royal Star and the way its going I don't think it will make it to 50k!!
  12. I have been summoned by Coweta County Superior court for jury duty so no work for me today, and maybe a few more this week, get paid by the court, get paid by my employer, not a bad deal. More money to throw at the Venture and getting it back running, maybe some new plastic............can't get safety chrome for these old relics anymore.
  13. I know there are dozens of carb threads, but I'm dealing with a hardly running bike, so I'm trying to narrow it down as much as I can. I bought this bike last year from a friend who never had it running and had it in pieces. I put it mostly back together and replaced the battery and started to try to get it running. It will run with the choke on, but will die if you blip the throttle. You can slowly start winding the throttle more and more until you get it to keep reving up but it never runs right. I ran some B12 carb cleaner through the system, but without being able to ride it, I can't tell if it is helping or not. I removed and plugged off the vacuum chamber and as far as I can tell the carb boots are ok. I pulled the carbs off and removed floats, bowls and diaphrams, and cleaned the bejeebus out of them. This is when I got it running with the choke on.
  14. As some of you already know I bought my bike as a basket case. On my first weekend on it I lost a pin in the shift segment and came 15 miles home in 1st gear. I got it back together after waiting for the parts and went out on Easter Sunday for an 80 mile ride. It ran great. I'm going to put new brake pads in it and do the starter upgrade this weekend and have a few more things to work on. 1st. My choke will not stay engaged on its own. I can give it full choke and it fires right up, but when released the choke rotates off on its own. Is there an adjustment i'm missing or is something just worn out? 2nd. Idle...after my trip home in first gear when I lost my pin in the shift segment it helped my carbs a lot, but now it's idling at about 1100 rpm, what should it be set at? 3rd. Rear air, My bike is a standard and i'm wondering what pressure I should be running it at. I'm 350#s and will be the only person on the bike. Also should this be set with me on the bike or freestanding? 4th and last...for now. Lighting, I am a truck driver and work overnights, I live 30 miles north of Minneapolis. My trip home in the morning is opposite of traffic but a lot of people cross the northbound side to get to the southbound lanes. I'm thinking of some simple driving lights for better visibility but would like to see how those of you who are running them have them mounted. Pics would be helpfull. Thanks to everyone on this site, putting this bike together and getting it into good riding shape has been a breeze with all your help.
  15. My 89 VR, last year, ran fine. I normally run an ounce of SeaFoam in each gas tank, and at the end of the year on a full tank I put in about 4 or 5 ounces of Seafoam, then ran it about 30 minute ride, then top of the tank. Now it is ready for the winter lay up Sometime in Jan of 2012 during a nice day I took it out for a mid winter warm up. Just to make sure everything was running ok. It ran perfect until the last 5 minutes. All of a sudden I could tell that I was not getting the normal throttle response. At a stop light I noticed that it was idling at less than 500 rpms and I could hear what might sound like not firing on all 4s. Got it home and let it sit. See I was too busy putting accessories on my 91 VR. But all the time been thinking about how to attack the 89 VR issue. So I finally got to it this morning. As I turned the key on the fuel pump did it click click thing like a machine gun. Hit the choke and with in about the 2nd hit of the starter it started right up. During warm up I could tell that the symptom was still there. When I took the choke off, yep it is idling below 500 rpm, and not sounding good. From cold start up I hit each cylinder with the laser temp run and all 4 cylinders seem to be warming up fairly evenly, temp wise. I will start it up tomorrow morning when cold and be more attentive with the temp on the left banks. The left banks temp may have been a bit behind the right banks. I just wasn’t paying too closely So this morning I did the following: I sniped off 1/8 to 1/4 inch of the spark plug wire. Started it up - Same symptoms. Facing in the forward riding position While running I pulled the right back cylinder plug - the engine died. While running I pulled the right front cylinder plug - the engine died. While running I pulled the left back cylinder plug - engine kept running. tiny bit less rpm. While running I pulled the left front cylinder plug - engine kept running. tiny bit less rpm. So it is my 2 left cylinder bank. I pulled the plug cap of each left cylinders and put a spare plug in it to test for spark. Both have good spark. I then unscrewed each plug and then tested the two original spark plug for spark. Both have good spark. Infact the plugs almost look band new. Well they should be for very little miles were put on them last year. Also when I pulled the original plugs they were not wet with fuel. They were very dry, meaning they aren't getting any fuel or what fuel it was getting was being burnt off. It was running initially with the choke but later I took the choke off. So with good spark and the cylinder temp seemed to be going up some what normal would indicate that the 2 left cylinders were getting proper spark and fuel. I'm suspicious it still is a fuel issue. I’m going start it up tomorrow morning, cold, and record the cylinder temps. Meanwhile any suggestion for me to think and plan would be appreciated. I’d like to start with the less expensive and simpler solutions. Thanks
  16. I'm getting some of the stock running lights for my 2006 RSTD. There are two sets of lights for sale. One is sealed beam, the other is Halogen. What are the pros and cons of each? I have the original headlight....but would not hesitate to replace it with some thing better. I'd like the lights to match....
  17. Is anyone here running the new Truck-Lite Phase 7 headlamps? I admit to be unsure if they will fit the second gen. They are 7" round. Here is a review (first link) for Harley installs. Anyone running these? 25watts of LED brightness without the problem of hiding ballast. Dave
  18. Here's my problem,,, I know, I got lots but this one has me stumped. My son bought a 82 Honda XL80s for my grandson. It was running and they did run it around the back yard a few times, but then it quit. So dad to the rescue. I've been working on this thing for 4 weeks now, and it just won't run, not even give me a burp. That said, I did have it running at one point, but the slowest it would go was about 3000 rpm, so I shut it down and since then, nothing. History. When I brought it to my garage I found the stator flywheel loose and the key sheared off. replaced the key, points, condenser, cleaned the flywheel, (took all magnets out and re-glued them) cleaned the carb, tried 3 different coils, but seem to get an inconsistent spark at best. Got about 90 lbs compression with 3 kicks on the starter, 120lbs with a shot of oil in the cylinder. Tried WD 40 to help it fire and then even some ether, but no fire period. I need some fresh ideas.
  19. hello all this has been a rough year so far i lost my truck do to bankruptcy i had a choice to keep trk or bike i chose the bike i have had runnig problems ever since. i got the fuel pump problem fixed now yesterday it started running on 3 cyclenders the lt frt is not running i cked the coils and i am getting fire to the plugs all 4. i pulled the plug in lt frt it was covered in gas i changed it and still not firing. when cold all pipes get hot but left frt what do i need to ck next it is a 1999 rsv with 62000 miles thank you bumble bee 1999 rsv lexington sc
  20. A friend of mine just bought a 2000 RSV. He ask me if the turn signals, front and back, are suppose to act as running lights also? On my 2007 RSV the turn signals act as running lights. Any thoughts?
  21. Though I am not officially listing my bike yet, the plan is to get a newer bike in the next couple of months if Murphy doesn't come calling. You'll have to wait till I make a final decision on what it will be before I'll share my choice. However that means I'd be selling my blond '83 Royale, almost new tires, delinked brakes with stainless lines, super brace, highway pegs and or boards, running boards front and back, upgraded R/R, all running and brake tail light converted to LED, H9 head light, new battery, new tires, most all venture line chrome and accessories (I think), about 47K miles. Butt Butler. Cassette deck works! I have some miscellaneous new OEM parts as well including a stator. No issues with second gear or frame. If you are or know of someone who might be interested give me a shout, I'm tentativelly shooting for a 2-3 month time frame, Unless you want to give me some astronomical amount of money, then it'd be sold yesterday . 'Cause I may do that anyway with the right (and fair) amount.
  22. We had some rain night before last and the bike sat out in it while I was working. Temps were in the low 40's. Bike would turn over and catch, just couldn't get it to continue running. Wound up letting it roll downhill to start. What's up with that?? Figure it's moisture some where, just no clue where.
  23. i was out driving my 2005 pontiac grand prix 74.000 miles on it i was down to a 1/4 tank of gas then the check engine light came on? this has done this before in may on my trip to MN but after a fresh tank of premium gas it went off? and has not come back on untill now when i went and put a half a tank of gas in 2 days ago and ran it down to the 1/4 of a tank. this was regular gas not premium? im hoping that now that i filled it with premium it will go off again after running this tank out? any ideas what could be the cause of this? i just cant afford a major problem right now. i dont feel any loss of power? thanks oldgoat
  24. I'm trying to get my bike going its been sitting for a long time, I've had a long running issue with the starting system its never been dependable so I pretty much gave up on it. Well another thread on another members starter switch problems got me looking at mine and long story short I jerry rigged it up so it now will dependably crank with no problems, its still not %100 correct but it works. So now I'm trying to get it running, I had a heck of a time at first, needed to clean the carbs out some ether & its running, not good but it ran. I could tell it wasn't running on all cylinders but I thought it was just dirty fuel system so I let it run and run seafoam, carb cleaner the works. After a while I could tell it was more than the fuel system. I pulled the plugs and only 1 cylinder look right, nice & dry with just a touch of brown on the ceramic.The rest were wet and covered in black suit. I check them for spark & no surprise only the 1 cylinder had a good spark, the rest nothing. I tried WD & checking the connections and got 2 of the cylinders showed a weak spark and the 4th didn't have enough spark to jump the gap on the plug just spark at the ground a little. I'm not real familiar with this type of ignition system so I was hoping some one here might have some suggestions. Sorry this dragged out so long. Thanks Pete
  25. I appear to be having an issue with Number 2 Cylinder. Gas mileage is not what I think it should be ... low thirties rather than at least high thirties, and I have long suspected that one or more cylinders isn't pulling it's weight. On a recent ride home of about 90 miles, the rev counter started misbehaving. It would be steady at 4000 then drop to zero for short periods, jumping again to 4000 rpm. That is entirely consistent with #2 Cyl. cutting out and in. From a cold start, the exhaust to #2 remains cold. It will start running once it's revved a bit, but it's inconsistent. So there clearly is an issue with that cylinder. It could be any one or more of a number of things and I'm happy enough to pull it apart to find out what. I plan to replace all the plugs, wires, plug caps as a matter of routine. I can easily diagnose a failed coil but I was wondering if I should be looking deeper than that. As I understand it the only other parts in the system are the TCI and the Pick-Up Coils. Does the failing Tach indicate anything that might pinpoint the problem? At the moment I am seriously considering the TCI upgrade too. I may well simply start by replacing the diodes in the original, but I can't help thinking that a long term fix is going to be the upgraded unit Dingy was selling. Any thoughts?
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