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  1. well the fan is wired directly to ground. don't know why. but is there a way to test the system to find out why is there a relay and sensor in system if there is where should i look for them. read a thread that said to jumper sensor to make fan run. just don't know where to find it. trying to fix a bunch of problems so i can ride this parts bike.
  2. I have used a GL1500 sound system and J&M. in both instances the systems had plenty of volume to provide adequate sound in the helmet even with ear plugs. I use my helmet and headset I used with the GOldWing. with the Venture I often can barely hear. I'm wondering if this is typical for the Venture or maybe I have some other problem. I tried a small amp between the ipod and Venture but got too much distortion. suggestions anyone?
  3. Got my charging system working and did a 300 mile loop today to test it out and one surprise I got was that my fuel mileage had increased by 6 MPG. I did not know a charging fault would cause a decrease in mileage. Has anyone else noticed this? I plan on adding a voltage gauge or monitor later but in the mean time I bought a cheap battery/charging monitor form Advance and plugged it into my passenger outlet. Real easy to check when you stop at a red light.
  4. i'll try and make this short and detailed. fixin my buddys venture, a 99. died on the road to ny last fall, he put in new battery and didnt get to far before it died again. brought it to me, charged up the battery and tested the charging system. stator was 96v, ohm'd out correctly r/r tested fine all plugs appear to be fine. ignition switch was bad, did the temp fix i found here with the toggle. voltage output while running tested around 13 at idle and 14 at mid range rpm's sent him on his way, figuring the switch wasn't allowing system to charge. he rode it to work 2 days fine. third day he went to a store, came out and dead battery. jump started it and only made it 1/2 mile before it died again. last night charged the battery with a charger. this morning i checked the voltage while running again, at idle right now its 13.6 volts. i think i did a draw test right, and i'm getting 00.7 on the 200m scale with key off, i installed the new ignition switch last night. i will redo the charging system test procedure with the new switch installed. what am i missing? if everything appears to be correct? or are my charging values a wee bit low enough to eventually run the battery down while driving?
  5. My wife and I were heading out with some friends to the Heroes Highway Ride in the rain yesterday when I suddenly got an ear busting shriek in my headphones. It was really painful and lasted several seconds. I pulled up beside the leader at the next traffic light and told him I had a problem and to pull into the next mall. I got a couple more blasts on the way and was in real pain. Finally pulled into the lot and turned off the ignition just as another one hit. I checked what I could and my buddy tried his headset but nothing there. I was afraid it was an electrical problem and I didn't want to risk riding another 150 KM and possibly breaking down on a major highway in the rain, so the others went on and we unplugged our headsets and went back home. Once there (With my ears still ringing!) I started testing the system and by accident, discovered the problem - my wife had turned her volume up to max to make sure I could hear her over the extra noise from the rain and wet roads. I turned the main volume up as well and what we were getting was "feedback" from the intercom system! When it shrieked, I dropped the volume for the passenger and the noise stopped. It was worse with my IMC headsets than with the J&M set, which wasn't surprising since the IMC have always seemed to have a more sensitive microphone. Anyway, that's something else we'll have to watch in the future. Now I have to head to the doctor's to see just how badly I may have hurt my ears. My first bike with an audio system...it never occurred to me that this could happen. Yet another - painful - lesson. Oh yeah ... I was wearing some Icon waterproof Patrol gloves and they got thoroughly wet inside and out. It seems they have a design flaw - the waterproof liner is stitched to the inner and outer liner of the glove. Guess what happens when you poke dozens of little holes in a waterproof line - IT ISN'T WATERPROOF ANY MORE!! Fortunately they were still under warranty so I returned to the dealer and exchanged them for some Teknic gloves that have a tab all along the edge of their liner so that when it is sewn to the inner and outer layers, it doesn't get poked full of holes leading to the interior of the glove! Oh and our first time used, less than a year old Frogg Togg pants leaked at the seams and nicely wet our bottoms - such fun! Andy
  6. I just finished draining the old fluid and filling with fresh Dot 4. I bled it until I have all new fluid from the bleeder valve and no bubbles. Problem is now with the system all closed up I cant get the clutch lever to build any pressure and engage the clutch. Any suggestions to solve the problem?
  7. I got ambitious after I got home from work today, got the exhaust system back on the bike, and the radiator and cooling system back on, waiting on the throttle cables to arrive. starting to look like a motorcycle again.
  8. My 1986 Venture is showing a fault message "E4" on the screen. I cannot adjust the air pressure any more. I replaced the pressure sensor under the trunk already and I replaced the whole control unit in the dashboard. That fault message is still there. Anybody out there having an idea what has to be done or what part of the system is gone bad?
  9. Now... I've got the parts I should replace (courtesy of Venturers tech page... hehe..) but I noticed a step I cannot do. On my YVR 90 I cannot seem to--with the CLASS control panel) reduce PSI to 0--of course on manual. It will at best decrease to 6, and even then the system pumps a extra psi in. Their another manual way? Or is it because I'm not really off the ground on the center stand?
  10. If I purchased a J&M JMCB 2003 unit can I use my sirius satalite radio with it? I see a hook up up for a mp3 player and other stuff is this also where I would plug it in? Does anyone know about this system? Joe
  11. I am looking for a helmet communication system. I have a GPS (Bluetooth compatible) and an Iphone. My GPS is in sync with my iphone but I would like to listen to my MP3 player on my GPS thru wireless connection. I ride single the majority of the time and really only need for my music and possibly the phone. What system do you recommend and do you have to have a specific helmet for the system? I am thinking about going to a full face modular helmet, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  12. All my lights work except the headlight? I bought the bike in pieces, I was told by the previous owner that they tore it apart trying to get the headlight working. I reassembled it and it runs great. The led goes through its checklist and everything checks out fine. I have power to and from the fusebox, but no headlight. I went to the harness behind the headlight and fed the system from there on a toggle switch with a fuse and it works fine, high and low beam. I can probably ride it forever like this but I would still like to find the problem and return it to the stock setup. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Ray.
  13. Wanderer


    I'm stuck in the VA Hospital in Birmingham. Tomorrow, is one week. Herniated bowel. Yeah, my $ _ _ t don't work. started off in Mongomery thinking a couple of antibiotics and I'd be gone, but Nooooooo! Had the operation 6am Saturday morning. If this looks funny it's becaue it's built into the hospitals system with keyboard through the TV remote. Still hope to be out in 3 days, If I ever can meet my poop allocation I will.
  14. Been tearing down the VR to get to the thermostat and have a few choice words for the engineers. Since this is a family oriented site I won't say them. Was the cooling system an afterthought or what?! If I didn't know any better I'd say this was designed by our government. One department designed the motor and another department designed the cooling system. Neither one consulted each other. Finished with my rant, thank you.
  15. is this what we (1st genners) have? a CDI system? anybody try these?http://store.prestoliteperformance.com/accel-mc/metric-motorcycle/universal-super-coils-black.html.
  16. Im finally taking care of the steering head bearings at the local Yamaha dealer in preparation for my cross country ride. I also had them do a complete bike check and found that my front brake calipers were not releasing completely ( i asked them to find out why my gas mileage was not where i thought it shouild be). They found milky like brake fluid in the system and suggested rebuilding the system. I gave them the OK to rebuild the calipers and master cylinders. I cant afford the stainless upgrade at this time. The only thing that i didnt like was the fact that they are charging 5 hours of labor to do the head bearings (original est. was 3 hours). For $780, i should have a not only better handling bike but also a little better gas mileage (since the brake pads wont be dragging anymore). My last shop supposedly flush the syetem last year. What causes the brake fluid to turn into this milky thing that they described?
  17. HELP!......'07 RSTD & bought a new battery exactly one year ago. Problem now is it won't hold the charge. I get out for a short 30minute ride then go to restart it, & it's a gamble if there's enough juice to kick it over or not. By the time I get it home, there's not enough there to turn it over, so I charge it back up to go again. With the battery only a year old, what are my chances of defective battery @ this time?...or could it be the charging system. Is there a way to check? Bobby
  18. The Beast started pissing coolant yesterday. I tracked it down to a pin-hole leak in the large hose on top of the front head. While messing with it I removed the radiator cap and found it covered in 'milkshake' goop. Obviously I have oil leaking into the cooling system. All of the coolant that leaked out yesterday was nice and clean. Any suggestions would be appreciated about now . . .
  19. My old ship, the USS Monterey, is the only ship in the world so far, with this technology. Some of my old Shipmates, who are now civilian contractors, are developers and installers for this system. http://redux.com/stream/item/2179206/Air-and-Missile-Defense-Radar Enjoy! Iran doesn't want any of this!!
  20. I'm in the Seattle/Tacoma area, and we are receiving a record amount of snow and Ice rain. So this morning I lost power. No Problem for I've wired my home to accomodiate a generator about 15 years ago. I have everything except for Range and Dryer for the generator puts out 30 amps. Now last year I had a new gas furnace/heat pump/electronic filter. I was told when the power goes out and being that I have a generator for power, all I have to do is set the furnace to EM Heat. This setting is to bypass the heat pump and only allow the heat to be operated by gas. I get power to the thermostat but the furnace does not kick in. Prior to the new furnace the old furnace worked on the generator just fine and the new furnace electricial system uses the same power source as the old furnace system. If any one has any suggestion please let me know.
  21. Any Nolan owners out there? I just bought a Nolan N103 Helmet equiped with the Nolan Bluetooth set up off Ebay. I'm trying to figure out how to configure the system to work with both my GPS and the audio system on my '99RSV. It didn't have the manual..the seller is sending it... but I've down loaded the pdf manuals, and after looking at them all, it looks like the head set is the latest N-Com Bluetooth kit 3-2.1. It'll sync to my GPS. It'll sync to my Cell Phone. What I need it to do it sync to my bike audio system. I've found a 5 pin wired cable, but I want to go Bluetooth on the audio too. The system has the capability of syncing with what looks like 4 different bluetooth devices. Has anyone here ever been successful bluetoothing the RSV audio?? I know J&M makes a bluetooth dongel which I think plugs into the '99 allowing audio and CB. It's the CB that's important. Any advice would be appreciated.
  22. I'm trying to get my bike going its been sitting for a long time, I've had a long running issue with the starting system its never been dependable so I pretty much gave up on it. Well another thread on another members starter switch problems got me looking at mine and long story short I jerry rigged it up so it now will dependably crank with no problems, its still not %100 correct but it works. So now I'm trying to get it running, I had a heck of a time at first, needed to clean the carbs out some ether & its running, not good but it ran. I could tell it wasn't running on all cylinders but I thought it was just dirty fuel system so I let it run and run seafoam, carb cleaner the works. After a while I could tell it was more than the fuel system. I pulled the plugs and only 1 cylinder look right, nice & dry with just a touch of brown on the ceramic.The rest were wet and covered in black suit. I check them for spark & no surprise only the 1 cylinder had a good spark, the rest nothing. I tried WD & checking the connections and got 2 of the cylinders showed a weak spark and the 4th didn't have enough spark to jump the gap on the plug just spark at the ground a little. I'm not real familiar with this type of ignition system so I was hoping some one here might have some suggestions. Sorry this dragged out so long. Thanks Pete
  23. I bought a Canadian Custom cruisers HID kit for my 86 Venture and I was wondering if anybody has installed one of these on a 1st gen bike? Will it make the headlight warning system trigger?, If so is there a work around for this? Going to work on this over next week so any advice is appreciated Thanks, Gary
  24. Since I'm tearing down I think now will be the best time to add on things to the bike. It will make for a cleaner install. I was considering putting an alarm system on my Venture, although she will always be garaged. I was considering the the concerns during ride ins & such. What security systems do you have on your 1st gen & what features should I consider having, if any? Are they worth it? Thanks for your input
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