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  1. Found this link on another board and thought folks here may enjoy it as well.... http://www.go-faster.com/SS100.html
  2. I am in no way ready to ride again and would love to get another Venture but I don't think I could ever handle the weight of one with my shoulder the way it was reconstructed, so I found this 79 XS Eleven special. I have owned 2 one 79 and one 82 the 82 I took cross country. This one looks like showroom condition and is not far from me. What do you folks think. Tom http://spacecoast.craigslist.org/mcy/2660049568.html
  3. I finally got the trailer home Sunday and unloaded most of it and found my digital camera with pics from Vogel I hope you enjoy.
  4. found these surfing around. will these work on my mk1? seems a lot easier than changing forks. http://www.qualitypartsonline.com/r1_r6.htm.
  5. I am getting ready for the winter months and buying ahead for some upgrades and fixing stuff that was done in one manner and after looking at it found a better way to do it. Anyways I have been digging through the different sites and catalogs and came across the McMaster-Carr site and I'm in connector heaven here. I found almost every type of connector, plug, socket and sleeving one could want and at the right price... cheap. I know this is a contractors catalog and some of you guys may have been using these guys for years but for the less informed on where to buy folks this is a great site. I was looking for the stainless bradded sleeving and found it in various sizes from 1/4 up to 1 1/2 for very reasonable prices ranging from 2.10 - 7.38 per ft. As far as the connectors go it looks like the sky is the limit here. They also carry those hard to find Stainless steel screws and bolts in English and Metric thread. http://www.mcmaster.com/
  6. Whats it worth?? I found one in a garage. Been there 25 yrs. But some other people found it to.
  7. http://www.cruisercustomizing.com/detail.cfm?model_id=42&Category_ID=14&manufacturer_ID=557&product_ID=29500&sblid_name=Ohlins_Rear_Shocks__S__DR_LS____Royal_Star_____and_current__for_Yamaha_1300_Royal_Star_Venture_ Hi Guys, was looking at the Cruiser Customizing site today, and if it's accurate, it appears we have another alternative from Ohlin, including one with a remote preload adjuster. Their products are generally found on high end bikes with a real reputation for quality, so if it's true, this is great news. Ron
  8. I ran Dark Side on my VTX1300 and really liked it. Found a BFGoodrich Radial T/A 155/80R15. Mounted it. While working on that I also found a set of Road King mufflers. Just finsihed putting them on tonight.. Looks and sounds great.... Road test tomorrow....
  9. Maybe some of you have seen these before But I thought they may be of some interest if not renewd interest. http://ontariotravel.net/publications/fallcolourreport.pdf http://ontariotravel.net/TCISSegmentsWeb/gn/travelTools/fallcolour.xhtml?language=en&WT.mc_id=fallcolour I found them within this link http://www.gorideontario.com/en/motorcycle/trail_info
  10. I am in need of a speedo for my 83. I found all the posts about the howling speedos after my brand new cable broke. What other years will work? If any? Up to 85 or 86? Anybody got one? Thanks in advance for any info.
  11. Well here comes another thread about mufflers. I have been experimenting with different mufflers on my 2006 RSMTD. I bought a set of HD mufflers here on the site. Got them & installed them on the bike. I liked the sound, but it wasn't as loud as I really wanted. So I read about all the mods that have been mentioned & tried here on many threads & posts. I considered all of them & decided I didn't want to mutilate what the factory had built as the best engineering possible at the time. So I found another set of slip-ons here on the site, (Thanks, Doug!! ). They are Rush slash cuts. I got them about 2 weeks ago & have been so busy I didn't get them put on until today. WELL, let me tell you these pipes are EXACTLY the sound I was wanting. They remind me of my first pickup with a V-8 motor, (1963) I put dual glass-packs on. Great sound on acceleration & not too loud just going down the road. If you want them to be quiet just back out of the throttle, & if you want some noise just give her the gas & let it wrap. Well anyway I am REALLY happy with the new pipes & will put the HD pipes on my 2000 RSV MM. They will be just right for the RSV that my wife & I ride 2 up. She's not in to the noise. Thanks for all the info I have found here including the drawings for the adapter plate for the HD mufflers & the whereabouts of the HD muffler clamps. C Ya, Patrolman46
  12. What R1 calipers are a direct bolt on for my 86?? 98 thru 02? Found nice set on E-Bay going off at about 4 this evening. Should have found them sooner. Is there a difference between 85 and 86 on the Venture?
  13. scooter45


    I found this web site the other day they do a venture in all the colors http://www.autumnriders.com/default.asp
  14. OK guys so I'm feeling a little dumb here. I started hearing this screeching noise at random times and I thought it was my cooling fan. Sooooooooo..... After taking off the radiator and removing the fan, cleaning and lubing all that I could and reasmbled everything, who knew the problem would still exist. Shortly after this, the spedometer started jumping all over the place and I found the problem was the speedometer. Ive got it off the bike and I've lubed it up. Unfortunately, I think I may be to late. I found lots of metal shavings inside and once I hooked everything back up, my odometer works great but the spedometer does not move at all. Can anyone shed some light on how this thing operates exactly? I'm not sure how it works and am wondering if something in there got ground off or something. As far as I can see, it all still seems to be there as as I mentioned, After lubing it up, the noise is gone and the odometer rolls over fine. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!! Jay:D
  15. I found this link on another board and thought I would share it. http://suncoastwings.com/Curtis/index.htm I wonder how much money he's got in that ride? Dennis
  16. I have used them on the two VTX's I have owned and beyond the ability to remove, clean and recharge them, I didn't find any real benefit. I didn't do any testing of fuel savings due to it's insignificance. So does anyone have any real reason to use them with the exception of never having to replace them? I have found them on ebay for $65, has anyone found them cheaper? BTW I posted this in the RSTD tech form because I have an 07 RSTD, I say this because I don't know if the Venture is different.
  17. Think my clutch slave has a slow leak 02rsv I've had the bike since may and had to top the reservoir twice now. Actually found what I am pretty sure is brake fluid on the concrete under the bike this morning. I access the forum with tapatalk with my Android. Someone mentioned the shop manual being on this site, anybody have a url for it. And, does the clutch line travel under the engine, found a line with the leaking fluid on bottom side line. I want to make sure its not just a slightly loose connection. Rebuilding hydraulic cylinders wasn't on my list of thing to do this summer. Bob Marshall, il
  18. Hi Folks, First, let me say that this is definitely one of the best sites around and the folks here are always informative and if nothing else.. entertaining.. I have been on this site for about a year and a half and have found the tech sections and discussion very helpful and informative. Best $12 a year I have ever spent. The question I have for everyone is .. has anyone ever tried or is using the Baron's Longboard replacement for the stock floorboards? I have tried different style highway pegs and nothing seems to work for me but want a little more room to adjust my feet while out riding. Have seen the the longer floorboards on the Victory's and think they are a great idea. Have been looking for something similar and found the Baron's version but not sure how they would really work or how adjustable they are.. front to back.. side to side? Thought I would check here before I go and blow $300 on new floorboards and don't fit my needs either. Thanks Ah.. PS.. I am riding a 2004 RSV.. love the bike .. one of the best touring bikes I have ridden..
  19. Not MC related but I found this very interesting. http://wardsauto.com/ar/thorium_power_car_110811/ Then there is this...notice the name of the car. Very fitting. http://www.autoblog.com/2009/01/13/not-in-detroit-cadillac-world-thorium-fuel-concept/
  20. What factors influenced your decision to buy your Venture or RSTD. I wanted a HD Ultra but the pocket book said no way..... Then I found the RSTD's and it had all the equipment I wanted at the time at a fair price, how could I refuse.
  21. The wife and I were riding over to Indiana on Friday night and I noticed another bike coming up in the left lane as he passed me I looked over and I'll be darn if it wasn't another one just like mine. Found it strange to have another one pass me. he got off at exit #15 of I-74
  22. My Compaq Presario lap top has gotten real slow. I did the disc cleanup and defragged and restored to an earlier point and it is still slow. I went on to cccleaner and did a scan and it did the usual 3,000+ problems found and it said it had a free download. But when I installed it to do the scan and it found problems, it requires me to purchase to do the fix. Is the free download just for the scan? Any other suggestions? RandyA
  23. Found this old thread. How many are using this? Is it worth the money? One thingI noticed with my RSV is I wish at time, especially riding solo It would be nice to not have to toggle thru and turn the IC volume down, only to turn back up when I am 2up. Seems like this would cut down on unwanted wind noise as well. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=992
  24. My son set off, from Las Vegas, on a 4,000 road trip and lost 5th gear the second day.(I'm in west Texas) I hit the list and found Tim in Ca. and he helped us out alot. Thanks again VR and Tim. THIS IS AN AWSOME SITE!!!! My son is vegastruckee (on a second gen)
  25. Having a problem finding a bike stand that will work... Looks like Walmart changed their supplier so the one I saw being used is no longer available.... I could make my own but I am not very good in that area.... has anyone found a comparable stand for those trrailers?? Thanks, Robert C.
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