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  1. Once again I have the reoccuring problem of the starter draggin. Now it's dragging so bad that it won't turn the engine over. sometimes it will catch and crank mostly it just sounds like it doesn't have enough power to turn the engine over. As indicated this is an reoccurring problem I went through this several months ago and thought I had it fixed by replaceing the bad under warrenty Odyssee battery. It worked great for a while then started acting up again and got progressively worse until now it just won't hardly crank. I've jumped out from hot battery to power lug on starter and it is doing the same thing. I've removed the starter and have taken it apart and cleaned it up and reinstalled. No Help. The battery wires have all been upgraded and have also added a second ground from engine ground point to frame. All the ground points are in good shape. I'm at the end of my rope. Does anyone have any suggestions.
  2. Hi guys, just joined your club. I live in the UK and have a '83 Venture std. It was imported from the states nearly 20 years ago. I've only had the bike a couple of months and its been great, love the old girl. No problems with 2nd gear yet (33000 on odo) but she's a slooooowww starter. Never let me down yet though. Question is would a new starter off a later model cure problem, pinwall cycles seem to have a few. I need to be sure as it costs more for shipping and import duties than for part. Other issue is speedo glass has hole in currently taped up, and speedo itself sometimes doesn't work for 3-4 miles then suddenly springs to life. Is this an easy fix? There's one on ebay off a '93 would this fit? Any advice gratefully received. If I get these 2 glitches sorted all I need to do is give her a coat of paint and she'll be good as new.
  3. I saw on one of the bike groups a pointer to an installation guide of a headlight delay (pdf). The point is to use a relay to turn off the headlight while the starter is energized. "Doing this eliminates a 10A drain on the battery when it is needed the most." I've not noticed many issues with my RSTD, even with passing lamps on. Has anyone done this with our bikes? Is it a PITA? Dave
  4. In early July my 08 RSV developed a problem with the starter electronics. When you turn the key on, the bike will start and the starter will stay ingaged without touching the starter switch. Since it is under warrantee I took it to the shop. They have had the bike for over a month now. They have replaced the starter selenoid, a relay, and the handle bar switch. The bike still does the same thing. I told them I thought it was a short in the wiring. Their response was there are miles on wire on the bike and they do not know where to start looking. The have contacted the Yamaha service tech for adivse. But at this time they do not know when they will get the the bike fixed and back to me. The weather is perfect for riding and I have no bike to ride.
  5. greetings i am broke down here in carlsbad nm. haw can i find out if we have any members here without having to scroll through the whole list? bike just clicks when starter button is pushed. also when it is pushed speedometer guage goes from right to left. can i boost bike?
  6. I need a starter silinoid for a 83 Venture XVZ12 where should i look to get a decent price. No I can't spell but I can ride. I have not checked the dealer yet, I really don't like their prices on anything. Tricky Tom
  7. Hello Iam looking for a starter for my 1985 Venture.Ant Ideas! Thanks...Stan
  8. I have an 87 venture standard that has the typical hot start problem. (Turns over slow when hot ) I'm doing a clutch change and I'm polishing and clearcoating the engine covers, so I have the bike mildly torn down, and I figure it'd be worth taking the starter apart and cleaning it, and seeing what I can do to improve the internal ground contacts. I seem to remember that a member had a detailed post on starter removal, but cannot seem to find it. Anyone remember the post?....if so, how can I find it?
  9. Just purchased a 1990 Venture Royale trike one of those "as is" deals. Had to jump it to start as the battery was dead. I trailered it home and with a new battery attempted to start. When you turn the key on it goes through the checks, the red warning light comes on and the display says battery. The battery voltage drops from 12.5 to 3+ the lights are dim and I haven't hit the starter yet. Sounds like the switch has gone to ground, is that possible or is there something I'm missing. Thanks
  10. Suddenly, my starter button went from silky smooth to hard to push. It doesn't hang up and keep grinding the starter. My first inclination was to remove that one screw on the bottom and "start exploring" but I thought to first check in here to see if that is wise. I did spray contact cleaner all around the switch without any success. Thanks for any input.
  11. Well, this one is a little different spin on the 1st gen starter problem. I have a 1986 VR which I've upgraded the starter wiring, put in new starter brushes, new solenoid, all done in 2006. This spring I put in a new regular lead acid battery. The starter was operating nicely and wasn't giving me any problems. As part of my spring mainenance, I adjusted the valves. I've been riding it a bit to work this spring, which is about 115KM round trip. So far about 3000 KM this season. I started to notice an oil leak on the left side, dropping from somewhere under where the clutch slave cylinder is. I checked the valve covers, and there was a hint of oil leakage, but nothing significant. So I washed the whole left side off with Varsol solvent, and rinsed it off with water. I went for a short ride with all the lower body parts off. When I got back to my garage, I noticed that the leak was really coming from the cover seal right around where the starter is located. Not from the starter o ring, but the left side case to main crank case gasket. So I pulled the left side case covers off. Front cover, and middle drive cover. When pulling the main cover off, the starter gear idler came out with the case. I cleaned up all the gasket surfaces. I didn't have a gasket, and I was going to try just using grey RTV silicone gasket cement. I checked out the starter idler gears, and put them back in, in what I think is the only way that they can really go in so that the gears fully mesh. The small gear can go on two ways, but in one position, the gears will only mesh on 1/2 of the gear faces. So I assembled everything. After sitting a couple of hours, I tightened up the screws a bit extra, and poured in some oil. Now when I started it, the starter turned the engine over very slowly. Just enough that my finely tuned machine started, but definitely NOT NORMAL. I thought it might be that the idler shaft might have gotten a bit dry with the solvent, so I let it sit and cool down, hoping that maybe some oil might seep into the case cover bearing surface. Still extremely slow. So has anyone else ever had this experience? Could the missing gasket cause the case to be tight enough to tighten up on the idler gear shaft which has to flote in the journals in the main case, and cover? Is this a hint about what causes a warm engine to give starting problems when the idler gears are tight? Is it possible to actually reverse the idler gear to drop the effective gear ratio between the Starter and the crank gear? Anyone have a spare engine appart that can check this? I'll probably pull it all apart tonight and see what I find. Maybe some extra silicone when into something it shouldn't. Appreciate any suggestions.
  12. I bought this '86 VR on mothers day ( 4 weeks ago ) Of course the previous owner said it was in great shape and a great bike. I rode it home in the pouring rain (80 miles) weather men were wrong again. I found several things I wasn't happy with but I could fix them. Started with the lights and fix the bad ones then I found the rear break froze in the( will not let the tire move ) position. I thank you all for the past posts on brakes, a BIG help! Fighting with brakes and rebuilding the rear caliper was soooo much fun I dread ever doing it again but It's done now. I figured the battery was bad because of the hard starting issue, it was but also every item that GeorgeS stated in one post. I found an issue even with the starter and ended up cleaning it up and fixing the corrosion issue and now one turn of the starter and she is running. Also made new bigger cables for the starter circuit. Clean grounds and every terminal on the bike it seams. Horns didn't work, so now we have new air horns, very loud! Well finished up the brakes this morning around 7am and putting on all the stuff I took off around 8:30. Then as if on cue, I pulled the bike out of the garage and started it up, and the RAIN started, weather men wrong again. I finally got to take her the the gas station around 10 am, She rode great. Thank all of you for the Help...... Eddy G
  13. Has anyone done a cross-reference on the starter{solenoid} relay------other than going to the Yamaha dealer------I thunk that on my 92 the starter relay has seen better days!------it only clicks--------the battery is fully charged.
  14. hey guys im lookin for \a starter for my 1983 venture xvz1200 the on i hve whent out tryin to get it to start wich really pissed me off cause ive been workin on this damned old bike for 8 monthes and still havent got it goin yet any help would be greatly apreciated thanks
  15. I have recently installed a new clutch, I am having a problem when starting the bike sometimes. It seems if the bike is in gear and i pull the clutch lever to start. The bike moves forward, as the starter turns over as if the clutch is not disengsging the trans completely. I had this problem prior to the new clutch. Has anyone encountered this:think:
  16. Ok.....here I am again. In the middle of attempting to install Buckeyes upgrade stator. In pretty good shape so far. All the bolts came out fine from the cases and the only bolts that gave me grief were the retaining clip bolts on the wiring harness for the stator and the pick up coil on the inside of the case. Got that done. God Bless Dremel! The old stator tested fine and all the leads test equal volts but the top of the stator is black and melted. Good time for the change. While I'm in there I want to take a look at the starter engage clutch and install the stator cooling kit. I was surprised it didn't have one but I had one on the self. So with that said here is where I'm at. THE BOLT! The 19mm rotor bolt is one tough cookie. Been at it for a 1/2 hour working on it with a 1/2 drive impact wrench. Added a little heat, not much, with a propane torch and still no movement. I'm open for suggestion here. How hot can I go or should I? I really want to get to the starter clutch and get the cooling kit installed but I got to get past this danged bolt. Thanks Mike
  17. Saw this on a dune buggy that was powered by a bike engine. Minor machining to adapt flywheel to back side of pinion yoke. Make starter support good and solid. Looks like it would work on anything with a driveshaft providing you have a mounting point for starter.
  18. This thread over on the other board says to remove the RH header pipe in order to get the starter out. Is this correct? Because this one says nothing about it.
  19. I've been sufferring from starter drag for a while. It would sound like there wasn't enough juice to turn the starter over and all of a sudden it would catch and fire up. Didn't seem to matter if the bike was hot or cold. I did the battery cable upgrade and it didn't seem to make any difference. But lately it seems to be getting worse then ever and now one or two starts will completely drain the battery down. I pulled the starter out and tested it and it spins fine under power but when I put the starter back in place, same problem. Any suggestions?
  20. Has anyone ever tested their starter button ONCE you get to it? Can't find anything online about how to do it. Thankx Gary C
  21. I need y'all's collective experience to hopefully save me some troubleshooting time. I know I have warranty left but I would rather KNOW what's wrong before I take it to a dealer, IF I take it in at all. I backed the RSV out of the garage this morning to ride to work. Turned on the key and heard the fuel pump click a couple of times. Push the starter button, heard a click then no lights, no nothing. Since I put the pigtail for the BatteryMinder on a couple of weeks ago I figure that a terminal is loose. Took the seat off and checked but it's all tight. Turned the key off then back on and dash lights and everything else has power again. Push the starter button and nothing but a loud click that sounds like it's from under the right side cover. I did double check the battery and it's fully charged; in fact I keep it on the BatteryMinder now. Is there a main circuit breaker behind the right side cover? Does this sound like something anyone here has experienced? If it is a circuit breaker then something is triggering it. Any thoughts before I start checking it out would be helpful.
  22. Good morning all. I found an issue. When I let my 08' RSV set for a about a week than start it up and put in gear it want to take off and than dies. With clutch pulled I hit the starter and it will go about 6 inches and than engage. Any ideas. Thanks. Richard:confused24:
  23. Good morning all. I just found a cluch issue. When I let my bike set for about a week. I start it up and put in gear it wants to go and it will die. If I hit the starter with the clutch in it will go about three inches and than free up. Any ideas. Thank you. Richard:confused:
  24. Yesterday my starter made a loud clunk "bang" noise when i push the start button but not all the time any suggestions what ma be the cause. Is this something I can fix or is a new starter in my future. 83std. Also the spring for the oil filter dose it go on the housing side or the frame side I dropped it when I took it off and not sure where to put it the parts pic looks like it goes to the housing side. Thanks, Dale
  25. On the 86'VR it appears that the starter solenoid has gone "belly up" on me. If I take a screw driver and jump across the two terminals on the solenoid the bike will start, Does anyone have one laying around for a 86 to 93 VR. Also, where in the heck does that small wire go to from the solenoid?!?! It just seems to disappear into the bowells of the frame. I would be grateful for any help I could get on this issue, As you all know, I can turn a wrench pretty good but Electric matters are Greek to me! Thanks Folks, Earl
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