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  1. I have a wonderful set of cobra pipes on my new (to me) 09 RSTD, however, the community around me has many small children that would be appreciative if I was a little quieter around the neighborhood I stumbled on to this system online and was wondering if anyone had any experience with it or had seen/heard it in person. If there are any others like it people know of or that have a good balance between being heard on the road in traffic and quiet enough at low rev not to rattle the windows like a freight train going by I would appreciate it. http://www.nationalcycle.com/n41310.html JB
  2. I have a 1983 venture. Are the tips on the exhaust removable for a little more Sound? Or are they one piece? I just don't really like the exhaust tips. It almost looks like they are fairly easy to remove. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I am going to fab my own brackets to put Harley cans on my 2011 Venture. Would someone be willing to sketch the dimensions with bolt holes for me? Sincere appreciation would be included. Christopher Kalamazoo, Michigan. 2011 Royal Star Venture S 2003 Honda Shadow ACE 2002 Road Star Silverado
  4. Ok. I bought a 1999 Venture a few weeks ago. I know the last guy that had it let it sit for about 3 years. He also apparently tried to do some exhaust mods to the stock exhaust and totally butchered it. The bike runs pretty good so I thought I would take it into the local shop and have the carbs cleaned and synced. They did but it still backfired a lot. They said it was the bastardized exhaust causing the issue. So I bought some LA Custom slip-ons. I just put them on and it did not fix anything. Sounds louder and good but still backfiring. This all happens with little to no load on the engine. I also note that if I am in 3rd or 4th gear and cruising along and decide to speed up a little, it tends to bog. I told the local shop this and they said I need to rejet. I'm very new to Yamaha and know very little about their engine setup. It is just plain embarrassing to ride like this. I've hear different things about some circuit that is supposed to open something up during decel, low load, etc. to let more air in or something. What do you guys think? I know somebody has the answer and I'm not quite sure that the garage has the answer. I already spent money on a new exhaust that they said would fix it. I'm running out of money. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have not replaced the plugs yet. Thank you.
  5. I Want to put a nice LOUD set of slip-on Pipes to my 1997 RSTD and have NO IDEA where to begin. Seems that all the nice pipes are for Harley models and you need to make a special bracket to put them on a Royal Star Tour Deluxe. SO, does it matter what brand or type of pipe I choose if it is a Harley model? Does anyone have any good suggestions for brackets or alternative modes to attache Harley pipes? Are Crusher pipes good pipes? Thank you for any help you can provide!
  6. just purchased a set of 4-2-4 nasty boys, after cleaning and polishing they came out pretty good they have baffles and fiberglass packing and since they are out, they could use repacking. anyone have experience with different packing material? is synchronizing the carbs totally necessary (don't own a synchronizer) ? do not want to spent a lot of money on packing material, and will probably install them as they are Monday and hear how they sound will appreciated all the input good and bad you have about these
  7. As the title says, how do you jack up your Gen 1 Ventures? I was thinking about getting a jack but without lifting adapters I would not be able to jack up the bike without jacking on the exhaust pipes. I've read extensively about the Gen 2 adapters but I haven't seen anything on Gen 1 adapters. Or do we just have to lie down on the floor to work on it? Or use a table lift? I was thinking of getting the Harbor Freight High Lift jack like the one Cowpuc used in his May 6, 2014 post photos. But Puc jacked Tweeks up under the exhaust pipes without using an adapter. I don't want to do that.
  8. Is there any way to modify the stock muffles on an '05 RSV to get a little more rumble? Can you take out the baffle or mod it? Sorry if this has been asked before....
  9. Alright fellas (and/or ladies)... I have a 2006 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe, and I want to buy new pipes for it. I need advice. I want a low, rumbly sound without shaking windows down the street. I'm not very mechanically inclined (but my boy is) and apparently not very internet inclined either, as I just cannot find much of anything on the net! I've heard a lot about Bub 424, but can't find the website? And if you suggest Road Kings or something of that nature, will they fit my bike? So many questions... but I want to buy the right thing...and NOT break the bank! I have Vance and Hines Straight pipes on my Shadow and they sound awesome....and didn't break the bank either... so, something that sounds like that, only to fit the RSTD? Thank you in advance for all your suggestions and advice...
  10. Hey Folks, I'm on a 6000 mile hike through the US... Currently in Phoenix (week of May 19th), Next week Houston (Week of 26th) with 5 days over the weekend to enjoy (I hope). Im 2600 miles into this trip with i have a 2009 Royal Star Venture that I bought with LAC pipes... the noise is killing me.... I'm looking for New OEM (take-off), Used OEM to swap out before i keep going. Will consider trade, cash, beer or whatever else won't get me arrested. Thanks G
  11. I have a '99 Royal Star 4 into 4 exhaust, I have found a hitch but as another option was wondering if I could get a hitch and 2 fender rails from a Venture or RSTD and use those. Are the rails strong enough to use alone without the exhaust support brackets and will the mounting holes on the fender be the same (9 1/4 in.)? This site is a wealth of info, thanks Michael.
  12. It has been said here that there is no way to drain the 2nd gen water pump with any normal tools without removing or at least loosening the exhaust. I found out otherwise. I REALLY hate disturbing a new, leak-free exhaust system. Even more than I hate vise-grips and cheapo Chinese sockets. With these common items I was able to remove the waterpump drain plug easily. Happy wrenching.
  13. Greetings all, I came into a beautiful 98 Royal Star. It looks like it started life out as a standard because it has quad exhausts. Not only that but it appears to be BUB 4x4 exhausts. The bike came with the deluxe backrest, seats and soft bags. If anyone out there has them I was wondering what the pipe measurements are [OD/ID] I think it would look really awesome with FOUR tailgunner mufflers. Attached are a couple of pics. I have already sent some inquires out to BUB. Excuse the poor quality.
  14. I just saw this on the new. http://rapidcityjournal.com/news/california-manufacturer-plans-move-to-sturgis/article_7b9f621f-a3e1-5b88-998b-adc3821fa7c7.html I wonder if there will be any discounts during the Rally. Dave
  15. Expert ideas? Ive got this new sound in the last few days that seems to be coming from low in the bottom left front of the crankcase. When the engine is idling there is no clatter noise and it only seems to appear when I am under light to medium acceleration (I dont know if it makes it under WOT as the mufflers are making too much noise), as soon as I back off the throttle or pull in the clutch the noise goes away. The noise is not loud in 1st gear and seems to increase in 2nd and 3rd gearand continues in 4th and 5th. I am afraid it sounds to me like ive got a spun bearing somewhere in the transmission, but I need some experts (........and you guys too:stickpoke:) to weigh in on this and tell me what your thoughts are. Ill enclose i vid that was taken on the weekend an you can hear what I am talking about. it has a bit of an exhaust leak, but I am sure thats not the issue. I have also had the bottom of the collector opened up and the loose pieces taken out so it shouldnt be anything inside the exhaust. Thanks in advance for the help everyone!
  16. Is this worth it? I cannot find enough on the value expect KBB and they say 5k.. 2002 Midnight Venture For sale. Fully Loaded with 33,000 miles. asking $7,500 Kuryakyn Grips, am/fm stereo, CB Radio, Electronic cruise control, Drivers back rest, Show Chrome Windshield, Hooker Tuneable Exhaust System, Garage Kept, Custom pinstripping, Passing lamps, Luggage Rack, Chrome Forks, Service work done at Yamaha Dealership. (Original exhaust and windshield will go with bike. One headset also included.)
  17. I have heard of people gutting or straight piping their factory exhaust. How would you go about this? I.E. pulling the exhaust apart, gutting etc. and would you have to re-jet the carbs or no?
  18. I would like to know what year or part number Road King factory exhaust will fit 05 RSTD
  19. So I have gone thru and cleaned out all the carbs on my 83. Disabled the YICS system. Still not running right. If i turn the choke on going down the road it runs okay, if i shut it off it runs like crap. two of the cylinders are getting hot the other two are not. if i spray water on the exhaust on the two it burns right off the other two thee water just sits there. the plug cap and wires are brand new as well as brand new ngk plugs. where is my problem. is it just a matter of tune and sync or what?
  20. I've always considered myself a pretty good mechanic. I'm a commercial / industrial HVAC tech, and I'm one of the better one's you'll come across. This isn't just my ego talking, it's confirmed by the respect I get in the National company I work for, as well as my piers in my Union Hall, as well as those in my local area who know me. I think I can figure out anything, fabricate anything, and repair anything. Every once in a while I need to be put in my place. This old Venture is trying real hard to do just that. (87 Standard) I've been following this site for about 4 years now, and am doing many of the things that I've read that others do to their bikes, and am finding out just how difficult many of these repairs are. Kudos to all of you, and thanks for all the great advice / info I've gotten over the years, and you have my utmost respect for making them sound so easy. I don't get a chance to ride nearly as much as I'd like to, since with my trade, I'm usually working long hours / 6 days during much of the prime riding season, and this year has certainly been no exception. I'll be going on a road trip with friends at the end of August, typically putting 1,000 miles + over the 3 day trip. I know that doesn't sound like much to most of you, but for me it's a bit of an event. In any case, I'm having an issue that caused me to break the bike down somewhat and I figured it'd be a good time to play catch up on some of the things I should have done in the past. What I've done over the past two weeks, in the evenings after work, when I've been able to get home before 9:00, is to replace the carb diaphragms, all of which had small holes. That was the only easy task. I also replaced the spark plug wires, which wasn't too bad, but the right front one was a PITA. I also changed the final drive fluid, but didn't grease the ?spline?....how important is this? The issue that started all this was the exhaust issue where I was getting quite a bit of exhaust flow and noise, some backfiring out of the drain hole on the left side muffler. I thought I had a miss, but after changing the diaphragms and wires, I pulled the exhaust all apart and examined what I could see of the inside of the mufflers and the collector. I saw nothing out of the ordinary. I didn't actually pull the collector off, but pulled the front pipes off and the mufflers off and saw no cracks, nothing loose, no evidence of exterior leaks. I put the front pipes back on and started it with the mufflers off and it seemed to run well. No backfires from either side, and it ran relatively smoothly. Put the mufflers back on and the sound's still there. I'm convinced that the left side muffler has something blown out inside of it. I don't know how the inside of the muffler is configured, and don't understand how it could develop such a problem all of a sudden, but I can think of no other explanation. So that brings my first question.....are there aftermarket mufflers available that will fit this bike, or does anyone know where I can find a good used replacement. Second question is with the clutch slave cylinder. It's been leaking for a couple of years now, causing me to refill the reservoir once or twice a season. I want to rebuild it, but it seems to be tucked in behind the ? output ? casing, making access difficult. If I pull the two bolts that hold it, how difficult will it be to remove and rebuild? If I can get the muffler situation resolved, and the slave cylinder rebuilt, all I should have left to do is to change out the brake fluid (never been done and looks nasty in the window) ...and I'll feel comfortable that I've done my due diligence to keep this old beauty maintained. Any advice with these issues from those of you "in the know" will be much appreciated. I know this was long winded, thanks for staying with me to the end.
  21. Got started on servicing the swingarm today and when I removed the Y pipe one end just slipped off without loosening the clamp. Looked in service Manual for a part number but didn't find any listed or shown pg 3-32 . Discovered this after removing the exhaust bolts at the head on one side and then realized that it wasn't necessary. Also found a pin hole which I should be able to weld up. Been having a little bit of popping now and then so now is the time to get the exhaust tightened up.
  22. Hi. I'm trying to completely remove the exhaust. The mufflers, front down pipes and lower chamber/collector box are off but how do I get the rear downpipes off the bike? I've managed to get the cover plate out but the down pipe is proving awkward. There is obviously a knack but I haven't got it. Has anyone else any experience of removing this part? Thanks in advance, Fi
  23. does any one know where to get the. exhaust box on the bottom of the 83 model. was going to farmerize but pipe broke in half. right before my eyes. that was where that smoke in the sky came from.lol cant afford fancy stuff just want to ride this parts bike.
  24. Wife and I took the motorhome with my 87 on a trailer out to the East Coast for a bit of riding in the Ocean City area. When loading / unloading the ol' gal on the trailer, (the bike, not the wife), I noticed something on the underside of the bike nipped a weld at the back of the trailer. Apparantley there's a really close tolerance where the ramp ends and the trailer deck begins. I could see no damage on the bike,...nothing obvious broken or pulled apart, but I can see where the weld on the trailer was scraped. I learned that for easiest unloading I'll use the motorhome leveling jacks to lift the front of the motorhome, giving less of an angle on the loading ramp on the trailer. In any case, the bike seems to run ok, although the diaphrams need replaced (just ordered a new set) The thing is that she started making some sounds that I first thought were major problems, ....sounded like maybe a valve rapping, with an occasional backfire on low rpm / heavy throttle situations. Got the bike back to the motorhome, and let her cool down and gave her the once over, finding the source of all the noise was from the 1/4" hole in the bottom of the inlet of the left muffler. I kept riding, with the noise, and had no further problems, but am wondering what could be causing the increased exhaust flow through this hole. (compared to the other side) Right side barely has any exhaust leakage through it, and no noticeable noise......left side has noticeable exhaust flow and noise through this small hole. Any ideas what I should be looking for before I tear into it? Thanks y'all.
  25. On vacation with the G/F in Colorado and I've been getting some great riding in on my 'new' '03 RSV. We did an overnight from Conifer out west to Glenwood Springs. Awesome ride, but the last 20 miles or so through the canyons is breathtaking. Anywhere west of Denver is just ripe with great rides out here, you just about can't go wrong. I'm planning on riding Independence Pass next month, weather permitting. Short update on the RSV...I've only had her a few months and usually just ride her 4 days a month when I'm out here in CO. I got to know her better this week and liking it more every time out. I switched to Synthetic in the motor and the rear end last month and there was an improvement in the whine. It's still there, but between reducing it some, getting used to it some, and learning to manage it, it's not the annoyance that it was at first. I also did the exhaust mod where you dremel the pipe and push it over to make the exhaust flow through...happy with it. A couple other quick observations on the RSV...I feel it's the best bike in high winds that I've ever had. Short of a typhoon, wind is a non-issue as far as I'm concerned. I also felt it did really well in the rain. I got caught with a shorty helmet on and was able to maintain some decent visibility. Ride on!
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