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  1. I sprayed everything down but the forks. I will do that first thing and then I'll move on from there. Thank you guys very much!
  2. Hello all Traded my 83 for a 90 Royale. I love it so far. Ijust installed a new back tire and while I was there new brake pads. I noticed the front air suspension was not holding air. Pump it up and within a minute or 2 it would be down to zero . The rear holds fine. Well I basically stripped it down so I could start removing the front air lines so I can replace them. My question is where can I get replacements? Or who can make this style if I can't get an oem or similar? I honestly just wanna put a short line and Schrader valve and manually pump it up as desired . The class system needs some work and I'm happy with out it Thanks!
  3. I'm actually coming through arcade tomorrow! Perfect. I am working in Buffalo the next couple days. I will give you a call tomorrow! Perfect! Thanks Jim!!!!!
  4. Checked grounds. All okay. Need to try another regulator to verify. I already contacted the company to swap my regulator for another one
  5. Alright, I will look around and see if I can find and clean some. But I will check resistance first. I hope that is all it is. Thanks for all the help.
  6. Thanks for the information. I'm going to call the company I bought it from and try to exchange it for another one. I bought the one on ebay as a test one or spare. They are Fairly cheap.. Is there a certain ground the regulator uses? How many grounds does this bike have? I'm not sure where to look and check. Thanks for all your help. I do appreciate it
  7. If you have a test one I could use I would really appreciate it! I know not to run it. It's a new battery I don't want to ruin it for sure. Maybe it's a defective r/r. I hope so. I just want this thing to charge normal!
  8. I know there is a million threads on this. I am looking for some clarification. My 83 was not charging anymore than 12.9 at 4000. Put a regulator on it and found the one I took off was some random one cobbled on there. Fired up bike. Charging as it should. Road test I was around 14 volts. Put 50 or so miles on and it stopped charging. Checked stator output. Almost no vac and only 20 vacation on one leg at 4000 rpm. All 3 legs were shorted to ground. Replaced stator with a Rick's oem stator. Started bike 14.2 at idle 16 + volts at 2500 rpm. The voltage keeps increasing expentialy as rpm increases . Could the regulator be bad now? It may only have 100 miles of use on it max. Thanks for your time
  9. Absolutely. I think I will just take you up on your offer. Look forward to it. Till then happy riding
  10. I've done some business with pioneer. I go by there fairly often. I am glad you said something. I would love to go to a rally. I look forward to it. Thanks for all the help! I love the site
  11. I have a 1983 venture. Are the tips on the exhaust removable for a little more Sound? Or are they one piece? I just don't really like the exhaust tips. It almost looks like they are fairly easy to remove. Thanks
  12. 1983 venture. It has 4 suspension settings and also a Schrader valve. What pressures can you run and is there a good pressure to start out at? I'm new to the ventures. I also read where people adjusted front pressure. Not having a Royale and having a standard one, am I able to adjust the front?
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