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  1. Hello, I owned and rode a 1947HD EL 61cu" for many years it had the foot clutch and tank shift .when you depressed the front pedal it engaged the clutch and with the rear pedal it disengaged the clutch it was a system that I never had any problems with , but if the bolt in the center of the two pedals was not in the tighter mode it could vibrate and the bike would jump forward if you had you foot off the clutch,these bikes had manual spark advance and a carb that was like "a stovepipe with a wet sponge in it " it had the knuckle head top end , no rear suspension , but a spring seat with a buddy spring if you had a passenger it had a springer frontend but after a few years I put on a hydraulic front end of one of the other HD's that I had I've been riding since 1956 at the start the bikes where mostly British my first one was a 53 Triumph Thunderbird 650 at the age of 16, I still ride and now ride a 2000RSV but many types have come and gone over the years, I was able to shift as fast or faster than many of the guys who had hand clutches and foot shifts and that used to piss them off. Hope this info will help you . ".Mobile " PS: the clutch was kind of spring loaded and as you pressed heal or toe you could lean to control your shifts such as riding the clutch at times . . Mobile
  2. Congratulations,to a very good looking couple from your Canadian friends Bryan & Bridget ..."mobile"
  3. Tom, just talked to Bruce problem solved so he will take his 2300cc and have peace of mind unless he has more problems on the road ,but then maybe he should take one of his Ventures !..I have not experinced any fairing or windsheild problems with my 2000 red one,how is your rear shock? and what are you running for tires? Bryan
  4. Hi Tom, hope you are able to resolve your problems, hope you and Terry have a good safe trip,Bruce was in for a short cut, he is on his way to Idaho (on the other bike! 3cyl)Take care.. Bryan
  5. We have a member who has a 1986 Venture that he bought in 1988 and he has over > 800,000km
  6. I often read ,but I don't get involved with this type of bickering everyone seems to have their opinions,I believe in freedom of choice, re: Canada and the statement that we have no choice"mandatory helmets". Manitoba was the last place in Canada to bring in the law "1984" But we have a "medical exemption" for a bonafied reason. WE have to see a Doctor and we are given a card to show the police if we are stopped. The nice thing is some of us are able to continue riding, where if we where compelled to wear a crash helmet some of us would not be able to enjoy our days of fresh air and freedom. "Let those who ride decide" Freedom is worth fighting for... " Mobile " ps: the reason for the exemption has to made by a medical Doctor who has checked you over, and then issued by the Motor Vehicle Dept.
  7. will post down the road.
  8. As to the above note re: speed wobble, in my years of riding since I was 16 in 1956 lots of bikes and types and I would suggest that all of them have 2 ends to the handle bars, think that means keep your 2 hands on the bars or at least one,that may solve the wobble problem that some have when they ride with no hands ! just an observation..
  9. On two occassions I have had the speed wobble, the first time was on a older Harley where we had replaced the original springer front end with hydraulic forks off another HD, it became a problem when crossing train tracks on the highway,the front end started to dance all over the road,slowed down and realized that the one fork tube had the proper amount of fork oil, but the other had a lot less, the fix was to drain and put the right amount in each fork tube, the second time I had bought a bike from an auction, it looked good and ran good, on the road I had gone out to pass a car an as I pulled back into my lane wow! it happened the bars where tank slapping so I held on and slowed down got back control and then drove home, put the front of the bike on a box and it was so loose that the front end would flop from side to side, so we tightened up the steering head bearings and no more problems. I would strongly advise any one who buys a used bike to check out the front end "as we did after the fact" it is a good way to prevent the dreaded speed wobble, if you check into the answer as to what to do when it happens lots of answers but not good ones, some tire manufactures suggest to get your body down low as to lower the center of gravity,Not much time to think, so hang on and pray !
  10. I've met many vets over the years,guys who came back and bought a bike and hit the road looking for freedom and a good time,and some would stay around for a while and others it back on the road again "the days of free love" outdoor concerts, when I would meet these guys I would go out of my way to show them places to crash or camp,places to eat, and meet other motorcycle riders and the odd lady One thing that we had in common was: (Freedom was worth fighting for). So to all who served and feel the same way that I do, > Thank You
  11. Tom, nice to see you got a RED one,Tracy does too and then there is me and you ! That makes 3 in the " Peg " ? I'm sure you will really enjoy it, I've had mine since new and I'm very happy with it, I do like the color ! ! enjoy " Mobile "
  12. Up here in ( Winterpeg ) it gets quite cold this time of year and from now till the snow comes and the streets get icy I continue to ride I have a Gerbings jacket and for the very cold days I have a Gerbings jacket liner which I wear under my motorcycle jacket I've had these since1997, and for warm hands I use a gauntlet style mitt, I found out many years back that mitts are a much better way to keep my hands warm,the mitt has a single finger "trigger finger"and the other 3 fingers are all warm together, and the thumb and the single finger allow use of the controls, I bought these at a local chain " Marks" I'm sure if you have never tried mitts you will be happy when you do !.....mobile
  13. Hi, just ask Bruce how many miles or Km that he has on his 86 Venture that he bought new in 1988, and it is one of 3 bikes that he rides ! ! He rides & rides and he still has time to be the best mechanic that I've known by far...Mobile...
  14. My friend Boomer, keep a cool tool, and remember that you are the real thing and nobody can duplicate that, you have a good woman, lots of great friends online and you have your bike, so I think if someone is trying to be you it's because they wish that they where ! As we all know there is only one "Boomer" Your Canadian friend (mobile)
  15. Hi,up here in Winnipeg MB. I've been able to extend my riding season and be much more comfortable with my Grebings electric jacket and jacket liner, when its not to cold I use the jacket its light weight, but as it gets colder I use the jacket liner under my leather jacket or under a riding jacket I bought these for my wife and myself in 1995 and they work very well, they consume 77watts, but with the heat troller the heat can pulsate rather than being at a consistant temp.Our weather from now till the winter sets in can be very cold but if you have the right clothing the riding can be quite invigorating ! > mobile
  16. My wife and I had a real different experince on a recent trip down I 94 each and every rest stop sign eg: next reststop 45miles and when we got up to the reststop there was a big sign saying it was closed, as we got further down the road the next one was 85 miles, but when we got to it the same sign saying reststop closed,this was on the July 4th weekend and our Canadian July 1st long weekend ! I do feel that there should have been signs stating that all of the reststops along the interstate were closed. Most travelers would not be aware of this and as many may have to use the toilet it would present a great problem.we went from I 29 at Fargo ND to Maple Grove MN, and each and every one was closed, we caught a newscast and they where saying it was because of the govt cutbacks, and no roadworks,and other cutbacks! As a male I don't have the same problem that a senior or a lady or a family with kids would have. So now you know be prepared ! ! I have a question is this happening in any other states ? ? from: ( MOBILE ) Winnipeg MB. Canada
  17. To all of the guys & gals who make up this great site,and many are vets.,or have family and friends who are,I say to you that I admire what I see in your dedication to try to make the world a better place,I feel that as a Canadian,I could not ask for a better neighbour or friend. As we have just seen the good shall triumph over evil. Thanking You.. " mobile "
  18. Hi, I've had Gout many time over the last 15 yrs, lots of pain and discomfort, the doc says to use Aleve to releve the inflamation, that is what I do and it seem to work, he gave me a much stronger pill but I didn't like the way it made me feel so I use the Aleve and it works for me, at time my foot was so swollen I couldn't put my boot on and that meant a few days with no riding, or using my heel to push on the brake pedal and of course I have a front brake, this was in my right foot, ankle,big toe.. oh so very sore! ! Take care...mobile PS: check with your doc re: the Aleve or treatment
  19. I often find myself on a dark road with many deer. so I put my radio on at a high volume, I figure that that should send them back in the bush,one of the guys that I ride with said put it on the French station, thats a sure way to piss them off ! !
  20. I happy to see you are back and getting into high gear.. 'mobile'
  21. To my friend Boomer,I must say there is a void without you look foreward to seeing your happy face,soon and now I got you thinking ? " Keep a cool tool," and Boomer didn't say that ! Mobile
  22. In Manitoba we have no choice but to buy our insurance from our government the rates are: my 2000 RSV registration" license plate " =$89.00 per year the insurance premium = $2118.00 -a discount of $ 496.00 this is for being a good driver no tickets, no accident claims etc.but when you get tickets or claims your rate will go up, in some cases way up ! My drivers license cost is $20.00 per year.I have full coverage, increased libilaty,lower deductable,I also would receive a good rental vehicle if mine was tied up being repaired, the policy provides many duplications of our health care, which doesn't make much sense.Our write off vehicles go up for public auction every week, some just for parts and some for rebuild, the govt. has their own claim centers, estimators & adjusters, and tow trucks, as you can see the whole thing is a govt. control issue.When I pay my premium it will be $1711.00 including plate & driver license. The policy:May till Sept is $334.59 per month and Oct. till April $7.90 per month and you can't make monthly payments ! so I pay mine in full and I have full coverage for a full year including fire ,theft, and vandalisim. I am 69 yrs. and I've been riding since 1956, its a lot of money but it could be worse,and it could be a lot better ! ! ( Mobile ) ps: the govt charges the higher rate during the time that they consider the peak riding months, but we are insured all year..
  23. RE: the excessive backfiring can it be caused by a bad "Air cut valve" or a bad "Reed valve" and has anyone had to replace them? and if so are there any after market ones available, and if so where from? and could this be the reason for my excessive backfiring when down shifting, as my carbs are synced properly. I shall look for your response. Thanking You..Mobile
  24. Hi, I am having excessive backfiring when I downshift, checked carb sync, ok checked hoses to erg and looked for leaks on exhaust and intake manifolds, bike runs great, idels good starts good, I've had bike since new, 105895km on the bike regular service, there where plugs on the egr but we removed them, and it still backfires, so I would like some response to my problem and Im sure someone can give me the answer, thanks for the help to come, I will look foreward to your replys, this has come on over the past few weeks, Thank You .." Mobile " ps: the plug removed from the front hose had a black layer of carbon on the top of it, and I wonder if that would indicate the erg is defective ?
  25. Don, thanks for the opinion on K & N filters,sure hope the weather breaks,we are north of Fargo & Grand Forks ND. Winnipeg has a floodway which diverts the flood waters around our city, it works very well,but I feel sorry for my friends in ND. I hope you are dealing with life one day at a time and I'm sure it will all turn out good. Your Friend...Mobile
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