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  1. I've been running AVG 9.0 free for about a month now but my Quickbooks started acting up. so in my infinite "wisdom" I figure I'd download PCSecurity shield2010, a program which I had paid for but due to repeated hard drive problems had not been re-installed (yet). So after installing this I ran a system scan; after 14-1/2 hours it still wasn't finished! Can't un install AVG; can't uninstall security shield; firefox won't open; outlook was acting up and after rebooting the ultimate insult, I can't get past the boot screen. i.e I cannot open it in safe mode. I do not want to re-format this
  2. Let me stress how easy "greasin the splines" are. This is a job I was really putting off, sounded like a lot of work and just more than I wanted to get into. RandyA had been after me to "get it done" so last night was the time. Off work about five and a call to Randy, yes we had everything we needed and he would be on his way. About six I was in the shop taking off the saddle bags and getting tools out. Off with the rear caliper and muffler, out with the cotter pin and off with the castle nut on the rear axle, even had to fight the rear light bar but not bad. With the help of
  3. Does anyone know where I can get one? or what other method lets you know when enough is enough oil in the final drive?
  4. 10925.1 i"ll try to make this short as i can.i bought an 06 black cherry venture with 59760 miles on it and thought i checked it fairly well,no compression check,pull plugs etc but did test drive and seem to run well other than front brakes wernt to good and the clutch was not right and it would idle fast sometimes and seemed to be a little to cold nature.(hell i guess i didnt check it out to well after all!). after talking to the service department i did get them to replace the clutch,fix the front brakes and clean out the fuel tank,clean out the carbs and replace the fuel filterand syn the c
  5. Well a few months ago I traded my final drive to get a Drive with the Vmax gears. Long story short I am not happy with it and am sorry I changed. Its too far the other way so I decided to go back to the original. I purchased a rear from Pinwall that was on a 1999 that has 70K on it. My bike has 17K. Before I put it in should I reseal and rebuild it or at that much mileage are they still tight? I plan to powdercoat it in the winter as part of the firebike theme anyway. Maybe Ill just do it now. What are your thoughts? Just put it in or do the rear first? Scotty
  6. I had a noise in the rear end and through the tech library I figured out what it was. I had recently changed the rear tire and didn't loosen the bolts on the drive and put the axle in. After doing this and puting it back together I no longer have the noise.
  7. With help from many members here and the great documentation on the site, I put on a new set of Dunlop E3's and regreased all the necessary spots although I did not take apart the drive shaft. The hub pins were badly rusted but I didnt see any other issues. So I take it out for a ride this morning to break in the tires and I have a new problem. A new noise coming from the rear end. Its a pulsating sound that changes with speed. If I pull the clutch at any speed the noise get far louder. I dont see any marks on the tires so I assume somethign is wrong with the drive train back there.
  8. Here's my pics Freebirds MD http://s105.photobucket.com/albums/m232/kebranton/FreebirdMD2010/ Washington DC http://s105.photobucket.com/albums/m232/kebranton/WashingtonDC2010/ Skyline Drive & Blueridge PKY http://s105.photobucket.com/albums/m232/kebranton/Blueridge%202010/
  9. Got back home last night from the Black Hills....had a great time...just thought I'd share a pix of a place where we hadn't been before. It's a town (population....probably 3) called Rochford. You drive 17 miles in on blacktop, eat at the bar and drive 17 miles back out. The place was packed!
  10. Don finally let me drive the bike, on the way home, pulling the trailer. Woo Hoo!! I actually got it out of 3rd gear. Actually, I got it in 4th AND 5th gear and got it up to 66 mph. Wow! It felt great (after a few minutes of stomach churning and nerves going over the edge). Then there was Don riding behind me and telling me how uncomfortable the passenger seat was. I also didn't realize how much heat comes off the engine on my legs. Will definitely wear long pants and shoes next time I drive. I drove it the last 30 miles to our house and it was quite an experience. I can't wait to dr
  11. Hello all, A big thanks to everybody who threw in their opinions/knowledge for me... I am now the proud owner of my first touring machine, have had many bikes over the years but nothing like this... it just begs to go get ice cream in freakin Florida! LOL '86 Royale 1300, it's got a few issues but I am ready to address them directly starting with a full mechanical work over (fluids etc.) Many extra thanks to the poster that said "wave $1500 under his nose" (he was asking $2200)... I had to sit on that number for a day or two but he finally caved mostly cause no one in this city wants
  12. B2MOM got her motorcycle endorsement and passed her road test today so she is ready to go. I can hear it now....ALL THE WAY TO OBERLIN...Can I drive? Can I drive? Is it time for me to drive? Pull over, I want to drive now. It's my turn to drive...can I? Can I??? It's gonna be a longgggg trip! We are meeting ScaryLarry, Wanderer and Double D in Beaver Dam, KY at 10:30 am in the morning. Anyone else coming? Everyone have a safe trip! Don
  13. Hello all, I have decided after some looking around... ok A LOT of looking around that I like this venture bike quite a bit. I am a technician by trade and understand most issues when encountered but I also know that every machine has it's own little quirks that can only be understood by owning and riding. I need to know what (if any) major issues to look for on the 1986 Royale 1300cc (2nd generation?)... at least that is how it's advertised... and am about to drive a long way to check it out! I'm ready to buy, and to own my first full blown touring bike... a bit excited, yet weary
  14. I'm looking for an older Royal Star to buy, say 96-99, and I found a 96 on the internet but it's a fair drive away. I phoned the dealer who's selling it and they say there's 7000 miles on the bike. I have a hard time believing there's that few miles on a 14 year old bruiser cruiser. Does the odometer on the early royal stars roll over at a hundred thousand miles or a million miles?? (00,000 or 000,000) Dealers have been known to tell "half truths" in their favour and if there is only 7000 miles, I'd like to drive the three hours and grab it while it's there. Thanks, D.W.
  15. I am in need of a driveshaft and rear differential for my 85, anybody able to help out?
  16. Eileen and I just checked into our hotel in the Boston area. I have my one year checkup tomorrow to see how the cancer is doing. I'm not too worried about it, I am confident that things are going well. It was a long drive and we are tired but it was an OK trip. Weather is nice and it was a fairly relaxing drive. This was our first long trip in the 2011 Kia Sorento. Driving about 70 MPH most of the time and occasionally running close to 80 before catching myself and slowing down, it got about 27 MPG. I think that pretty decent for a AWD mid sized SUV. I'm very pleased with that. Th
  17. I've got to say.....some weeks are meant to be forgotten. This was one of them. Like they say.....When it rains..... it pours. Lets see...where to begin? I guess the trivial stuff should be first. Rain.....lots of rain. I got rid of my Wally World burners this spring and installed a nice pair of 4 1/2 chrome driving lights with visors and amber lights on my '84. Looked really sharp and did a nice job. I had Squidlys light brackets and he even modified the brackets that the brackets mount onto to beef them up to deal with the bigger light. The problem was after about 500 miles th
  18. My 08 is at the dealers for the 4000 mile check-up and a leaking seal on the shaft drive. The question is I have a little over 5000 miles on the stock rear tire, the dealer said I could get another 2000 +/- out of it but seeing they have to take the tire off do I want it replaced right now? it would save $$$ down the road. When they take the rear wheel off is there anything else I should have them do? grease the drive splines & hub pins? check anything? Should I upgrade to the E3 from the stock 404? thanks for any imput.
  19. So I am tackling the 2nd gear issue on the old 1st gen and my question to ya'll is this, in order to get the split washers off of the shaft do I have to take the end NUT off first :think:or do I compress the spring with the NUT in place? It looks like a powerful spring so I dont want to test the old SAFETY GLASSES today...lol Thanks in advance:bowdown: Michael
  20. OK, so we all know that if Moma ain't happy, no one is. With that in mind' The better half and I are going to be taking a trip to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas in May. (22-29) The plan is for me to drive out from Ohio, meet her at the airport, (She is giving me some free time), then spend a week camping the Canyon, drive back to Vegas, put her on a plane and then for me to beat-feet back to Ohio. Problem, The need for "STUFF", exceeds my ability to carry on the bike. I know I could find a trailer here in OHio and lug it out there, but what I'd really like to do is drive free fro
  21. I've cleaned the outside of the location where the drive shaft housing and the final drive are bolted together several times. It gets a good dirty/greasy film on the outside. No drips and no apparent seapage from there at all so am wondering where that might be coming from? Any suggestions?
  22. Just wondered if anyone has found their final drive getting hot? Put my hand on the diff housing, (where the oil is), after 100 ks today & could only just keep it on there. Didn't hold thermometer to it but it was hot enough to concern me. Never felt it before so don't know if this is normal? Wheel rim is warm. Oil level is good. Brake disc is cool. Thanks guys Tony.
  23. Lost my rear brakes on the way to work this AM. Looks like fluid spray on the rear tire--no rear brake pedal. Front brakes still working. Safe to drive carefully to the shop (10 miles)? Thank you ED
  24. I've been waiting and hoping i could retrieve some information of my crashed hard drive, it would have been nice anyway since the back up got chewed up as well... But, alas, no such luck so i'm getting ready to bite the bullet and start entering two months worth of stuff into my old 'puter. First though I wanted to upgrade my virus protection which meant removing Norton and installing something better. Great idea!! One problem, it calls for a re-start, 'xcept it didn't:doh:. So of to the puter guru, I get there and discover my 2 wheel wheelbarrow is gone from the truck, i suppose it fell
  25. I pulled the drive shaft out of my shaft unit. Lots of moly grease on it and everything looked great. The seal I bought is the correct part number ( 93108-43013-00), but when I slide it onto the drive shaft it slides over the area that the snap ring and washer go but it 'appears' that it's inner diameter is too small to go over the flat spot that the old seal was on. Does it stretch that much?? It seemed like the old seal was glued to the driveshaft. What glue are we supposed to use?? Frank D.
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