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  1. I am still reading about the winter storms you guys in the south are getting and the havoc it is causing! Please take care and if you dont have to drive...dont. We came home last night from Winnipeg....normally a 2.5 hour drive...it took us 5 hrs. (we also stopped to eat). But even with being used to the bad stuff it still was awful! Take care and hopefully you are all ok. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!
  2. I am forced to drive on some rough roads,sometimes its the potholes or the barditch whatever rout is smother. I told yall this because it may be linked to my problem. My overdrive light just recently started to not come on. At times it comes on instantly when I hit high gear.At times it wont come on for several miles,then I look down and its on. Could this be an indicator of trany problems or just a bad light? The bike shifts fine and I have no sliping or problems in high gear.
  3. I passed 600 miles a few days ago and changed the oil and filter today. Used Mobil 1 Clean 6000. The original Dino oil looked good and clean and I didn’t find much in the way of metal in it. The final drive oil was another matter. There was about half an inch of sludge that came out before the oil when I pulled the drain plug. There was a lot of metal on and around the magnet. This thing must have been sitting for 10 years. If you have a new RSV make sure you drain the final drive around 600 miles just to make your life a bit easier down the road. I plan on changing the oil and filter along wi
  4. I'm starting this thread because the other one is getting so long and because I have a specific question. We know 2 things are true... 1. If we fly to the US, we need a passport. 2. If we drive to the US we DO NOT need a passport. So, IF we drive to the US, can we then hop a plane (in the US) and fly to somewhere else WITHIN the US without a passport? Has anyone done this?
  5. I remember recently reading threads that talked about computers crashing and people losing all kinds of stored info pictures, files, folders, etc. We had our computer crash on the Th to the point it wouldn't even restart, all we were getting was a blue screen. We had knowledge of a small computer shop locally (Practical Computers Inc.) a husband & wife with a couple of employees, anyway they have been around for a long time. We took seven years of our life to them in a dead tin can on Monday the Th and and got it back on the RD with a like new hard drive, double the memory and all of our
  6. With all of the posts about final drive problems and noises, I thought this post might help. I saw it on a Gold Wing forum, but it certainly applies to the Venture/RSTD rear drive unit as well. They are nearly identical to the GW drive. http://www.calsci.com/motorcycleinfo/Shaft.html
  7. Folks...I REALLY like this trike. I think it is overpriced by about $25,000.00 or so but that's beside the point. I just love the old school look and it looks like it would be a blast to drive. Very clean lines. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2006-EXILE-CYCLES-TRIKE_W0QQitemZ200170040593QQihZ010QQcategoryZ6719QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  8. Hello VR members, Just wanted to pass on a couple of pics, to let you know things went well for Tom E. He will be missed, but I guess the Lord had something for him to do as to why he took him so early. We never think it's going to happen to one of our own, so please drive safe out there, and keep an eye out for the other guy, as this is usually the one that doesn't see us.
  9. I have the new 2007 Star Venture. I have about 12,400 miles on it. Its sitting on a lift, waiting for a new drive shaft. Noone in the U.S. had the part, it had to ordered from Japan. Anyone else having a problem with their bike. The wife explains" the wheel fells like its sliding", mostly around turns. she kept questioning the tire pressure. Now we kept hearing a whinding sound as the bike slowed, loudest sound came, down shifting into third gear. like a WUAAAAA sound. I brought the bike in a fewtimes, because, it felt like to front end was hopping. I had the front end checked 3 times, li
  10. I'm going to put my argo bigfoot on ebay tomorrow and wolfie said thats what don needs sense he keep driving into the pond. You can dirve this in the pond motor around and drive back out.
  11. After seeing what some other people on here are paying for the same bike I put a hold on this one till I shop around some more. Some got a drive out cheaper than this one list for which is 17,399 drive out just over 20,000.There has got to be a better deal out there close to me. Ron
  12. Okay. This is sure to draw several opinions but I'd be happy to read them. I'd like to outfit my 04 RSV with new pipes and I'm not sure which to buy. I'd like a little more of a throaty sound without it sounding obnoxious. In other words I don't want people (especially my neighbors) to look at me when I drive by and bad mouth me like I bad mouth others with loud pipes. I saw a recent discussion on here about the Khrome Werks (sp?) but was wondering about what others have installed and liked. Thanks in advance Wayne
  13. Talimena Drive,Oklahoma Peg & I are thinking about go to the Talimena Drive. This October 20-21 is OUT due to my son Birthday so we will have to set it some other weekend in October.Was wondering if anybody esle was planing on going too.And if so what Dates and time.We will be coming from the western part of Okla. by the way of Hwy7 & Hwy271 to Talihina. Also where is the best place to get motel or hotel in Ark. over night stay? Last time I went over Talimena Drive was 30yrs ago so I know things have changed alot since then.And Peg has never been so I guess it will be new to the
  14. We are getting together to sync carbs etc. Saturday. We will meet up at 4388 Morning Drive at 2:00PM.
  15. I am toying with getting one or the other. I really would like the 500, but have heard about the hard drive issues on a bike. It might be a little big but other than that has a lot of features. On the other hand, the 250 is a card reader, so doesn't have the hard drive issues but a lot less gps than the 500. My question is, who has either one, and what is your opinion of yours? BTW, $ is an issure, so the Zumo is out. Thanks, Steve
  16. VMAX Rear End Swap by: Don Nelson Shortly after purchasing my Royal Star Venture in 1999, I realized that 5th gear on these things are very high. At the time, I just accepted it but after a recent trip to Colorado riding two up, pulling a trailer and fighting some heavy headwinds, I made up my mind that I was going to look seriously for a solution. On that trip, I did a little experiment. First I asked a rider of a first gen Venture what kind of RPMs he was running at 70 MPH. He replied that he was running right at 4,000 RPM. When we got back on the road, I checked my tach only
  17. Has anyone figured out yet how to keep grease on the final drive gear case splines. Took my rear wheel off last week and found them to be totally dry again. What do I need to use to keep grease on these things. Suggestions PLEASE.
  18. I posted this a while back on a similar post and I suspect what you are experiencing is an alignment problem. I have used a procedure for mounting a rear tire on any Venture that will align the rear end perfectly every time. I was told about this proceedure by a Venture mechanic back in 89 or so and have used it ever since. 1. Before removing the tire, put the bike in gear. 2. When removing the rear tire, loosen slightly the 4 - 14mm nuts to the rear member. This will also give you a little wiggle room to remove one of the wider tires. 2. With the tire off remove the 4 - 14mm nuts a
  19. This tech tip covers numerous possible solutions, including the proper alignment of the rear drive and simple greasing of parts of the final drive clutch hub. One point of clarification to pay attention to when talking to your dealer is the difference between the final drive "clutch hub drive pins" (also called Clutch Pins in the figure on page 3 of the Tech Tip), and the clutch hub "drive splines." The pins fit into damper bushings in the wheel assembly and are NOT visible until the hub is removed from the wheel. The drive splines are on the outside of the hub and mate to the final dri
  20. Submitted by Bill Anton If this is something you may need to do (Sunday or Monday when bike shops are closed) print the procedure and put it in your owners manual. DISASSEMBLY PROCEDURE ===================== NOTE: This info is specific to the 1983-1993 Yamaha Venture motorcycle. Make intelligent (safe) changes for other motorcycles. Included in the procedure are REASSEMBLY torque specifications. The size listed is for the socket or wrench, not the bolt thread size. Initial tools required: - ratchet - 3" extension - sockets: 12mm, 14mm, 19mm - 14mm box-end wrench (if you loos
  21. Best ride in Oklahoma is the Talihina Drive through the Winding Stair Mountain area start at Talihina Oklahoma on HWY 1 in Oklahoma to 88 in Arkansas ending up in Mena. Beautiful ride in the fall of the year, but a great ride anytime. Stop at Queen Wilhelmina SP in Arkansas for lunch.
  22. Drive shaft maint. On 1st Gen Here is a good article that was written by Mr. Fred Vogt. Fred published a lot of this type articles for the MTA's Motorcycle Roads Magazine. This service should be completed every tire change or 10,000 miles (16,000k) or at least every two years; but in most cases it isn't done because we don't always have a dealer replace our tires and/or we don't tell him to do the work. So if you just bought the bike or you are not sure it has been done, it would be a good time to think about servicing the rear wheel of your Venture. The procedure is fairly simple to do
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