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  1. I've got my low speed miss narrowed down to this; idles good, slowly take the throttle up and miss gets real noticeable at about 2000 rpm and at 2500 [by the tach] it clears right up and is gone. By pulling plug wires one at a time and grounding an old plug in the wire I found that cyls.. #1 and #3 both lost spark at 2000 and came back at 2500. Any ideas on this?
  2. Saturday, 12 June 2010, about 4PM sighted a 2000 Millennium edition headed north on US. Was it anyone here?
  3. Can't seem to find the tubes that support the lid of the trailer while open. Any ideas where to look. Thanks in advance. the ones I have are 18" overall, with 10" of that the black tube.
  4. Any one know where I can get a front fender graphic set For my Yamaha 2000 Venture Royal Star? Thanks Rick H
  5. 2000 Millennium Edition spotted at the inn. Hung around awhile but never did see the driver. Anyone on here?
  6. Does any one have the two paint codes for the 2000 red two-tune venture. I need to know witch red is the top and witch red is the bottom. I'm having a custom fishing rod made in that color. :cool10::cool10:
  7. A local advertised a 2000 MM Venture with 15000 miles so I called him. It has a trailer, light bar, pipes, and a few other extras. I'm thinking about buying it to resale as I think I could make money on it but thought I'd give someone here a chance at it. It is in Norwalk, Iowa which is about 50 miles from me. If somone buys it I can store it in my garage until they can get to Iowa. He will let the whole works go for $6500! PM me.
  8. Ok, so I have the suspicion that my original regulator/rectifier bit the dust last weekend. Battery went dead after going through a almost 10 mile road construction through Death Vally going 10 mph. After that the battery was dead, voltage in idle below 9 Volts, barely 13 Volts over 2000 rpm, not enough to charge the 4 year old Odyssey. Made it home after push starting the bike, barely kept running with the radiator fan on. I checked the battery, after charging it over night, tests at 218 CCA, stated is 220 CCA, not bad for 4 years. The stator measures at 0.5 Ohms, all combination of the 3 wires, connections look good, measured AC voltage with engine running at 2000 rpm is 10.2 Volts even and equal on all three connections, no conductivity to ground. That pretty much leaves the original regulator/rectifier... I bought one of the newer style regulator in the last group buy, would like to hear about possible installation locations. The only reference I found mentions the fairing underneath the radio/cassette player. Any other, maybe better locations? I am planning on keeping the old regulator installed and disconnected (after replacing with a used/ know good one of course), simply circumventing it with new wiring. Also debating to replace the factory connector from the stator with a better splice or different connector. Any thoughts? Anything I am overlooking? Thanks in advance, Klaus
  9. I must admit - I'm addicted to Craigslist!! I check it several times a day and have found some pretty good deals. If you find a really good deal - you need to act fast! Last week I almost got a 2001 BMW Touring bike from a local for $4500 but I was the 3rd person who called and the first guy took it, of course. My best deal was my 2000 MM Venture with 13,000 miles for 6,000. My best deal ever in the local classifieds was an 86 Goldwing Aspencade for $400 and I rewired the stator and sold it for $3,000.
  10. I'm looking for a tan tank bib for my 2000 MM. At one time I found a link here of someone who made them but can't find it again. Help!!!
  11. I thought you guys would have a little laugh at this ad for a 2000 MM Venture. http://www.totalmotorcycle.com/photos/2000models/2000models-Yamaha-VentureMMLimitedEdition.htm The picture is fine, but scroll down to the specifications. I don't think the person editing this web page knew very much about the bike. Dave
  12. I think it would be cool to add a 2000 MM Roadstar to match my 2000 MM Venture. I wonder if anyone here has both.
  13. The paint on my Tarus is scratched all over. Like someone had washed it and used a scouring pad on it. She was only trying to help and I wasn't home!! They aren't deep but it looks like crap. What do I use to buff these things out?? I have 2000 I think wet paper and polishing compound. And a buffer. Just not sure what I need and how to go about it.
  14. I'am thinging of getting one of these trailer to tow my bike south this winter. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with long distant towing with one of these trailers I'am hoping to go to Arizona which is over 2000 miles Hoping someone has some first hand information Thanks Dale
  15. Any one have white walls on they're RSV? I'm thinking of putting some on mine but I can't find any pictures of RSV's with them on.. I don't want it to look dumb.. I have a red 2000 RSV. Lets see your white walls...
  16. I need some info from a real savvy computer person as my knowledge of the inner working of a PC are rather limited. Heres the situation: my original hard drive © was almost out of space. Its from a 2000 Dell PC with 1 G of ram (2 512 sticks), 4500 model I think with an 18.62 gb hard drive. A while ago my son-in-law installed a 233gb hard drive (E) in series with C drive, however I was never able to move stuff back and forth. I tried moving a large music library over from C to E but ended up losing the whole file. What I would like to do if its possible is to transfer my whole C drive contents over to the E drive, then remove the C drive and install the E drive back into the C connection, eliminating having two hard drives completely. Local PC store wants over 100 bucks to do this. Any suggestions? My music file has over 2000 songs so using a zip drive may not work. Keep it at the 5th grade level and ill be fine...LOL:think:
  17. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140345607769&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT That thing sure looks great!!!! At a great price so far. I told the Warden if it went under 2000 it was mine and she didn't complain. I should have said 2500:crying::crying: Somebody could have one of the Best here.
  18. I'm new to the Venture world. Just picked up my 2000 Vivid Red Cocktail Venture on Wed. Was just curious what kinds of pipes people are using? A buddy of mine had a 99 a few yrs back and he had Bub's Big Willy's I believe on his and I loved the sound. I'm not looking for loud and obnoxious. Just something to get noticed.
  19. Does anyone have radiator cowlings [black midnight]......I noticed today I have a tennis ball size hole in left side. I also have a 2000 Venture trunk bottom new in Yamaha box [red] to trade or sell.
  20. I have a 2000 MM. You all know what they look like. Mine has black wall tires. I am considering white wall tires. Does anyone with a 2000 MM run white wall tires? If so do you have any pictures of your MM with the white wall tire? Thanks for your input, Harry http://www.venturers.org/Photo_Gallery/data/615/medium/My_2000_MM_Venture_number_728_-5R.jpg
  21. Say Gang, I joined this group less than a week ago and am learning alot about Yamahas and have made several friends along the way. A few days ago I was seriously considering a 2000 Venture MM with 103,000 miles for $5k. While many of you helped with pro and con comments regarding a high mileage bike, the owner notified me that he has been sold the bike. Today, I found a 2000 Royal Star Venture with 33k miles in excellent condition for $6995. It is red with black seating. Now just to be sure, there is a difference between the looks of a Venture and Venture MM Limited Edition. Do both have the rear seat with stereo speakers, front fairing, etc.... On the web site, www.totalmotorcycle.com while looking at 2000 Yamahas, the site shows both the Road Star and Royal Star bikes with pics and specs. I would like to know from the pros, if the above bike is a good deal or not. It is much closer to home and I would not have to spring for out of state expenses to get the bike back to Texas. Thanks again everyone and have a great weekend. I hope to join you on the road soon. Best regards, Mike
  22. I want to thank all those who responded to my question about a high mileage Venture 2000 MM I was considering. The bike has over 100,000 miles but has been kept in great shape by its original owner. Many of you repsonded with excellent suggestions as to what to look for before purchasing the bike. The owner has notified me today that someone else will be buying the bike. However, this has been a great experience for me. Thom in Texas told me about this site last weekend and since I enrolled, I feel I have made many new friends. I thank each of you in making me feel welcome. I still would like to get a 2000 Venture MM and hopefully one day ride with a member of this great group. If you run across such a bike, please let me know. Thanks again. Mike Corpus Christi, Texas
  23. Looks like a complete 2000 going as parts on E-Bay. Lot of good parts for those 2nd Gens that never need anything.
  24. I went to Carlisle PA Bikefest on Saturday 26th. Saw a total of 7 RSV. Well out of the thousands of bikes that's what I found. Talked to a coupe from NY on a 2000 mm, and a guy from Northern MD on a 2003. Saw another Galaxy Blue/Raven 07 parked with VA tags. Was that any one from here? As I was leaving the gate 2 2000 MM's were coming in to the fair grounds. I stopped at the Chile's on the way out for lunch and saw a bunch of bikes pulling in the parking lot. In the group was a 2007 Midnight. It was nice to see that many RSV not at a M&E since I rarely ever see another one on the road.
  25. Not sure who is selling this 2000 Venture, but I found it recently posted on cycletrader and its being sold by someone in my local community. Looks like a very nice and dressed up 2000 Venture with lots of accessories and options installed. 2000 Royal Star Venture - $8700 http://www.cycletrader.com/find/listing/2000-YAMAHA-ROYAL-STAR-VENTURE-93366337
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