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  1. Still on the site, 2007 RSV, health kind of so so, trying to keep the Emphysema under control.
  2. You guys are so lucky to have sold in a day. We put out house on the market mid March and after having to change agents mid stream and having to redo the kitchen it finally sold the end of May. You are right, having to move at our age is tough. My wife did all the packing since I still work. My job was the garage and shed. The new house has an HOA and no sheds allowed, so I had to get rid of most stuff. Well I got a lawn service at the new place so mowers, trimmers and such are no longer needed. Sad thing is I just bought a new riding mower last August and only used it a few months. It is tak
  3. Since the Purolator oil filters have been redesigned and no longer work on the RSV. What is a good filter to use now.
  4. I have a 2007 RSV and the rear #3 cylinder coil went out. I see the the screws on the top and bottom of the coil but can not get to them. Do I need to remove the rear shock so I can get to the 2 bolts that hold the bracket that the two coils are in. Then be able to pull the coils up to get to the two Allan bolts. Thanks
  5. I have a 2007 RSV. I believe my cylinder #4 is not firing. Exhaust pipe cold. I have a feeling it is the ignition coil. I thought the plug wire was attached to the coil and it came as one part. Looking at Partshark and Partsvilla they both list two numbers one for the coil #9 and one for the plug wire #19 . Do I have to order both or does the plug wire come off the coil?
  6. Does anyone have pictures of where the pilot screws are located on the second gen carbs? Thanks
  7. Would anyone have any ideas why the vacuum piston would be sluggish. I put a new spring on and a new diaphragm and thoroughly cleaned everything. I put new needle valves and seats in and now one carb's vacuum piston will not snap back quickly like the other 3. Also I noticed that the carb bowl drain screws were about an 8th of an inch out, So I tightened them. Put the carbs back on air boxes and tank. When I started it up gas was just dripping like crazy out of the bowl drain. I would think turning the screws all the way in would keep the bowl from draining. None of the other 3 leaked just th
  8. You guys may laugh at me but mine was a 1964 Pontiac Bonneville station wagon I bought for 500 bucks in 1970. It was a Canadian police wagon. It had a 389 CI with a 4 barrel and a factory stock 4 speed stick on the floor. I replaced the stock motor with a completely balanced and blueprinted 389 short block with back then Pontiac heavy duty parts, crank and rods, Jans racing pistons and a Lunita cam and a heavy duty clutch. I got a 3 2's set up off a wrecked 1967 GTO and had a set of ported 1965 heads. I would wind it up to about 5 grand and dump the clutch. The front wheels would come off the
  9. I change my fluids regularly and after riding my bike for a while and it warms up I can hardy ever get it to go back into neutral. My bike has done this ever since I have owned it. Bought my 2007 RSV in 2008. I just chalk it up to one of the quirks about the bike, like the gear whine. The only time it really bothers me is if I have to stop for a tool booth and pay. I have to end up turning the bike off at the booth.
  10. I bought one and when I got it home and assembled it my 2007 RSV was too long by about 6 inches or so. I kicked around the thought of welding more to it but never got around to doing it. My wife bought me one she found on the internet for Xmas a couple of yeas ago. It was around 145.00 ish. Way more than the Harbor Freight one. but does fit the RSV and a lot stronger built. Check around on the net for longer ones. Do be careful with these though. I have leveling links on by 2007 so it is about an inch or so taller. I only have a 30 inch inseam so when you ride up on the turn style the bike is
  11. Craig, I'm so sorry to hear. Life sure throws us some curves. Hang in there. Hope it goes into remission.
  12. I'm going to try my best to make it again this year. This is one of the best rallies ever. One thing I do know is I will never stay at Ben's again. My room was supposed to be non smoking and the minute I opened the door the reek of smoke almost knocked me out. The room and bathroom were nasty and the walls are paper thin. Some woman in the next room talked all night long each night. I'll ride the distance to the Microtel next time. I hope it will still be on the list of places that give us a discount.
  13. Cmike, That was a great write up on wiring the passing lights. Do you have any pictures or a diagram of how you wired it and which wires go to the relay/3 way switch? I was able to wire the ignition bypass using a relay per Carbon1's instructions. I'm sure my passing lights are not wired through a relay and they stay on with low and high beam headlights.
  14. Thanks guys. After fooling with carb sync I finally got vacuum out of #3 and 4. #3 is much higher than 4 but I could not get them to match. #1 and 2 seem to be just fine. I'll try some more after work today. I added some Tecron fuel cleaner and hope that it would help #4 . Maybe something gummed up.
  15. Sitting on the bike the right side 2 cylinders. I pulled the carbs and #3 and 4 butterfly were sightly open @1 and 2 were completely closed. Turning the sync screws I got all 4 completely closed. I'll check the vacuum lines and see if I see any cracks and make sure I have everything back together correctly. Is there a special compression tool for our bikes. The spark plug holes are so far in, it seems you would need a compression gauge just for the second gen cylinders. One more question. Setting the float levels was supposed to improve the gas mileage. Was that due to setting the floats to c
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