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    V-Max Final Drive

    From the album: My Mods

  2. Try Hand warmers, "Hot Hands", drop them in your gloves to worm up the back of your hands. It keeps your fingers nice and warm. I also use there body warmer pad with adhesive, and place it on the inside of my jacket to warm my upper back and neck.
  3. Are WE old riders or WISE riders???
  4. I have cut open a Mobile-1 110 , the filter size , material and bypass, beats everything else i have seen. I will not use anything else anymore.
  5. Not a first genner, but, I use a Mobile 1 filter, 110 I think. I have cut open some filters and by far the Mobile 1 has the best quality. I will use no other.
  6. Awesome time spent with a bunch of Venture riders. The Host and Hostess have a big heart to allow a bunch of folks to invade there space. Louise and I wish to get more involved and help were we can in the years to come. Miss you all till next time!
  7. Thanks Leadwolf56 for opening the door:stirthepot: My warranty has expired, so I have replaced the stock air box with Pod Filters fitted to my carbs. I also have Roadking pipes with Fulsack baffles in them. VMax cams and a VMax Final Drive. I have a stage one rejet and looking at going to stage 2. My plugs look good- lite tan color. The VMax Final Drive swap made my MPG go up. Love it. My mileage at last check was 39 mpg with 2 up and full bags on a weekend trip. I roll on the throttle hard, the wife likes the acceleration. We love to ride.
  8. There are 3 boxes in the turn signal / emergency flasher system. From looking at the wiring diagram, the box that actually turns the bulbs on and off (flashes) and most likely a current sensing circuit, has 2 wires going to it, Brown and Brown/ White. The second box is the auto cancel and has a wire coming from the speed sensor, and the third is a control box for the turn signals and emergency flasher functions. If anyone has tried to put in an aftermarket flasher unit, it would be the two wire electronic type. (example: the same flasher unit you would put in a car after installing trailer wiring and your blinkers flash to fast). :no-no-no:This info is looking at a wiring diagram only.
  9. With the LEDs in, you are drawing so little current, the flasher system thinks one of your bulbs is burnt out, and is letting you know there is something wrong. A load resister increase current and the flasher system is satisfied. I'm not sure what unit or relay controls this effect. I can try to look into it more tomorrow.
  10. I let them blink fast. Gets the attention of the cagers
  11. I have LEDs front and back turn signals and brake light. When I replaced just the back or just the front turn signals they functioned normally. If you replace both front and back turn signals they will blink fast. My auto cancel function still works with both front and back LED turn signal bulbs installed . If your bulb cover is amber, use amber LEDs. If your bulb cover is red, use red LEDs. If your bulb cover is clear use the proper color LED for it's function. I kike the crispness of LEDs. I tried LEDs in my spot lights, and liked them, but the vibration broke them after 1 month. I haven't found a sturdy H3 LED as of yet.
  12. Love it, Gas mileage up a little. Cant wait to pull my Aspen and not have to down shift.
  13. Iv'e been looking at replacing my radio with a Jensen Marine MSR2007 or JMS2212 It has a head unit that might fit were the stock controller is and a remote amp that should fit where the stock amp is. http://i.ebayimg.com/t/JENSEN-MSR2007-Waterproof-AM-FM-iPod-SIRIUS-Ready-/00/s/MjE4WDIzNw==/$%28KGrHqIOKjIE5Vby%2199dBOe8B%21lTKQ%7E%7E60_35.JPG
  14. My 06 RSV was sluggish just off idle till 2000 rpm. I raised my carb floats to there high end dimensions ( highest recommended fuel level ) and its much better. Better MPG also.
  15. Just did mine this winter, by far the best mod you can do for your RSV. If you pull a heavy trailer this mod should be seriously considered. I do not feel the wind resistance as much ether. My first tank this year got me 39 MPG, better then last year ( I ride hard ). If your looking for quick starts and more performance you will need to upgrade your clutch and install a Dyna ignition. I enjoy it. PS. You will pull ahead of a stock Harley
  16. 15 more years till retirement. Then ask me.
  17. I ware a Helmet, But it's one that fits and weighs less then DOT. DOT is a pain in my neck.
  18. gator06

    Yamaha Oil Filter

    From the album: My Mods

  19. gator06

    V-Max Cams

    From the album: My Mods

  20. gator06

    Stage One

    From the album: My Mods

  21. Don't forget to work some waterproof grease into the SHIFT LINKAGE joints and bushings. Mine were rusty. After that grease both ends of the drive shaft plus the rear wheel drive fingers and mating spline, this will help a stock bike shift better. I use Mobile 1 Synthetic Motorcycle oil with a Mobile One filter. Cheep oil and no grease will effect your shifting experience.
  22. If you have to rock the bike in gear to get the starter to work, you may want to check the natural switch for intermittent contacts. Could the arching of the contacts be causing a false signal to the TCI cut off circuit, and the frequency (speed) of the arching being transmitted to the tach. :stirthepot:Some times my mind wanders. Gator06
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