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Wife hit a deer


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The wife hit a deer early last month, it did some damage to the car but not drastic. She did have to go to the hospital for bruised ribs. the xrays showed a spot on her breast and with other tests they found a small spot of cancer. We are thanking that deer for jumping out in front of her as we would have not known that she has breast cancer and we caught very early. She will be going in for surgery on the 30 th.

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The Creator of this world still has His hand in running things here, even the 'small' things. He does a lot of things to show us how He still is in control, we just have to look and want to see His hand in it all. Will ask for a good outcome for you all, keep us posted!


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Update on the wife. She had the surgery on the 30 th and they got all of the cancer. Her lymph Knode's were clear but she will need some radiation treatments and goes for an appointment today to see how many she will need. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

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