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  1. Does anyone have a picture of the inside of a 90-93 tci?
  2. i just got this venture cuple weeks ago, 86 1300cc, sat basicly outside since 03. it was under an awning i cleaned the carbs top to botom very very well. replaced carburator diaphrams WHen i got the bike it turned over slowly, i know not a good sign, i sprayed pb blaster in there and turned it over and put oil in there and now it seems to turn over fine THe bike would start when i got it but would only run for about 10 seconds and only with choke fully on, one of the sparkplugs appears to be burning clean and three of them are always wet i dont think compression is a problem as it seems to be 150 plus on each cylinder I HAVE spark, pretty decent spark on every plug , i just pulled my cdi off the bike just to take a look at it, o yea she has 84000 miles, on her, its just hard for me to think TCI when the spark is so good but i have tried everything else that i know off any help would be greatly appreciated really wanna get this thing up and running
  3. Have had a 83 VR for two years now and have been working on an overheating problem. The 83 VR has an 86 (1300) motor because the PO had a second gear problem and replaced the whole engine. Anyway, the bike has been running hot since I bought it (right up at the red/green line). When the weather is in the high 80's low 90's it boils over when stopped at a light or in traffic, etc.. (See my posts from earlier this year) I have changed everything trying to correct the problem. I was going to sell the bike for parts and have bought a 89 VR from a member on this forum and am in the process of fixing it up and getting it ready to ride next season. I took the 89VR to Earl to have some mechanical work done on it and spoke to him about the overheating on the 83 VR. He said that he thought the TCI was the original one from the 83 and that the timing curve was different from the 86 engine that was currently in the bike. He thinks that that is what is creating the overheating problem. I stumbled across the article about the foreign made TCI and it said in the thread that the 83 had a different timing mode than the later engines. So, I think my overheating problems may be because I have a 1200 TCI in the bike and not a 1300 TCI. I don't think the original PO changed the TCI but cannot confirm that with the previous PO. I do not want to teardown the bike to get the TCI out, instead I just want to try a 1300 TCI and put it on top of the airbox and see if that corrects the problem. I will be selling this bike in the spring if it solves the problem , otherwise I will part it out as I don't want to sell this bike with this problem. I now own a 89 VR, which is being worked on by Earl (Skydoc) and don't need two bikes. Does anyone have a TCI for an 86 1300 engine they would like to sell? Thanks Jim
  4. I am bidding on a TCI for 83VR on Ebay, Item # 370438059554. Thought I would post so maybe we wouldn't bid against each other. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=370438059554&viewitem=&sspagename=STRK:MEWAX:IT#ht_500wt_1182 We have Ebay Listings on side bar, Would a Ebay bidding forum where members could post what they are bidding on be something members would be interested in just a thought.
  5. By now folks who are regulars here know I'm not all that mechanically inclined. (and THAT'S an understatement!!!) I have never soldered anything more than a few wires together! All the talk about lifting traces etc has me convinced it is beyond my skill set. I am a bit paranoid about my TCI boxes going bad. I could open them up and inspect them...but if I find the diodes are swelling, are there any electrical geniuses here willing to do the soldering work for me? I'm not talking for free. Just if someone has the nerve (AND ABILITY) to take it on sometime over the winter.
  6. Is there anyone that possibly has an 86-89 serviceable TCI they are willing to sell or ???? I have an extra but am not too confident it is good. I suppose I could swap them out to find out if the extra TCI I have is operational, but......that involves extra time, something I don't have a lot of these days. The TCI on my 86 works 100% but since I plan on keeping this bike forever, I would like to have another on-hand. This is my sweetheart, is absolutely flawless and beautiful so I really don't mind spending on her.
  7. hello still having idling problem I went down the list of things to check. I resoldered the pins on the tci, removed the stop switch and cleaned it. took all the conectors aprt and cleaned them, changed the plug wires and plugs but it still want idle.It starts and runs when the choke is on,but when it warms up and the choke shuts off and it starts to idle the tack drops to 0 and it starts to back fire thru the tail pipe it will idle but is very low all most the point where it shuts off. on the road it runs good but when you let off to stop the tack will drop and it starts the backfiring. when I am idling it seems to be loading up bad you get a lot of fumes from the tail pipe. Is there some way to check the tci box to see if it is bad.I would like to try that before I take it to the shop. around here its so costly they want your right arm and your first born. thanks alot Darrell
  8. Thaks in advance for any info. you can give me on this problem.. MY 86 Venture developed a bad TCI box last year.. Bought one on Ebay and it worked fine until just the other day. I lost spark to the front cylinder and hooked my old TCI up and had spark - so I knew it was the box. Then had a family member who is an elect. tech replace diodes and resolder everything, etc. I put that reapired box on the bike and had spark all the way around and it ran fine - FOR ONE DAY! Again - i lost spark to that front cyl. He again repaired it and I now have spark to all four cylinders but have developed a "bogging down" when applying more than a couple thousand rpm's of throttle. It sits and idles fine but when applying throttle, it backfires a little and boggs down. Is it just a bad TCI or did I mess up and unhook something under the airbox that is causing this or ??? Again - thanks if anyone can help.. jkit02@yahoo.com
  9. 1983 VR, 86,000 km Here's whats happening: A few rides ago, I noticed my temp guage dropping to bottom every few minutes...like a loose wire or something. Today, I noticed my voltmeter reading 9-10, previoulsy it was always at about 13 After a fairly long ride, there wasn't enough power to start...like battery was dead. On the way home it was missing occasionally...like starved for fuel or spark. At one point, I was sitting at a light and put on my turn signal, and the tach was pulsing with the flasher! It was bouncing from 1100 to 3000 when at at idle (tach reading only...not revs) So does this sound like TCI is on its way out...or could low battery from poor stator output do all that?:mo money:
  10. My tach is gone crazy runs like it's missing, removed TCI cleaned connections moving to top of air box. If I swap plug wire and connections to the left side coils will this let me know if the #2 coil is bad. Any one coming to Asheville have a good 83 TCI I could use to test. How do you get the cover off the TCI to get to the diodes to look for bad ones.
  11. Thanks to all who helped with my last question. After performing the suggested tests and maintenance, I still have no spark. Looks to be that the TCI has failed (though I have not been able to prove that the pickup coil is not at fault). Being a 92 model with the single pickup coil, there do not seem to be very many used ones available. Does anyone know of anyone who tests and repairs TCI boxes? Does anyone have a schematic for a 90-93 TCI box? It is not wired the same as the 1985 schematic that is available here on the website. Anyone installed the Ignitech on a 90-93 venture? I can get one of these for less than a used Yamaha TCI, but don't want to spend the money if it is not going to work right. Thanks Steve
  12. Thhttp://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Yamaha-Venture-Royal-Star-IGNITOR-CDI-IGNITION-MODULE-/130298789825?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item1e5669bfc1 The way these things went on the 1st Gens sombody might want this one to put up.
  13. Last month I picked up a 92 Venture project bike in pieces, bad rear driveline and final drive. The bike had sat for at least 6 years, supposedly ran real well prior the the driveline/final drive failure . I now have it reassembled and am ready to get it running. The problem is that I do not have any spark to any of the four cylinders. I find a lot of information for the models prior to 1990 with the two pickup coils, but not very much about the single coil system. I checked the wiring to the pickup coil, took the crankcase cover off and inspected the internal wires to the coil, cleaned the connection. By the service manual, the coil ohms out within spec's. Can anyone tell me what the pn is for the single pu coil? Took apart and cleaned the right handlebar stop switch. I cleaned the contacts for the ignition coils and ohm'd them as well, they also tested out good. Have not yet looked at the side stand switch or the emergency stop switch. I also cleaned the fuel tank and lined it, cleaned the carbs, fuel pump and installed new fuel lines and filter. I suspect that my problem may be the TCI. Is there a diagram of the tci box for the 90-93 models with the pinouts and ohm values available? What is the best way to remove the TCI? I have the battery and air box removed so far. If it is the TCI, anyone have experiance with the ignitech TCI unit on a 90-93 Venture? Is this a better way to go than finding a used one? There do not appear to be a lot of used ones available for these years. Anything else I need to be looking at? Thanks
  14. Is an '83 TCI box the only box you can use on an '83 VR? Without going to an after-market.
  15. Hi I am still hunting down my idleing promblem did find that plug wires were bad number 2 is now firing. I removed the tci and checked the plugs looked ok cleaned them up, I saw on a thread about resoildering the unit I look but could not find it, can anyone tell where it is are how you would do it. I took the top off but didnt go any deeper do you have to take the board out and if so how would you get it out, kind of nervise about it But got to learn some day. I want to relocate it to top of air box but the wires dont look long enough.am I not seeing all the wire. thanks for all the help Darrell
  16. So, I'm putting an '86 1300 engine in my '83 Venture, and I will be using my '83 1200 carburetors. I was told that the '86 coils & TCI unit are better components than the '83 ignition components, and that I should swap them into the '83. Upon looking around in my '86 shop manual, I learn that the '86 ignition system spark timing advance goes like this; vacuum from the 1300 carbs goes to an electronic sensor unit, which sends signals to the TCI unit via the '86 1300 wiring harness, and the timing is advanced in certain vacuum states. If this is the case, I will not be able to use at least the '86 TCI unit in my '83 because of (1) I'm using my '83 1200 carbs, and (2) my '83 wiring harness will not accomodate the '86 electronic vacuum sensor signals going to the TCI unit. Can anyone verify my research and logic, and verify that I will NOT be able to use the '86 TCI unit in my '83. I think I should still be able to use the '86 coils, but, 1) are they better? & 2) Why are they better? Thank you! Doug Nordin
  17. Well I pulled the plug caps apart and removed the resistor, cleaned the insides,and replaced with copper wire. pulled the connectors off the TCI and cleaned em, checked plugs with ohm meter [like I knew what I was doing ha!] I don't remember what the reading were but they were the same, checked the plug on the left side of the frame rail-unhooked going to TCI it read 540 ohms except the w/g 512 ohms, going towards pick up coils there was no resistance, o. So with what I could find to clean I did, fired it up, warmed it still #1 & #3 are dead between 2000 RPM and 2500.? I really hate to just start throwing parts at it and try to hit something, really was hoping it was the resistors in the plug caps, any ideas?
  18. What started out as a quick fix and a long summer of riding has turned into your standard "make it look real pretty" job. Thanks Earl for the mod spacers for the carbs. I will need to look into some threads to get an idea how to deal with the adjustable needles. Here are a few pics to show the progress. At present, I am doing some modifications since she is taken apart. Moved the TCI box, will get at carbs soon, changed oil, strengthened the plastic because some day it will crack there! Lube what I can lube and generally looking at every bolt. I think, well the little lady thinks" I should go with a single color close to the original brown with the burgundy tint. I will probubly add some more metal flakes to it.
  19. I have an '89 VR and I've seen many posts telling me to move the TCI from it's mounted location to the top of the air filter box. Well, I've spent the last three days working on this and other mods to come to the conclusion that the TCI won't let the faux cover fit. It's being held off by at least a half inch. I'm wondering if I should cut the TCI mounting tabs off to provide a little more clearance. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Hi All New guy here! I have an 85VR that needs a TCI I am not interested in a used one (good money after bad) and new is way over priced!! I’ve been reading your forum on Aftermarket TCI (www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=37031.) and was wondering has anybody else tried one? I like the idea of being able to tune it my self Thanks Jim Webberville Michigan
  21. aaaerstowr


    Not getting any readings at the TCI connectors. Following the six pin connector back to the connector right below the left side of the seat, I get similar results there also. Is there a connector other than that one. I'm pretty sure I have a bad connection, I just not sure where to look. Help aaaerstowr
  22. I recently posted a querie about a ignition condition I have on a 1985 XVZ12D Venture Royale. I have since concluded that it is the TCI Module that has failed. Therefore, I am in need of one. Is there anyone that may have a known good used one, or maybe an aftermarket or new one for sale? Please reply, pm or email if you might have something that would work... Any help would would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  23. Does anyone have a dead TCI that they would donate to me. I will gladly pay shipping. I tried the diode repair to my TCI and I am uncertain of the results. I used too high a wattage solder iron to remove diodes and damaged the circuit board traces somewhat. I obtained a second one that was very corroded and tried the replacement of diodes again and they looked much better, but due to corrosion of unit I believe it is unserviceable. Any 83 to 89 units that are laying around would be appreciated. I will open any donated one up and see if the diode degradation was possibly the reason for the unit failure. I can get the replacement diodes for about $5.00 to try and repair. This is a somewhat difficult procedure to replace these diodes, but after 2 practice tries, I am getting better at it. I believe I can use a post 84 on my present 1200 engine. I have the correct vacuum line to use on the post 84 units. Also I am anticipating getting a 1300 engine in the next week or so. PM me if you can help !! Gary
  24. I've spent the last few days searching the forums for the tci problems - sure enough I finally got in and found the TCI under the battery box. I removed it through the right side(after removing the trim/screen below the upper fairing) and it had a teaspoon of water in it! Who is Mr Yamahas' engineer? I took the lid off and let it dry out for a day, brought the connectors up to the air cleaner lid, plugged the tci back in and it fired right up! Sweet! Now, you guys that have done this "relocation", What do I have to trim to get the "false gas tank" to fit back on? Seems like the TCI is holding it up 1/2 - 3/4 of an inch.
  25. From information I have seen in other threads, the 1983 TCI is a unique version. This seems to be due to the vacuum port placement above the throttle plate on the carbs, in combination with a unique vacuum sensor. Question is, what are the thoughts on using a later model TCI, such as an 86-89 version coupled with a vacuum sensor change. I have a sensor that came off of an 88. Also drilling one carb body and installing vacuum port below throttle plate. Plugging existing port. Reason I am asking is I am in need of a replacement TCI and 83's are about as scarce as chickens teeth. I have carbs off of the bike, so that would facilitate adding port. What would this do to HP of bike. Gary
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