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Yup the grey old beard just got a tad longer today


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That's right that old geezer Marcarl is celebrating another birthday. He may not want any more birthdays but I am Bet'n he is always glad to make it to another one.

:Happy Birthday::group cheers:



Good for him ! It shows that old age and cussedness are a cure for any modern ailments.

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OH WOW Carl!

Happy like it or not Day EH!


I guess I should call Marca, setup a date yaknow show the Mrs. a good time!?

Kind of like a thank you for keeping an eye on you all these 50.5 years ;)

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Thanks you all. It's really been a great life so far. Yes,,, there have been some issue or hiccups along the way, but in the process I noticed it's not me that rules my life or this world, it's Somebody much greater than me, thanks be to that, for I would have made a major mess of things I'm sure.

The beard did get shorter, Marca said it was too heavy for me to carry around all day and thought that I might get more done if things were somewhat lighter. She also thought that my words were getting jungled as I was practicing my speechifying, so I got it trimmed, as well as getting my ears lowered.

Sure is good to have friends and people who care about you.

Thanks you all.

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:scared:,, and here I did not even know Kanuckians had birthdays :scared:




:Happy Birthday::Happy Birthday::Happy Birthday:


:Crazy_139: ya lop eared Kanuckian varmint!! :group cheers:


Sorry I am late but Tweeks, Tip and I got caught up in some southwest trade winds while out playing with grandkids and looking at Corvettes (saving the best of my bucketlist items for last) and missed it... Better late than never though,,, EH:group cheers:



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I missed this post till now. Sorry Carl I guess both our beards got a little greyer this week. So Happy Birthday to you and me. :backinmyday: :backinmyday:

Wow!! It's still nice to have friends,, even old ones. Happy Birthday Charles, and hope you will enjoy many more yet in peace and happiness.

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