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  1. Sorry....i had replied assuming you made the dough in the workshop, then realised you had bought it from Walmart. Good opportunity to get Walmart to pay for a new set of dentures.......... , and then you can give them to our buddy, Carl as a birthday present on his birthday ! He seems to be having one every month...hey, if i could get away doing that, i would do that too. Can you imagine how many presents you can get in a year?
  2. Condolences to the family... Abdul.
  3. chabicheka


    Happy 50th Anniversary to you, Carl and Marca. Abdul.
  4. Couple of posts related to this thread are in the watering hole section. mine and Stickhandlers. Thanks. Abdul.
  5. Wonderful meeting you all and for keeping the flame of friendship going. Had a good time. Thanks all for coming and thanks to all that had intentions of coming, but couldn’t for various reasons. Have a good 2020,you all. abdul.
  6. Managed to get in a ride, yesterday, but today, is no riding weather. So, it’s going to be in a four wheeler. See you all later. Hope you feeling well enough to attend, Tooch buddy. abdul.
  7. Now that sight must have been like an early Christmas present to the cows grazing in the area... celebrations must have gone late into the night in the Cow Coral. :banana:
  8. MERRY CHRISTMAS from me too, to O P and every one here. ( the family ). 🎅🏾
  9. Sorry to hear about your injury, Ben. Hope it’s not too bad, and heals fast. abdul.
  10. Big Tom is responsible for starting the ‘fart’ thingy.....he was probably thinking of Carl at the time of his posting.
  11. :backinmyday:Proud Old Fart #194
  12. I will throw my hat in the ring, too....in the hope of getting back a Venture Cap. I currently ride a Kawasaki Nomad triked with Hannigan Kit. Have just bought a Sachs 125 cc too, but haven't put it on the road. May be next year, to putter around the neighbourhood.
  13. Hell...Yeah ! I even wave to trees on windy days... 😎
  14. If you are referring to me, I am fine buddy....not as bad as I make it look. Some times we got to add some salt to our stories to make them interesting....😎 I suggest we all direct our prayers for our friend, Tooch, who is currently going through a bit of rough time, health wise. Sorry Tooch, you didn’t make, but we appreciate the effort you made to meet up with friends under the circumstances. We did miss you not being on the ride. Thanks to Ben and his furry friend following us in his truck with a spade in the back, in case one of us messed up the tarmac.🤷🏻*♂️ Chabicheka.
  15. Hope you guys made it to the cottage safe and. Sound. I got home at 6.30 pm, after making a lunch stop at Arby’s. in Orillia. Total Kim’s done, 500 ! Was good meeting you all. Some old, and some new faces. Abdul.
  16. my case was a bit complicated...would have needed a canon, but how do you tie a string to a canon ball ?🙄
  17. Am going to try and get out, if its not raining when I am ready to leave. Will accompany you guys part of the way, maybe till lunch time and then head back after lunch once I am convinced Carl got everything under control. Mono Mills at 10 am...but please do not wait if I am not there. Abdul., update on my toothache....I know Carl probably didn't get any sleep worrying about me....got a molar yanked out...I thought the dentist was trying to pull my head off the body !! anyway, its done am feeling a bit better. I think Cowpuc does have a direct line with the big guy.
  18. Here’s a few reasons I am leaning towards a “Maybe” for the ride... Have a nasty toothache that probably needs to be pulled out. Don’t know how fast I can get an appointment with the dentist, also how I will be feeling after it’s done. # 2....The weather....looks like rain,rain,and a thunderstorm on Friday to top it off. Which means staying indoors, listening to Marcarl whole day. Now that’s a scary thought... #3 ......I had opted to tent it....reason being I am a loud snorer. Was sharing a room at a cottage a while back with a friend, and when I woke up in the morning, my buddy and his mattress were missing Found him outside the hallway sleeping on his mattress on the floor. #4 .....Nights are going to be cold ! 9 celcious I believe. Not ideal for tenting. #5 ......am pooped already from doing the rain dances . Yeah...try that at MY age.☹️ So guys, if you all decide to go on, I wish you nice sunny days and lots of fun. So if you don’t see me at Mono Mills, I am using my last bit of energy doing some more rain dance, for you guys, at home. love you, Carl. abdul.
  19. Abdul ( Chabicheka ) will hopefully be at Monomills stop. okay....got to go back to do the rain dance... remind me again, are we doing it to stop the rain, or get more rain??😟 I keep looking at the forecast and get a feeling no ones watching my dance.! Will try doing it outside in the backyard, see 🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽if that helps...
  20. Was great seeing all you guys and gals at the meet. Good food...may be a bit pricey...with 15% added on the bill, at a self serve restaurant....left the bill sitting on the table, for a while, hoping Carl would pick it up. Then realised what his origins was, and paid up. All in all, was a wonderful evening having dinner with good friends, some of whom, have known for more than 10 yrs, through this club. Missed you Don xv100, and some others who couldn't make it this time, for various reasons. Hope all is well, Sailur...seeing u had signed up, but couldn't make it? See you next meet, brother. Thanks again, Ben, for your efforts in keeping this going. Abdul (chabicheka) Sorry Carl....I had brought my camera along, but then left it in the car. Wanted to concentrate on gobbling food.
  21. Its not about who can run faster..............................….any more. Its more about who can get up first, from a sitting position....
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