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  1. I think this a the accident. https://www.ajc.com/news/traffic-alert-motorcyclist-dies-in-3-vehicle-crash-on-downtown-connector/PFTKAJ3SY5EJ3F7IBIVBPLWHJY/ The road is i85, not I75 at that point. I 75 goes left a mile or so west of there and I 85 goes NE past Emory at that point. The article only mentions one motorcycle involved.
  2. If I was in the market fo a new sallish bike this would be hgh on my list. But I'm happy with my Vulcan 900cc vtwin for my daily rider. https://www.triumphmotorcycles.com/motorcycles/roadsters/trident/specification?sc_camp=652010D2858A489AA955F1D5820B31D9&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTTJNd01UUTNaVEV5TkRrNSIsInQiOiJQMXpuQXBcL2pycUZ0dWU2RGxjVjZtVE9RWTRXYWM1NTdqakRINmRzOVVpTWwrd2NUSmlydlR1UENqOTZvYmNQcUgxVElXWVVZUXZzTGVXN3VqcGp3WmI4QWRvdW9VZnVmUnoxV3g4Ylc0eVA0ZXc2R0hLempGaEdxSjlOZUdWSkwifQ%3D%3D
  3. let me know if you need someplace to send the beer?
  4. Good luck getting everything back on the road. I had to look up Carls Junction being originally from the St Louis side of MO. I used to ride the highway to Ok to pick up US 69 south to Texas. Stopped in Joplin many times.
  5. Wheels thru Time in Maggie Valley has been posting a YouTube video of unusual motorcycles in their collection almost daily. Today's video was of a 1916 Traub, which had features not found on production motorcycles until much later. Very interesting.. North Carolina still has them closed because of Cv19 so they're doing all their fundraising via the internet. They have some of the most interesting motorcycles made in the USA. They are raffling off a 1939 Harley that they have restored for a fundraiser.
  6. I'd take a 2-3 day ride thru the hill country if I lived in the path of this storm. Good luck everyone !!!
  7. Anybody here at Sturgis? Spotted what looks like a 2000 red Venture in a newsclip about the rally where 1/4 million riders are expected [video=youtube_share;f-2GPJeRoD4] Venture at 2:26
  8. Since I decided to try a semi-auto pistol for my ccw, I wanted to give Ruger the first try if they had a good pistol, and I read nothing but good reports about the LCP-II. I would have prefered a 9mm luger chambered pistol, but decided to give .380acp a try.
  9. Lewis, I have had a S&W 36 Chief blued (.38spl) 5 shot revolver for many years as my ccw, but found I was uncomfortable wearing it with summer clothes. I bought a Ruger LCP II a couple of months ago and found it to be better to carry in lightweight clothes (usually shorts and not much else). I wanted to get the LCP II in .380 acp but it was sold out in the local stores, so I got the LCP II in 22lr and ordered another in .380 when they become available again. Its quite comfortable in lightweight shorts. Whether a .22lr is adequate for ccw is a whole other discussion. The ballistic tests for purpose made .22lr ccw ammo lead me to believe it is adequate, although not the best. In any case, I am waiting to get the LCP II in .380acp.
  10. How do you get rid of it? I presume its illegal to shoot it and throw the carcass in a dumpster.
  11. Good for him ! It shows that old age and cussedness are a cure for any modern ailments.
  12. I've never owned whitewalls or cared for them. But my (now) newish Kawasaki Vulcan 900 has them, and I kinda like them on it.
  13. there's going to be a lot of bargain investments for corporations and individuals with bundles of cash in the bank as the effects of the cv19 economy take hold. From newly weds with their first mortgage (now out of work) to icon companies like Briggs & Stratton here. sadly.
  14. I believe this is correct for at least some patients. In CV19 fractured red blood cells may be forming clots; the clots can cause problems multiple places as well as removing oxygen carrying red blood cells from doing their job. Filtering the blood removes the clots, and provides needed oxygen. look up "von willebrand factor" . This is makes better sense when explained in a complicated chain for this > causes that > which does so&so > etc explained in a lengthy video by youtube channel medcram which I recommend, although it can get very technical at times.
  15. I take after my father's side of the family !
  16. NO Boeing 737's were shot down in the making of this video! (although a scorched crow was seen nearby in a dazed state).
  17. Thanks. An excellent article that everyone should consider reading.
  18. RandyR

    VPN info

    I decided to subscribe to Amazon prime for a trial about 6 months ago. So far I thinks its worth the monthly fee. I get discounts or faster shipping on many items purchased on Amazon including free shipping and small discount on Pantry (food) orders over $35 and a big variety of free movies and entertainment. Between that and Youtube I don't miss TV at all. There are numerous TV stations that stream the news and weather and local programming for free, either directly or via Youtube. Occasionally there are video streams on Twitch that are of interest. There is a very limited amount of professional sports available for free however, but there are internet streaming services for an additional fee. I'm using a 14mb dsl line btw
  19. Just for giggles I searched Amazon for "motorcycle tires" and got 3 pages of various brand MC tires. I didn't see anything exciting, but thought I'd throw this out.
  20. Motorcycles do get in your blood, don't they? Even if just for an occasional ride to the next town for a Dairyqueen treat and some fresh air.
  21. Lewis, Its a crazy year. You and Charlene stay healthy and we can do Vogel next year. Randy R
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