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  1. Never had to do that. We just put on thicker gloves and extra thick socks. But we just moved to Joplin Missouri from Dallas Texas. Need Wind therapy year round. Working on my bike now. Feeling a little under the weather not being able to ride now.
  2. Good then. I'm about ready to pull it. Just got the drive shaft left to do. Do I need to pull the rear wheel. Or disconnect at the york there. Stopped there got attached by my twin 2yo nephews . They're helping with taking parts and tools then running. LOL looking up drive shaft now.
  3. I have watched most of these videos so far. Remind me of shop class. Teacher was cool. Last class of the day. Told us work on what ever you want. Just don't cut off your hands or get caught. And put the dam tools back where got them.
  4. Pulling my motor now. Blown head gasket or motor. What do want for it. May need it for parts or something. Or just restore that one. Got mine 3/10/2020 done put 6k and wore out a new rear tire. Wife always on the back with the tent and air mattress, and peanut butter and crackers. If we get lost. Pop the tent and have a snack. Start over in the morning Love this bike so far.
  5. Sorry it has taken so long to get back to y'all. Been little under weather and weathers been bad. I started the breaking down bike yesterday. Got alot of broken tabs and cracks in the plastics fairing. Was lots of zip ties. Windshields good. Lol. Questions for y'all ? Been using the maintenance video posted on page 4 of 83 tech and talk. Old VHS tapes shop class. As a guide. Think I am at TDC OR 180 OUT. got the fairing off, rear master, brake lever, shifter and pegs. Radiator and carburetor. And exhaust pipes. Doing starter,coolent area. Now do I need to pull the leakage, clu
  6. Water was from the carburetor overflow tube I will be starting the tear down after doctor appointment. Anyone got a link for a cheap gasket set. 83 xvz 1200
  7. I did the water compression test. Left rear cylinder number one filled with water carburetor everything and water came out of the frame top right hand corner of the picture crossbar not sure why water in the frame the crossbar under the seat behind the motor right by the wiring. And I'm in the crossbar the frame I moved everything and water in the frame
  8. Seen the bike on Craigslist really cheap. We were looking for at goldwings. Like how it looked but no #2 gear. Looking up how hard it was to repair. Seen some of Puc Puc youtube post he talked about VR forum. Anyway I asked about repairing and the price kept dropping. Was getting a scared. Told buy it and skip 2 gear. 3/10/2020. We love the bike. Put over 6k miles on her. Now she is on the stand with a milkshake. But we will definitely fix her.
  9. Got the pressure tester. Got her parked in the backyard so she can see the road. Got to spray her off. Drain the last of the oil & water. Let y'all know what I find.
  10. In my lntro I put a picture. There's a mess in that area. Still have to do the a compression test.
  11. Thank you puc. That may be the problem. Posted a picture of the area that is greasy. First oil change no water in oil. But the air cleaner had a milkshake in it. So I cleaned the twinky box. Thought that was the problem Had a small drip. Added gasket sealer waited a hour then I torked it down. Replaced fluids. That when I got the full milkshake . There's a water jacket there. It goes thru The cam chain . So I hope it's the o-rings. I carry that many tools with me too. Been up watching videos all night.
  12. top picture that is the only place that is greasy.
  13. It's water for sure. Left rear plug area wet and oily. valve cover discolored from others
  14. Glad your okay,,.I may need some parts water in oil. Just starting to see how bad it is. But we love this bike. So it will back on the road soon.
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