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  1. I bought a 83 venture last year.The front brake keeps seizing.This spring I put new brake pads all around.I Took apart the brake system and cleaned it.I bled the system and the front brake gets tighter and tighter.It eventually siezes up again.What could be wrong
  2. I need help dealing with my CLASS system.... When I turn the bike on ACC the Class monitor shows 88, then it cycles to 0, then the E1 appears...it will stay on E1 for about 5 seconds then you'll hear a double "click" where the compressor is and the cycle will start over...back to 88 then to 0 then to E1..repeat etc..If I try to use the system it immediately goes to E1 Any idea what it can be and how to fix...Thanks in advance
  3. Is anyone else experiencing any problems logging on to PayPal, I have been trying for over an hour and cant get onto the site, system keeps timing out...........I am trying to send Rick Butler a payment.
  4. DonB posted a great diagram on troubleshooting the ignition system. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=15135 He lists the specs for an '85. Are these the same specs for an '89? Thanks...
  5. New tires are on the way for both bikes, Dingy's tool is on the way, my replacement rear master brake cylinder and resv. are on the way, now while I have the rear wheel off getting the new tire mounted I will replace the rear brake system, hoping that cures whats ailing the linked braking system. I will also take the time to check and adjust the fork nut, I dont think it needs it but will check it anyway, if all goes well the 1st Gen will be back to the way it was with the exception of 2nd gear, which will have to wait for the Muffin to get back and get all rested up and hopefully come down with Mini and visit and help me with that, if not I will just have to live with it for the time being. Now if I can get Todd over here with master mechanic Bubba we might get the CB figured out........... The V Star will be taking a back seat for a while, and I can do some things to it that I have been putting off.
  6. has anyone found a way to upgrade the stereo system on rsv?
  7. Been looking at Tach's for maintenance work. I would like one that works with both the Venture V4 and V-Twins. This is the only one I've found that will do from 1-12 cylinders. It also provides three means of connection(s). What type of ignition system does the 2004 Venture have? How about an 2005 V-Star 1100. A Multiple Spark Ignition System orDirect (coil on plug) Ignition System This is the Tach I'm thinking about. Will it work? I like the Inductive Pick-Up on Spark Plug Wire for maintenance work. Thanks in advance.
  8. Ok, we got a set of rebuilt calipers, put them on and after a few hours of fiddling with them got a little pressure in the handle and foot pedal, now I wouldvecpect with new calipers that the pull should get very hard quickly, they don't as a matter of fact the front brake will slow uou down a little but will not stop you (I would hate to try and make a quick stop with s car in front of me ) anyways the back brake and front are a little better but not much, any ideas? Feels real spongy, I've never worked on a linked brake system and my first thought is this system sucks! Could someone post some instructions? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  9. My parents are getting ready to replace there 25yr old bryant heat pump system with something more efficiant since they are getting 500 plus elec bills and cant get gas were they are. I know there are some real good systems out there and some bad ones who recomnds what and why?? Im trying to help them out with all the info I can. I did do some hvac for a awhile so I do know some but not who has the best and why. Thanks
  10. I have now lost two marine grade drink holders off the handlebars. I'm going to a RAM Mount system. It's been dead reliable for my GPS, and when I get a video camera, I'll mount to the same place. I am a fan of the RAM Mount system. My question is whether anyone has used one for passenger drink holding? I have an RSTD, so mounting it to the saddle bag guards is about my only option. Anyone have experience with RAM Mounts there? Dave
  11. I am having a couple of problems on my 1989 Venture Royale. The first problem is the headlight. Works like a champ on high beam, but when you switch to low, it is very dim, and the warning light comes on. About 2 months ago, while driving home at night, the headlight stopped working. I assumed a blown fuse. After pulling the top off of the fuse box, I found that the fuse was not blown, but the plastic fuse box had been melted near the fontact points, and the contacts were burnt and broken. The next day, I bought a new fuse panel, and replaced the old glass fuses with ATM blade style fuses. After I rewired the box and installed all the fuses, everything worked perfect. About 2 weeks later, the low beam went very dim. Checked and changed the fuse, but still very dim. High beam is perfect. I am also getting a brake fluid light and I have checked the fluid many times. There is no problem with the fluid level, or the brake system. I have had 2 motorcycle mechanics verify this. Also, the computer leveling system is not working. When the key is switched to Acc. the system appears to try to turn on, and then I see what looks like an error code that says E4 and then the screen fades out and seems to lose power. in the corner it still reads PSI in very small letters. I have checked the power to the unit, and it is good. I unplugged the connector to the back of the unit and plugged it back in, and it still does the same thing. I cleaned the connectors, still no success. Then I held pressure on the back of the connector, and it worked. I was able to adjust the system with both automatic and manual settings. However as soon as I let go of the connector, it would turn back off. Any help with these 2 problems would be great. I have seen many posts about re-soldering cold joints, and I have thought about trying this. However, I was wondering if anybody might know a step by step on how to do this. Also, does anybody have pictures of these joints and what I am looking for. Thanks in advance for everybodys help.
  12. First let me say howdy again to everyone. I used to frequent these boards 10 or so years ago and learned a lot from ya'll on my newly aquired Royale. My question is: Has anyone heard or tried using a Megasquirt system on one of these bikes and putting fuel injection on it? I was reading over at http://www.megamanual.com/forums.htm and run across a post about someone that had one on theirs while leaving the carbs on and could be coverted back to a carb system with little to no major mods. Very tempted to give it a try but this being a single case on the Megasquirt boards I'd like to know if more are out there.
  13. Any of you lads out there use 44K Power Enhancer for cleaning out your fuel system? Soon will be the time to put the bike away for the winter, I'm still trying to squeeze in as much riding as possible before that time.. So this would be an opportune time to clean out the carbs and such with this product.. However, what's the best method? Full can in the tank and run it hard? Run some full strength though the system for a bit ? What's the general consensus on this?
  14. Okay, as some of you know I ordered Ed-sets and Mic-mutes only to discover that Venture's didn't come into Oz with the CB. Bill Morphy gave great help to me so I could still install the mic-mutes. He suggested I get PTT buttons from AirRider. They changed their whole system on site so I could order from over here, and didn't charge enough shipping. Can't go back into their system and send the extra (was done with creditcard) SO:Can someone help me?? I can paypal the funds ($US21.02) if someone can forward it on to the contact there.
  15. I bought a Midland Cb to go in my 85. I'm not overly electrical Hooking up the power will be no problem . Cutting the panel and fitting the radio in shouldn't be hard either. I also have a guy at a local cb shop that will help me install the antenna and set it up an swr meter. What I'm not sure about is can I connect the cb to my radio speakers to hear through them? pa system on the radio.That way I don't have to rely on the mike speaker? or should I just spring for a helmet speaker mike system? If anyone can help with this I'd appreciate it. I;ve never had a CB on a bike before but now that I travel more with members with a radio I'd like to get into it. Any help out there?
  16. As I have posted before I purchased Ed-sets and Mic-mutes for the Quike. I then found no CB on my bike:doh: After emailing Bill Morphy at Ed-sets, he suggested a company where I could purchase CB PTT buttons and still be able to use his Mic-mutes. A member on here, Steve Neal contacted AirRider.com and gave me direct email contact with a Mr Tracy Rogers. I was unable to buy online as their system would not allow me to fill in shipping for Australia. Well, he spoke to their administrator -- and they changed the whole system to allow me to order on line So just wanted to let you know about a good U.S. company :clap2:
  17. Hi All, After purchasing the Ed-set intercom set up and the Mic-mutes stupid me found I don't have the factory CB installed on my bike :bang head: I contacted Bill Morphy by email and asked for advice, and he has suggested a way to still hook up the mic-mutes to the system. I need to purchase rider and passenger "push to talk" buttons from AirRider.com in Ooltewah TN but they don't ship to Australia Their site won't let me create an account Can any one help me to get these.
  18. Noticed front brakes were getting real noisey? Pulled pads and seemed to have 50-60% pads left, but they seemed awfully glazed. Had some new EBC's on the bench so replaced them anyways? Bled system and took for a ride. Now I don't know if its my imagination or I screwed up, but brakes seem really Soft? Seems I have to pump them to get them to grab hard. Now they do stop the bike, but I feel they should grab much harder than they do? I'm gonna re-bled the system to ensure all air is out but I have a feeling in the back of my head that the pistons are sticking???? I've gone through three sets of pads on the rear, have 35k on the fronts and still 60% left? wondering if this hasn't been an issue for a bit? If I have to take apart the calipers, rebuild, is it a big deal? Searched for a post here, but???? Theres a procedure in the manual, but sometimes folks here have such better insite????? Is there a rebuild kit that needs to be ordered? Leaving for biketoberfest the 14th, so would like to have it done by then???????????? Any help? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Art708

    CB radio

    I have a question. Do you need a headset plugged in to hear the CB? I know that you need a mike to talk but can't you listen through the audio system?
  20. Kirby


    Ok here's a question that's probably been asked a thousand times already. What is a good cheap gps that works well with the 09RSV? I'm kinda old school and use maps normally but lately everyone is encouraging me to bite the bullet and get a gps system for my bike. Which one and what features to look for? I have Roadhouse mufflers so the bike is a little loud. I don't use the helmet intercom system either. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  21. Snarley Bill and I have been "discussing" which direction Yamaha will go with their future touring bike....he says it will be an updated Venture with the new Vmax 1800 engine. I've been saying that I believe it will be based on the Stratoliner. Take a look at the 2010 Stratoliner Deluxe. They are halfway there....fairing, sound system, hard bags, etc. All it lacks for me is 1.) Cruise Control and 2.) the Trunk. Hey Bill.....I can almost taste that Culpepper's Fish!!! Joe
  22. I have lost voice on my whole system. No CB, no intercom with passenger and no cell phone using Buddy Rich Cable (worked fine before). Not sure if anyone else has had such a problem and where I could look for this. It all started about 2 weeks ago. Not sure if this may be related or not. I had my bike parked in buddy's driveway and his wife backed in my bike on the left side. That flipped the bike on the right and it rolled a fair bit (enough to scratch the top of the fairing and windshield). It may have pulled on the audio cable....not sure. To test I have exchanged helmet with my passenger and still same. I can hear her but she can't hear me. Same goes with the phone and CB, I can hear but they can't hear me. Any idea? I will ask the dealer to look at it under the insurance claim or under warranty....his choice I would think this is covered by warranty...right? Thanks for any suggestions.
  23. OK, i know i should not do it but i need to for work . i want to hook my cell phone up to the intercom so i can answer the phone when riding , i don't want to have to buy a Zumo and a bluetooth phone . i would just like to plug the phone in to the system . anybody know if there is a adapter or how to make one ? Thom
  24. WOW...going to court in Arkansas can be a real Pain in the A**!! http://nwaonline.net/articles/2009/09/03/news/090409arshotincourt.txt How can a system get so corrupted???
  25. and I promise this will be my last post on this subject. Flame it if you must, but just read it all before you do. After the "healthy" discussion in the previously related post I decided to get an experts view on the AIS. I talked to a factory-cert'd mechanic today and asked him to explain the system in general, not just specific to our Ventures. He said that any changes to the exhaust, from merely drilling small holes in the baffles, to a full-on custom exhaust will cause the injection system to perform at less-than-designed efficiency. The less back-pressure, or restriction down stream will allow more fresh, cooler air to be drawn thru the injection system into the exhaust, thereby causing the detonation of unburned gasses that we hear. He said this was one of the issues that H-D encountered when they introduced the "parade-mode" of dropping the rear cylinder in idling situations to help keep the bike cooler. Add aftermarket pipes and the amount of fresh air being pumped into the rear cylinder increased and caused the same thing we are seeing when the rear cylinder came back up. He said he has tried unsucessfully to fabricate some sort of "orfice" that would restrict the amount of air equal to stock conditions. He said fuel injected bikes were less-succeptible to it, and easier to correct. I asked if he had encountered other problems thru the years that contributed to the problem, and he said "of course", the same as mentioned here, fouled plugs, leaky vac. lines, old fuel, and on and on, but the main problem was the relieving of the back pressure. He's an old-school kind of guy, so I didn't bring up the Polar Bears and global warming. I'm done now.
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