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Found 25 results

  1. :cool10:Over in NY I came up behind what I thought was a Harley riding two up and I'm thinking oh no they will probably be riding slow (Seems that is the way most of them ride not bashing them ) so I'm following them through the twisty roads and they are moving right along and then I saw a little bit of the side of the bike. It was a RSTD but had the saddlebag guards on it so thats why I did realize it right away. I followed them for about twenty miles of really twisty road before they turned off at a Dunkin Donuts.
  2. I need to replace my engine guards and saddlebag guards. I can't find the right part numbers. All I can find is beat-up take-offs. I'd prefer to not replace crash-damaged parts with scraped up guards. What other options do I have? Baron Customs? Someone triked a bike and has new saddlebag guards? Ideas? Dave
  3. I have a 2008 RSTD and I just installed the saddlebag guards. I like them fine, except the stock turn signals now almost touch the saddlebag guards leaving a cluttered appearance. I considered purchasing a license tag set up with lights on either side that are the turn signals but then I would leave behind the holes in the rear fender from the original lights. Does anyone make a replacement that either goes onto the existing mount / stem or do any of you have any creative / attractive solutions that you have tried? Thanks. R.
  4. For those with auxilliary driving/fog lamps......where and how do you have them mounted? I've read several articles on wiring them and I'm ok in that department. What I'm mulling over is where did you mount them? Do you have them mounted to the fairing?, clamped to the engine guards? Did you have to drill holes in the fairing or is there a specific mounting bracket? Any advise is welcome......and as I've so often read here "pics would be better."
  5. I'd like your thoughts on mini floor pegs for the forward engine guards. Do they help, are they available?
  6. Will the full size engine guards from a Road Star fit a 96 Royal Star? Thought I'd ask, I know someone selling the guards really cheap. Thanks, Jon
  7. I wan't to purchase the Kuryaken Long Horn highway pegs but I don't know what clamps size to order. I want to install on the engines guards just in front of the front floor boards. ANyone know for my 07 RSTD? Thanks:doh:
  8. I have now lost two marine grade drink holders off the handlebars. I'm going to a RAM Mount system. It's been dead reliable for my GPS, and when I get a video camera, I'll mount to the same place. I am a fan of the RAM Mount system. My question is whether anyone has used one for passenger drink holding? I have an RSTD, so mounting it to the saddle bag guards is about my only option. Anyone have experience with RAM Mounts there? Dave
  9. After reading the excellent thread on this site on how to fix the flexing problems in the engine guards, I made the repairs yesterday. I did it as the thread said to, and without a glitch. I just can not believe that Yamaha does not know that this is a poor design and a real weak spot. God forbid anyone dropping their bike prior to doing the fix, I'm sure a lot of bodywork would have to be done. The hardest part of the entire job is taking off the floorboard mounts, they are torqued on and with blue locktite. The 1" 3 piece bar clamps were the most expensive items on the list, at $7.99 each from J&P Cycles. Part # 7000127 . Do yourself a big favor and make this fix, you will not believe how solid it makes the engine guards!
  10. Was wondering if any of you have this issue... I reviewed the site earlier this year as I wanted to get highway pegs. Lots of good talk on the Kuryakyn Longhorn footpegs, so I bought them. They work great, offer several foot positions and work well with the Yamaha air deflectors I added. Question is... if put good pressure on them (say... push myself back in the saddle) I can see/feel the engine guards flexing. As a result, I don't do that, however was wondering if others have the same issue? The engine guards seem to have a surprising amount of flex in them. I can get them to flex simply by grabbing on and pulling on them. I checked the bolts and they're tight. Just curious to others experiences. My RSTD was similiar. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Bob
  11. Well...a couple of months ago, the wife decided she was cool with riding her own bike and would be just has happy on the back of the Venture....So, she let me trade her bike in on a V-Max. I'd been eye balling a few here and there and last Fri decided to pull the trigger and picked me up a 2006 Max w/3600 miles on the clock. Picked it up for $8k out the door...which isn't a bad price, but not a good one either....unless you consider the stuff it came with. It already had the engine guards, sport shield, frame braces, and a few other items that I am still finding as I work over the bike (just found that the previous owner installed a K&N air filter, a couple of hours ago). Also has a nice lil airbrush job on the lid that can be ....let's say...distracting, at times Been having a blast with it since, although I still have to get used to the seat position and not having a "real" shield in front. But, dang that thing is quick....Swapped out the grips and added some lighting up front. Half way through swapping the turn signals, as well....got the rears done & the fronts are waiting till this weekend. Previous owner installed some little signals, that while clean looking, don't light up for crap. Also threw a set of pegs on the guards to stretch out a little when cruising down the highway. Anywayz, just thought I'd share:D
  12. Hello all, I purchased a set of saddlebag guards and I was lining them up and noticed that there is a chrome plug where the guard's rear bolt would attach the guard to the chrome mount. Since I am less mechanically inclined then I care to admit, but without cash to have someone else do it, my question is do I have to take the chrome mounting off the bike to get the chrome plug out? Thanks, John.
  13. Can one of you gurus here verify? I am almost certain the crash guards are the same on the tour deluxe as the venture. Can anyone verify that?
  14. I have an '06 RSTD, midnight version. I've been trying to honor the darkly menacing intent of the midnight scheme, and so have been limiting the chrome I add. At the same time, the single tail light seems insufficient, and I am considering adding more tail lights. I am considering adding the saddlebag guards I have seen in photos. The guards that protect the lower sides and back, attached to the stock front guard. I think I am not calling them the right thing, because I can't seem to find them, or if I have found them I don't recognize what they are called. My thought is that I would attach lights to the guards. I've seen LED bullet lights used, which would be fine for the purpose. I wonder if I can use the guards as cable chases? Could I replace the side reflectors with marker lights? What other additional tail light options are there? I'd appreciate your knowledge and ideas. Dave
  15. How many here belong to the Patriot Guards? I was reading a little about this group this weekend, I like what they stand for and was wondering about a few things about them. Do you have to be a veteran to belong? Do they have local meeting places? How often are you required to be available? While writing this post I realized I could have just gone to their web site. But then I wanted to here from some Patriot Guards from this group. Thanks for any information you can give me. BigD
  16. Really just curious here. Us drivers on the first gen can put a set of highway pegs on the engine guards for ourselves. Has anyone added a set of pegs on the MKI saddlebag guards for the passenger that did not effect the driver? A curious mind wants to know!
  17. I was wondering if anyone has a set of right side guards off a RSV. I am looking for the engine and saddle bag quards. Maybe off a wrecked RSV that went down on its left side. I have a 07 MRSV so this would be the 2nd gen gaurds. Thanks for the help guys and girls. TheKid
  18. Is Yamaha the only place to buy the chrome outside saddle bag guards or is there another site I cannot find that also has them? I have searched but can't seem to find anything else. I'd be content with an after market set or a descent used set vs. paying $215 from a dealer. Am I cheap? Yep! Thanks:whistling:
  19. I did a search & found nothing about hand guards. Has anyone here put them on their RSV? I have a Clearview Shield coming soon, does this better protect the hands from the cold winter wind? Thanks.
  20. My last bike was a BMW K1200RS. I dropped that thing over one time from a standstill - A STANDSTILL, I said - and it caused $3800 in damage when it landed on its side. When it reached a certain axis, it was going down, and not King Kong or anyone else was going to hold it. That is why I am not buying any more BMW's. They do not have any protection for that sort of thing. A few bikes before that, I owned a Gold Wing. Now there is a behemoth. I also dropped that thing a couple of times, and it took Man Mountain Dean and a small army to heft it back into place. However...it always landed on these engine guards and tilted at about 45 degrees without any damage to anything. Nothing but the guards touched the ground. Again, there is nothing like that for most BMW's. I have also looked at Honda ST 1300's, which I really like. They have these wings on the side and some bar you can buy that sticks out behind the rear footpets to prevent those BMW drop-problems. This is a good thing. Now we come to the RSV. 807 lbs. Another leviathan. In the Gold Wing category. What happens when you drop an RSV on its side? Are there engine guards to keep the fairing and handle bars intact? Does it fall completely over and bend all kinds of stuff? Do those side bag guards do anything, or are they just for decoration? By and by, most of us are going to drop this thing, and I would like to know what is going to happen then?This is very important to me when I choose my next bike. It is one of the most important considerations on my list.
  21. This is unbelievable. As a quick recap, I took my Venture in to have a wider windshield and passing lamps installed by a dealership (Hahm Motorsports in Anaheim) and they basically jacked up my bike while in their possession (i.e. fairing, lowers, and highway peg). I went to pick the bike up after all the replacement of the aforementioned damaged parts and low and behold, they managed to back the bike up into something and caved in one of the saddle bag guards in the rear. I just took the bike with me and had them order me a new set of guards (on them) that I will install myself. This is incompetence to the "n" th degree. It would almost be comical, if it weren't happening to me.
  22. Vmax Forward Controls V-max VMX12 i bet if i take off my motor guards these will work but just a little costly
  23. See my other thread... http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=12150
  24. OK,,,, here goes Will 1986-1993 rear bag guards work on a 1983 venture will the bolt up or will i have to modify some part Thanks lee :confused24:
  25. Are the bolt-on engine and luggage guards for 83-85 VRs still available out there??? Sure wouldn't mind having a set on the ride, haven't been able to find them. Any ideas????? Thanks to all!!!!
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