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  1. So where is my heart symbol so people can respond? Guess I’m being sensored....
  2. HERE HERE HERE. Finally, more and more people are getting oxygen to that third brain cell. Lets hope that this keeps expanding and the truth gets out to as many people as possible. Argo
  3. That's going to be my next bike, that's a good cat 🐈
  4. Been waffling on upgrading the 83 for couple years. Priced right, already had the upgraded seat for tall, fat boys (like me), exhaust really sounds nice. 2013 Honda Gold Wing F6B Deluxe Led lights, Pathfinder turn signals and running lights with integrated turn signals Kuryakan running lights ?, Cobra 6 into 6 exhaust installed with torque loops, Ultimate king seat. 24k miles, 1/2 worn tires. Great records, one owner, always dealer serviced.
  5. Thanks everyone, little bugger is a rocket, holy crap, please pray for me...🙂
  6. You are going to really enjoy that bike.
  7. Beautiful bike congrats! I hear ya on the forward controls, I rode my buddies FXDL last week through the Rockies where he lives, I took me 3/4 of the day to get used to putting my feet forward from a stop. Once riding i was fine with it but still awkward in technical turns. If I can convince him to sell it to me I’ll be sure to get used to it though
  8. Nice find and a Very Nice Ride! Enjoy...
  9. I don’t look at wearing mask as being a political thing. Not all courageous people live through the cause to see another Day. I wore masks at work too keep from getting emphysema. I was dumb founded by the people who wouldn’t wear them. A lot of them retired with lung problems. Your personal health is your responsibility it’s not a peer pressure thing!!!
  10. Rode with the guys up to the cabin last week, then spent some time riding the by-ways of North Central Pennsylvania. Had a great time. One of my friends has a 1986 Suzuki Cavalcade. GV1400GT He started losing clutch fluid and was leaking fluid down by where I'd expect the clutch slave cylinder to be. Ended up losing the clutch completely, and I figured he must have blown the seal on the slave cylinder. He rode it back to the cabin without a clutch. I told him that he may as well just replace the master and the slave. Master cylinder (aftermarket) was easy to find, but I cannot find a slave,...or release....cylinder anywhere. I'd be willing to replace the seal / rebuild the cylinder if necessary, but I'd trust a complete replacement much more. His mechanical skills limit him to pretty much changing oil, so I told him I'd help with the replacement, but can't find the parts. I'd imagine other years / models will have similar or even the same parts, but I can't find confirmation of this. I figured I'd put this out there for the most resourceful group I know to see if anyone can help track down a slave cylinder. The only one I found was on e-bay, and it's used, and it's in Canada. Any ideas?
  11. Hi all, For us older riders, to include my brother @cowpuc I did a review on the Copper Joint compression socks and knee sleeve. Seriously, the FDA and the CDC both recommend them for people that sit a lot, like we do gas stop to gas stop. I don't know about you but I get light headed getting up from the ground after playing with my grandson on the floor. Here is my review. Copper Joint has an interesting twist that worked for me but I also bought other brands now that I know compression socks work for m https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2021/08/21/copperjoint-compression-socks-and-sleeve-review-riding-tested/ Hope this helps, Comments always welcome. VentureFar...
  12. I think we’ve gotten spoiled around here not having to deal with the B.S. on those other sites.
  13. If you have not found it yet, this is the best all round Goldwing forum, https://www.gl1800riders.com/ . I have visited the F6B forums from time to time and managed to get sideways with the owner of one of them, we had a few words and I told him to take a flying leap at rolling doughnut, just beware, wish I could remember which forum it was.
  14. I think I know what kc61 is trying to say since I've gone through dealer visits over for the last month or so after complaining so long about the same problems that everyone else is having w/ their 2018s from the start (fob, informant and map problems). My dealer 1st replaced the brake switch (again) and updated the system (I did it the 1st time). After the update, the GPS had me somewhere in the middle of Lake Michigan. I live in Milwaukee. Then, the fob and GPS antennas were replaced after problems with the update. The new parts and the map update did nothing to correct the problem so save your $100.00. Now, Yamaha is sending out the new, updated (2021) informant system. My dealer said it will be a total replacement. He stated Yamaha said I had to go through all of the previous B.S. before getting to this point. I did call Yamaha a few times to complain. At some point I think Yamaha will save some money and skip on unnecessary parts replacement and just replace the system as a whole. I'll keep everyone updated.
  15. Typhoid is not a respiratory pathogen. It basically has to be ingested to spread. The scenario as you present it has some cross overs but take those with a grain of salt. Here is what I found on the CDC's site for the spreading of typhoid: How are typhoid fever and paratyphoid fever spread? These diseases are spread through sewage contamination of food or water and through person-to-person contact. People who are currently ill and people who have recovered but are still passing the bacteria in their poop (stools) can spread Salmonella Typhi or Salmonella Paratyphi. You can get typhoid fever or paratyphoid fever if You eat food or drink a beverage that has been touched by a person who is shedding (getting rid of) Salmonella Typhi or Salmonella Paratyphi in their poop and who has not washed their hands thoroughly after going to the bathroom. Sewage contaminated with Salmonella Typhi or Salmonella Paratyphi gets into water you drink. Sewage contaminated with Salmonella Typhi or Salmonella Paratyphi gets into water used to rinse food you eat raw.
  16. This one already has the throttle lock, same as my 83. Not the same as cruise, but I mostly ride for enjoyment in the country. No trunk, only two bags. (I've had my trunk and bags off my 83 since the day I bought it 8 years ago), although I did like that I could click my 83 trunk on in an instant. They do make a nice tour luggage bag that connects in the post for the rear passenger.
  17. See that....THAT'S why I posted. For some reason, I had trouble finding that specific model. Looks like it is the same cylinder as on some other Suzi's. I ended up ordering one from Partzilla. Shipping was quicker. Thanks to all my VR friends......So much more than "Venture" site.
  18. check these links https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/suzuki/motorcycle/1986/gv1400gd/19-clutch https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/suzuki/motorcycle/1986/gv1400gd/66-clutch-master-cylinder
  19. Just kidding ...its a nice looking ride
  20. You best bet is just to keep monitoring Ebay and see if one shows up as they do from time to time. Pinwall Cycle out of Ohio seems to have some from time to time and they sell on ebay. Good luck Rick F.
  21. The early ones didnt have cruise control. But you may not want that. For me Its almost required for long trips.
  22. LOL I had help .getting back up. I've learned not to get down on the floor without a "backup" plan.
  23. OK...try here: https://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/1986-suzuki-cavalcade-gv1400gd/o/m147939#sch263810
  24. But...but...but.... It's a Honda!!! (Nice color though) grins!!!
  25. Your cat dragged in something nice!
  26. I hade COVID19 back in Dec. 2019, confirmed with anitibodies test. This was long before anyone(except Anthony Fauci) had even heard of COVID19. I have been exposed to COVID19 several times since then and always tested negative for infection. I should be forced to take an inadequately tested, experimental"vaccine"(it's not a true vaccine), with the possibility of severe side effects, including death when I have more/better antibodies to the infection than the "vaccine" provides? Not in this lifetime.
  27. Motion Pro uses manometer fluid and is probably the most accurate and sensitive though incorrectly used the fluid could get sucked right out of it. Morgan Carb Tune is probably one of the more popular and since it uses rods rather than fluid, fluid loss is not an issue. Storage and transporting is not an issue either. However on the odd occasion the rods have been known to get sticky if some foreign material found its way into the tool. I occasionally check mine by using a homemade 5 port manifold to which I connect all four hoses and a mighty vac applie vacuum and make sure all four rods read the same. You can also use this test on the gauge type to ensure they all read the same as well. The Four Gauge set is probably the most trouble free and unlike the first two it does not need to hang vertical and can be used in any position. You do have to check the gauges and make sure all four read in sync with one another as with the morgan. Home Made you can also make your own using four gauges or a single gauge with four valves on a rigged up manifold. Below is a PDF for one I made from scrap parts. You can make a similar one by combining brass parts as well (that is How Marcarl made his which is where I got the idea for mine ) The single gauge eliminates discrepancy between gauges and the valves allow you to both select the cylinder you want to check and dampen the pulses so you get a steady needle reading. Use of the valves to dampen pulses eliminates the need for restrictions in the hoses or the more expensive fluid dampened gauges which I find often tend to loose their fluid over time The down side is you cannot check all four cylinders at the same time you have open and close each valve one at a time and compare your readings that way. But it does make for a very compact and effective unit. HOMEMADE CARB SYNC TOOL.pdf
  28. What I found is that it was a Road Star not necessarily a Venture: Yamaha XV1600A - Wikipedia
  29. i spent many months going over the bike front to back Repair .....Forks , Steering head , brakes , Changing system (New Stator ), new tires 102 70 R18 on the front ,,,Removed faring , removed rear Trunk , removed 65 lbs ,, Installed a back rest at the rear ,,I moved all the relays to under the seat ,,, I repined the center shock by 1/2 ., to raise the rear wheel and lower the bike by 1 1/2 inches ...My feet are flat on the ground ..I have 5 inches clearance about the rear wheel and 5 inches of ground clearance at 15 PSI on the rear/center shock 20 psi will increase the ground clearance to 6 inches ,,,still lots to do , I need to find a better place for coolant recovery can ,, then repaint the bikecrease the ground to 6 inches .
  30. Definitely not normal! The Gen 1's will pull hard to and past red line(no rev limiter). I've had my '83 over the ton many times. She did not get great mileage, 34-36 mpg on the best days, but I really rode her like I stole her more often than not. My '86 is almost as fast but not as quick, if that makes sense. She gets closer to 40 mpg, but I also didn't tend to push the red line as hard on her. You should be able to cruise at 65 mph, drop a gear or 2, go WOT and hold on for dear life.
  31. For the best advice on trailering your bike visit the Harley forum. If they don't know ain't nobody knows.
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