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  1. Pasta Burner, Here is the thread that I posted in about repairing the side stand back in 2018. Hopefully the links for the parts are still valid. Let me know if they don't work and I can dig a bit to find the list of parts I used. Mine has been perfect since I did the repair. Regards, Argo
  2. saddlebum, All deaths are a tragic no matter the cause. I believe the point that is trying to be made is the extent that the "measures" that have been and are currently being made mandatory for entire populations are well out of proportion to the actual death rates when compared to other viruses etc. This is what causes people to question the reasons that these actions are taking place. I for one see far too many things that are coming to light after the fact that make me question the true motives of those "in charge". For me it goes much farther back than 2019. Argo
  3. HERE HERE HERE. Finally, more and more people are getting oxygen to that third brain cell. Lets hope that this keeps expanding and the truth gets out to as many people as possible. Argo
  4. I use a mixture of Seafoam and Stabil at every fill up, keep in an old Stabil bottle in the saddlebag. Mix both together at recommended rates. Never have any issues if the bike sets for any length of time or over winter. In addition, I also almost always use non-ethanol gas. I try to start it at least once a month over winter and run until warmed up. Argo
  5. As soon as the media (and politicians) started reporting and blowing things out of proportion, it went downhill very fast. Early on it was portrayed "as the end of life as we know it" and "everyone over a certain age was going to die". Actually had people say that to me and my wife. The ones "in charge" are still claiming that they are "following the science", but in reality that is far from the actual truth of the matter. Since I live in Pennsylvania I will use that as an example. Total Population: 12,802,000 (Estimated by by Census Bureau as of July 1, 2019) Total Covid-19 Positive Tests: 145,000 As of 9-14-20 Reported by PA Dept of Health (Will not start a debate about whether or not testing is valid just using their reported numbers) Total Reported Deaths Attributed to Covid-19: 7,800 As of 9-14-20 Reported by PA Dept of Health(Again, will not debate accuracy of this number, just using their reported numbers) Percentage of Reported Deaths to Reported Positive Tests as of 9-14-20: 5.4% (Calculated from above numbers) Percentage of Covid-19 Deaths to Total Population: 0.061% (Calculated from above numbers) Add to this the US information as of today from the US Census Bureau and CDC website. Total US Pop: 330,301,742 Total US Case Covid-19: 6,537,627 Total US Deaths Covid-19: 194,092 Deaths as a percentage of Total Cases: 2.97% Deaths as a percentage of Total Pop: 0.0589% And at least in Pennsylvania the vast majority of deaths have occurred in nursing homes and like facilities. And this is were our Governor and State Secretary of Health were sending known cases. Remember we were told that there would be 250K deaths by summer. Didn't happened. And yet again we are being told that there is a "Second Wave" coming this fall with another 250k of deaths. Naturally, the more testing that is being done, the more cases that are being reported. We are also inundated with the total number of deaths, and again I am not going to debate the accuracy of those numbers. The simple fact that is not being reported is that the percentage of deaths compared to the total cases and the total population is continuing to drop. And that percentage is in line with what it would be from just the ordinary flu. We must get away from the fear and the how we think / feel basis of decisions and policy and get back to a normal way of life based upon the truth. The number one instrument that is being used to drive the current narrative is the face mask. The ultimate goal, and I believe that there is at least one, is that of control. I encourage everyone, not just residents of Pennsylvania, to check out the open letter to the Commonwealth of PA at https://americanpastorsnetwork.net/restorethelaw/ The resolution can be viewed here: https://americanpastorsnetwork.net/a-resolution/ Argo
  6. Jeff, I didn't have a meter capable of this with me yesterday. Will test as instructed later today and report back. Thanks, Argo
  7. Electrical Experts, Rode my 86VR 2 weeks ago for about 80 miles. No issues, charging was normal 13.8 - 14.2 volts. Bike was sitting outside with a cover on. Went to ride last Saturday and I got nothing, checked the battery and it was completely dead, no volts. Pulled the battery yesterday and placed on a charger overnight. Took a charge and held it all day. Installed battery this evening to start trouble shooting. Bike started right up with no problem. No warning lights and charging at 14.2V. Trouble shooting procedure so far: 1. I disconnected all of the accessories that I have added. 2. Connected positive terminal and get a draw of 12.9V from negative battery terminal to ground cable. 3. Pulled all fuses and draw is still there. 4. Pulled main fuse and draw disappears. 5. Removed the side panels and headlight. 6. Disconnected every connector that I can reach without pulling the seat or the front fairing and draw remains at 12.9V. The bike is not at home where I can really tear into it. Looking for help from anyone who may have had this happen to them. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Argo
  8. Two options here. First is the allen wrench and vise grip idea. From the picture it appears to be a stainless steel SHCS which usually is relatively soft comapred to an alloy SHCS. Tighten the vise grips as tight as possible over the head with the allen wrench in place and then turn both the allen wrench and the vise grip at the same time. Second option is to carefully drill through the center of the fastener. As a reference the standard tap drill for an M5 x 0.8 is 4.2mm or a #19 drill (0.166"). You don't want to drill that big. What you want to do is drill out the center to relieve some pressure. Start with something like a 1/8" or 9/64" drill. Just make certain that you are drilling as straight as possible through the center of the fastener. Will still need to use the allen wrench and vise grip to turn it out. One of three things will probably happen. 1. The SHCS comes out and all is well with the world. 2. It completely strips out. If this happens grind the head off. 3. It twists the head off. If this happens grind the body off square. Using this method provides an advantage in cases 2 or 3. You already have a hole straight through the body of the fastener that was started in the center rather than have to try to get a hole in the center. If the head twists off, odds are that an easy-out or screw extractor will not not work and you will have to drill it out any ways. If you have access to a LH drill that is close to tap drill size you can try that. Often times it will relieve enough pressure at some point and the drill will bite into the body and back out the remainder of the bolt. Worst case scenario is you have to use a tap drill and re-tap the hole. This must be done with care as it is extremely easy to get the tap started and actually cut out the existing threads. In all likelihood it will be too soft to cut a slot and use a screw driver. Good luck. Argo
  9. Speed and Sport is a legitimate Yamaha dealer and parts source in Bloomsburg, PA. They also have an online parts store and an ebay store for NOS. I have dealt with them personally and the woman in charge of the parts department usually knows exactly if / what they have without looking it up. They purchased and I believe still purchase NOS parts from Yamaha dealers that have went out of business. Argo
  10. To All, I would like to thank everybody for keeping things very civil and having an open discussion. I was afraid that my post might insight a "riot" and almost deleted it. The issues are complex as most are and yes, each side will try to manipulate anything to suit their "philosophy" to one degree or another. I think that the greatest fear that many people have isn't the virus itself but the fear of the political and social consequences of the unprecedented actions and power that state Governors and state health officials have wielded. Governor Wolf of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania just reinstated restrictions again for the entire state. This in spite of the fact that any increase in cases (not deaths or hospitalizations) are from the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia areas and not the entire state. I have to add that, in my view, he is acting illegally in defiance of the PA State Constitution as both houses of the state legislature voted to order him to rescind his previous orders. While this was more or less countermanded by the courts, it was really on a technicality. Points to ponder: 1. Just how long is everyone supposed to "social distance" and wear masks? Until they create a vaccine? (if that is even possible) Until everyone tests positive? 2. If this ever ends, what is the next "crisis" that will enable mayors, governors etc. to overstep their authority and violate our individual rights? 3. When has any state be able to restrict the travels of individuals as many states are doing? While not the same or a direct comparison, think about the situation 160 years ago. Civil unrest, diametrically opposed political points of view etc. Or even from 80-100 years ago in Europe, specifically Germany where individuals could not travel without the proper paperwork. 4. Why, when the POTUS wanted to ban international travel from certain infected countries and areas of the world it was deemed "racist"? And yet now it is permissible for states to do basically the same thing and that is OK. 5. While I agree, to a point, that health professionals should be providing some guidance they should not be the sole power dictating public policy through "mandates". 6. All of the things that those in power have "required" us to do to fall in line are being termed "The New Normal". This should be looked upon with more than a little concern. And I am not speaking of just health issues. I believe that some are taking advantage of the situation (whether that situation is completely real or fabricated) to push an agenda. The greatest threat to our way of life in the United States of America right now is the ability of a very few to shame and silence any and all opinions that differ from the narrative that they want everyone to believe. Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Freedom is more important than safety. People want to have the right to speak,to be heard,and vote. ... The drive for the ability to have freedom overpowers the desire for your guarenteed safety. "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Argo
  11. My main issues with all of this are: 1. The seemingly lack of common sense. By both news media and public officials. 2. The misinformation in the widely watched and read public news media. 3. The lack of credible, fact based information put out by various sources. 4. The political finger pointing and subversive agendas to control the population by fear and coercion. Not trying to start an argument or a debate, but just to point out the lack of logic, common sense and truth being reported by the media (both news and social) that is so widespread. Points to consider: A. Lack of consistency of reporting the true cause of death. Seems like every death is caused by covid-19. B. The fact that people can and do test positive (from a valid test) and had very mild cases or never had any symptoms at all. C. It seems as though the vast majority of deaths reported to be caused by covid-19 are individuals that have one or more underlying medical conditions that weaken their immune systems. Covid-19 is the proverbial straw. D. The seemingly lack of testing and use of various non-conventional therapies. Both for treatment and prevention. Here is where logic comes into play. It was reported early on that the covid-19 virus was airborne. That being said, it means that it doesn't spread just by touch, coughing or sneezing. It can be put into the air just by breathing. The virus itself is very small, 0.12 microns. N95 masks protect down to 0.1 microns, but with only 95% efficiency, which is where it gets its name. Even wearing one of these medical grade masks you are not totally protected. That would be one, but not the only, reason that medical professionals have become infected. So the masks that everyone is wearing on their faces are not really doing anything given the materials and the fact that they are not even close to being sealed to the face. The air that is being breathed in and out will always take the path of least resistance. I admit that I am not an expert and haven't read and studied everything there is about this. Just about impossible for an individual to that. But from what I have seen, there are some valid reasons that a truly effect vaccine hasn't been developed for these types of viruses. The main one being that by the time a vaccine is developed, run through test trials, produced in sufficient quantities and then distributed the original virus has mutated or another virus comes about and the vaccine is useless. This is where "herd immunity" comes into play. Herd immunity can be reached when a sufficient number of people in the population have recovered from a disease and have developed antibodies against future infection. For example, those who survived the 1918 flu (influenza) pandemic were later immune to infection with the H1N1 flu, a subtype of influenza A. During the 2009-10 flu season, H1N1 caused the respiratory infection in humans that was commonly referred to as swine flu. This is why these types of infections run out of people to infect and eventually "burn themselves out". A real plan of action would be one where the most vulnerable segment of the population is protected as much as possible from being infected. The healthy population, who have no risk factors and if they contract the illness may experience no symptoms or at the very worst the equivalent to a bad case of the flu should not be restricted in movement, gathering or required to wear masks. These are the people who will have contact with it and build the herd immunity the best and fastest. More testing naturally means more cases. Because of the lack of any testing early on, we do not know when these now positive individuals were infected. They could have been infected back in March for all anyone knows. Unfortunately, the "cure" being forced upon our country's economy is going to be worse than impact of the disease itself. Argo
  12. Condor, You will still probably need to at least use CO2 even with the flux-core wire. Use a helmet with an auto darkening shield to make your life easier. Worth every penny. Get some wax type nozzle shield, anti-spatter spray, extra nozzles and tips. If you don't have them a pair of MIG nozzle pliers is nice. Of course gloves, hat and welding jacket are required also. Best advice is to not look at the arc. Learn to watch the shadows it throws to know what is happening. Arc should sound a lot like crackling bacon in an open pan. Oh and just so you know, there are three types of welds. 1. Ones that hold. 2. Ones that look good. 3. Ones that hold and look good. (This is the most difficult.) Have fun learning. Argo
  13. Sean, Between work and life I don't get the chance to ride as much as I would like. So anytime I get the opportunity I take it and that means if the temps are on the low side I bundle up. I have a 1st gen mkII 86, so it has a full fairing and windshield, but you still can feel the wind and cold. Only time I don't ride is if there is extremely windy or there is a chance of ice and/or wet leaves all over the place. Went for a 100+ mile ride last weekend. Temps were in the low 40's to 50's. I have ridden when the temperature was in the 20's. I wear a set of insulated brown duck coveralls, flannel shirt and insulated boots. Add insulated under garments depending upon the expected temperatures. Best recommendation is to have an outer layer that will break the wind and adjust inner layers as required. I use a full face modular helmet that allows the face to flip up. It has enough room that I can wear a knit head covering that covers everything but my eyes and nose. It is long enough to cover my neck both front and back. That along with keeping the coverall collar up and closed keeps the air off the back of my neck. As to fogging up, an anti-fog spray can help, but I just crack the face shield up a notch and/or open the vents on the helmet. The biggest problem that I personally have is with gloves. I have relatively small hands and too much thick insulation makes it difficult to hold the grips comfortably. Here again, gloves that break the wind help a lot. I find that I mind the colder weather as I get older. Never bothered me when I was younger. Argo
  14. Jeff, Just a word of advice about those handles. The retro fitted knee mills we have all come with fold up crank handles for safety. At least remove the handle from the crank when in operation. Even if the original has teeth or splines and a spring to disengage to spin free, they can move with considerable force when the installed motor starts. Depending upon the height of the handle, it can be really painful. Don't ask how I know. Argo
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