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  1. I took it for 2 slightly longer rides yesterday and it seems to be doing a little better but not amazing. Take offs from a stop get easier and take less revs to get moving but still hesitant. Once moving the bike pulls hard. I hit the highway and it got right up to 90mph effortlessly. But at idle it pops a bit mainly from the right rear cylinder and on decel it pops a bit. I do have a few interested buyers but if it doesnt sell by the end of the weekend I'll try and at least get around to a carb sync as I feel that could help a bit.
  2. Ive run the bike in 15-20 increments since doing the little work ive mentioned above. And after sitting overnight i ran it again this morning and took for a very short ride. Still some popping from right side pipes mainly the rear cylinder I believe. And hesitant to take off but I can get the revs up and it will go and once moving it pulls hard. Is it possibly a carb sync could help this situation? Would be the next easy and cheaper option before working on the carbs themselves which ive decided i wont be doing. Not sure how much it would be to have someone do a sync for me, id need a mobil mechanic to come to the bike and prefer them to have worked on these carbs before. Would be nice to smooth things out even a little bit from where it is now.
  3. So I pulled the tank and airbox lid off. Air filter could stand to be replaced but thats not an issue now. Slides all move freely, are they suppost to return quickly when pushed up? I pulled the outer caps off and the springs and diaphragms look okay. One slide, the left rear cylinder seems to hang up just a little but does return. Will do what I can until the new fuel filter arrives and will run the bike this afternoon. Have plenty of seafoam in the tank so hoping it helps even a little.
  4. I will be pulling the tank off today, I have a can of seafoam on hand and can inject some info each bowl and let sit. Drain and repeat. I will install the new fuel filter today and let it run a while and do that in cycles. Ill attempt a ride if by some miracle the off idle issues clear up a little. I just overhauled the carb on my rosdstar, gotta love a single carb bike lol.
  5. I used up what I had left of a can of seafoam. Might be 6oz in the tank currently with a couple gallons of fresh fuel. I want to get the new fuel filter in before running it again. New plugs are in and gapped. Old ones were definitely old but seemed to be burning well. I know plug chops aren't as reliable as they once were due to fuel quality and whatnot. I'll also pull the tank today and check out the air filter and whatnot since I won't see the fuel filter until tomorrow. If none of these easy things help clear up the issue I won't be pulling the carbs. That will kill any profit margin which was the goal of the bike. Its cleaning up beautifully and im sure I can still make something based on its condition, lower miles, extras on the bike and extras off the bike. Whats a hot shot? Ive cleaned many carbs before but never from a v4 configuration. Either single like my roadstar or a bank of 4 from and inline 4 cylinder. Ill also have the carbs synced after all this little stuff is done. Ive tried to find a good walk though for syncing but may have someone do it for me. Id love to ride this thing, just not worth taking it out with how hesitant it is down low at the moment. Fingers crossed though that its clears up even a little Lol.
  6. Hey everyone, just joined the page and introduced myself in the other section. Figured id pop in here for some advice. Just picked up a 1996 royal star yesterday. Wasnt actively seeking one out, I buy and sell motorcycles and this was my latest purchase. Bought from the original owner which I didnt know until seeing the bike. Has 16.5k miles and is in amazing shape. Not perfect but shows very well. Especially after ive spent some hours detailing it. Still a little more polishing to go. So it was an ad of Facebook marketplace, I messaged and got some info. Was told it hasn't really been ridden in like 3 or so years but owner claimed he used ethanol free fuel from a nearby gas station, he may of even mentioned getting it from the local small airfield. And also claimed to use additives while it sat through the winter. He said it was start from time to time and that it was a good runner. Bike did fire right up from cold but quickly noticed some popping from the right rear cylinder, it did calm a little as the bike warmed. Off choke It would idle but was hesitant when giving throttle. I was like damn this probably needs carb work. Owner kept insisting it just needed to be ridden but ive heard that 100 times lol. I was going to pass on it but being so clean I said screw it and bought it. And rode it an hour and 10 minutes home. Luckily mostly highway do was easy to keep the revs up. But comming off stops I had to feather the throttle and slip the clutch a good bit just to get it to take off. Some popping on decel as well. Ive never ridden one of these before so im not sure how a perfectly running bike operates. I put a few ounces of seafoam in the tank and figure id try and take for a ride today. Fired right up just like yesterday and took off with about the same struggles as well. But it then became harder to keep running at stops and take offs. Only once I was moving could I really get on it. Quickly took it back home so I wouldn't get stranded. Installed new spark plugs today gapped per manual specs I found online. Have a new fuel filter on the way that should arrive Tuesday. Filled the tank and put more seafoam in but won't run it again until the new fuel filter is in. Probably safe to assume it will need carb work but thats a bummer as ill quickly lose any profits when selling this bike if it comes to that. I know its a long shot hoping the plugs and fuel filter along with seafoam help. Im thinking next step would be a carb sync? Ive done it before but not on a setup like this. I also don't currently have the tool. Might try to find someone local who can come to the house and sync them for me, hopefully someone with experience on this setup and not a random fella that's done it a few times and can probably figure it out lol otherwise id just go for it. Im glad I at least got to ride it home. Hoping to get it running a little better which would help with resale. Otherwise ill just have to hope for a small profit based on what I payed and a thorough detail im giving it. Any advice would be awesome. Heres some pictures I took today. Still some polishing to do but getting there.
  7. Hey everyone, new member here and as of this past Saturday im the new owner of a 1996 yamaha royal star. Had always seen these but never payed much attention to them. Also wasn't actively seeking out a royal star. I buy and sell motorcycles for income right now and this royal star was the most recent find. Bike is in amazing condition with 16.5k miles and bought from the original owner. I also own a 2000 yamaha road star 1600 that I acquired a few weeks back also from the original owner and that bike is immaculate. Back to the royal star lol. I wasnt aware it had the vmax motor of course not as brutal. Ive owned a 1985 yamaha vmax and damn that thing was a blast. This bike scoots pretty good for how heavy it is. Will need some tuning up from lack of use over the previous few years, I did manage to ride it home from an hour away. Luckily mostly highway, its not liking to come off idle at the moment making take offs tricky. Ill post more about that in the proper section. Bike was bought to resell as long as I dont end up to deep in it. Would love to get it running better and really get to experience the fun before it goes. First picture is when I made it home. Removed the bags and a few bits to be able to clean the bike. Has a lot of extras and all stock parts included as well. Unsure of exhaust brand but sounds great even with the baffles in and not running perfect. Second picture was taken today after I did some detailing. Still some polishing to go but had to roll it outside and see how nice it was comming along.
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