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  1. Maybe I'll wear my VentureRider hat. Heh. I'll be there with my fiance, my dad, and my uncle. We had originally planned to have about 10 of us, but the rest of them opted for Sunday. My dad works Sunday night, so he wanted to go Saturday. Didn't really matter to me. He and I both have free 3-day passes from Wunderlich, so we could go whatever day.
  2. I've seen this lady before, but not this actual video. As always, I'm impressed. It always amazes me how someone can picture something in their mind and translate it to such a medium. Just like people who carve logs and tree-stumps into amazingly detailed pieces of art. Cool stuff!
  3. I will be there tomorrow. Can't wait!
  4. I always feel like the "handling" of a given bike is always subjective. A person that owns a bike they love will always talk of how well it handles, or turns into a corner, etc. etc. This thread is no different than the many I've pondered over on the BMW forums, and it's a perfect example. Already one person has said the 2nd Gen is the better handler, and another says the 1st Gen. I really think it comes down to an individuals riding preference, style, and ability. Now don't get me wrong, I do believe a motorcycle's handling characteristics can vary greatly depending on suspension, weight distribution, etc., but I believe you can take two different bikes, and have them tested by two different people, and they're going to have differing opinions on the various aspects of their "handling". Just my thoughts.
  5. I'd say that's his good karma for the day! I wonder why he waited so long to jump in and help out... would have made it less dramatic though.
  6. K1200RS is another great touring machine. Another couple we ride with has one. In fact, he was the one that got me looking at BMWs in the first place. He's taken his all over the map, and has a side car he puts on it occasionally as well. One trip, he had four people on that bike - he and his wife, and their two kids in the sidecar!
  7. +1 ... but then again I'm biased. I absolutely LOVE mine. Then again, price may be a huge factor there. I've also read a lot about the DL650 V-Strom and heard good reviews on it. The FJR is also an amazing bike. It was next in line (along with the new Concours) before I bought my RT. A riding buddy of mine is getting ready to sell his '07 FJR if you begin to look that way. We're down in central Illinois. It has 17,000 on the clock, and he's taken great care of it. Plus, it's already setup with a Corbin seat and hitch if he wants to pull a trailer.
  8. I'm not in the market for a new bike, but man is that sweet looking one! I too would be curious to see what the reserve is, but if someone walks away with that one, they're going to have one nice ride.
  9. (Mine) 2004 Hyundai Sonata v6 - Love it, never had a lick of trouble with it. (Fiance's) 2005 Pontiac Sunfire v4 - Hate it with a passion, and so does she.
  10. Sounds reasonable to me. Then again, it's not me giving up a bike! The idea of a second trike wouldn't be bad either. Just think how much stuff you could pack for a trip with two trikes!
  11. Heh, wonder if my fiance would go for that for our wedding next year!?
  12. Just a little motivation. (Sorry if this has been posted before.)
  13. First one is of me and my co-pilot at the Illinois/Iowa M&E a year or so ago, before I sold the Venture. The second was taken at Garden of the Gods in southern Illinois in the fall of '08.
  14. I ordered some LEDs one time on eBay years ago from some guy in Canada. I never received anything from him. After repeat e-mails, he finally told me that he had no idea what had happened, so he'd ship a second set. Again, I never received a thing. After that, he wouldn't respond to any more mails. eBay wasn't any help either. As far as they were concerned, the seller told them he'd shipped the items and they couldn't do anything more. So I went through a 3rd party arbitration company that PayPal recommended, and wouldn't you know it, as soon as I turned his account into them, the money miraculously got refunded to my account. Sometimes you just have to push back.
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