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  1. I listed my wifes 1999 Honda VT750CD2 on Thursday night. I had 15 calls on it and the first one to come look at it took it home today I had 1 offer to swap for a 1984 Corvette and several lowballers , I told not to bother me. You can weed out the tire kickers by telling them to bring cash for a test ride. I have One more bike listed (1998 Honda VT1100T) with several scheduled to look early in the week. Sure hope it sells fast too, I'd love to have the floor space back.
  2. This will drive you crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep at it 'cause it is possible. This is one way to keep your mind sharp! It's a little 'test' that is (supposedly) part of a second grade Computer class in China . Some figure it out right away. Others report having to work on it for a week (or more) to solve it. Have fun and don't forget to forward to your kids & grandchildren. Frog Leap Test
  3. I'm not sure if this has been posted before. If not check it out ! Keith www.msf-usa.org/riderperception/
  4. The object of the game is to move the red block around without getting hit by the blue blocks or touching the black walls. If you can go longer than 18 seconds you are phenomenal. It's been said that the US Air Force uses this for fighter pilots. They are expected to go for at least 2 minutes. Give it a try, but be careful...it is addictive Reflex Test
  5. Just got back from mthe hand specialist. I definately have problems with both carpells tunell syndrome and low blood flow on the veins on the inside of each hand. Going to have the nerve conduction test by the end of the week and then test on the veins after that. My queston is what should I expect from the condution test? Ive heard horror stories and also stories of nothing more than minor discomfort along the lines of a mild shock. So to all youf olks out there that have had this done what was yolur experience. Im not a big baby or anything, so Im not looking to calm my nerves just wanting to know what to look forward to. Either way Ill get the test as something has to be done to corect the problems. Thanks in advance David
  6. There have been a couple threads recently about potential valve or ring damaged engines (yet to be verified). Harbor Freight has a Cylinder leak-down tester for $35 http://www.harborfreight.com/cylinder-leak-down-tester-94190.html or a simpler compression tester for $20. http://www.harborfreight.com/compression-test-kit-66216.html Would these be worth while to buy for local maintenance days, or for Freebird's MD? Who has used these devices, and how long does it take to test all 4 cylinders with one? Is there enough need or interest in testing compression to make this worthwhile? http://www.harborfreight.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/370x/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/i/m/image_6165.jpg
  7. Bisard, an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer accused of driving drunk at the time he hit three motorcyclists, killing one, will have an initial hearing at 1:30 p.m. in Marion Superior Court.Prosecutor Terry Curry refiled six alcohol-related charges against Bisard on Wednesday. Former Prosecutor Carl Brizzi dropped alcohol-related charges last year, claiming that the blood test that showed Bisard was driving drunk was improperly administered and couldn't be used in court. The test showed Bisard had a blood-alcohol level of 0.19 two hours after the crash, more than twice the level at which an Indiana driver is considered drunk. Curry thinks the test is admissible and that a judge should decide the fate of those charge
  8. Can't think of anything to say , but , OK ? [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivPheV77JcU&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Tron Lightcycle Test Drive Parker Brothers Choppers TRON Legacy.wmv[/ame]
  9. My Sweetie was pressuring me to go get a full physical and in a moment of weakness (my kids think it was forgetfulness due to my age) I agreed. Of course she made me promise to do what ever the doctor said I had to do (I think she knew what was coming and damned if she didn't keep a straight face about it ) and after some strong arm bending and bribery I promised. Well that doc did the blood test thing and the rubber glove deal and the heart monitor test (and a few others I think he probably made up off the top of his head ) and told me I was looking fairly good. Well I thought that was pretty good and was ready to leave quite content when he said there was one more test he wanted to do (and he smiled , or it might have been more of a gleeful smirk , as he said it). Yep, he was sending me off to get the boroscope thingy done (aka colonoscopy ). So now I am preparing for this deal. I made a check list and have gone through it. Lets see, pill taken? Check. Drink mixed up? Check. Two rolls of TP available? Check. Clear path to bathroom? Check. Okay it looks like I am ready to go (no pun intended). Any way you can bet that I will be a lot more careful about what I let my Sweetie talk me in to in the future and twice as careful about what I will promise her. I will say this though, she has been quite good about no making wise cracks about it , well at least not to much, but that particular grin she has is kinda of giving her away.
  10. ok got to test a goldwing trike. did not seem to like it.. its a conversion setup. voyager something??? well the dealer said it takes getting use to. you got that right. i started out made a left turn and the damn bike plowed?? reminds me of the old snowmobiles turn but keep going straight? well i made it out on the main rode it was fun. kept wanting to put my feet down at stop signs though. my height and stuff the bike fit kind of nice.. plenty of power. smooth shiffting. and price not bad. i was just out looking. cant afford it.. just pulled in with the old venture to rest and look around. got an offer of $1200 on the venture for a trade. but the wing was a little over 11k.. 2007 with 44k on it i thought that was high? but dont know what the kit cost to make it a trike.. dealer was sure trying to push it on anyone who seemed interested.. then i asked him how much for my bike outright? he said they dont buy that old of a bike.. WTF he wanted it if i traded it though? someday i will maybe go for a trike. but i think i will look here first... or get a good kit for a first gen.. well thats my day for today...
  11. I am wanting to test the factory intercom on my 1st gen Venture. The bike has the plugs in the amplifier for the headsets. I did not want to invest in new headsets until I know it works. I have searched through the forum and can't find any answers. I found the pinout diagram for the plugs and made two headsets from some computer headsets I had laying around. I can get the speakers in them to work but can't get the mic to work. I don't know why. Is the stock system capeable of using the mics or am I wasting my time? Or are the mics from the computer headsets not compatable with the Yamaha intercom? Any input is welcome.
  12. Ok gentlemen, I'm back for more assistance. After trying every non-invasion thing I could to get my one carb from leaking, I had to tear it down. I pulled the float bowl cover off and the float looked good and moved (by hand easily) and seemed to engaged the needle well. I took the float out and the needle. Needle is brand new and looks it. I don't see any nicks or tears in the rubber. Soo.... what test or experiment can I do to test the bouancy of the float. I have two others left over from the rebuild that I could swap. Also..... does anyone know if there are different float needle sizes between the V-max and Venture. A V-max guy rebuilt my carbs. I'm not sure if there are but I suppose if the rubber tip was slighter smaller that could cause it to not seat properly. From a probably standpoint, what are the odds that the seat is bad? (I've posted a few other times with the leaking carb (from overflow). I'm pretty convinced that it's not debris. I've drained all the bowls several times, taking the fuel line off and turned the bike on and off so gas pumped into a glass jar. Gas in all circumstances looked clear. Thanks as always. Bill
  13. just heard on the news, Texas highway patrolmen will be looking for "drunk drivers", this weekend. new tool - - - NO REFUSAL. if you refuse a breathalyzer test, they will have warrants in hand, to take blood samples for testing. great idea, but could also cause more problems for the leo's. just jt
  14. well i went to the victory motorcycle web site and set up a demo ride at a local dealer. HA. Here's the email I sent Victory and have not heard 1 word back from the dealer or Victory. So I get up Wednesday and drive @ 50 miles or 45 min to Riders Ville cycle and arrived @ 10:30 1/2 hr early so I took the time to look around. As I watched one of the staff help another customer that was looking at a motorcycle he was interested in the staff member whose name I failed to get. He may have been the manager or owner for all I know turned to me and asked " are you two together" meaning me and the customer he was helping. I replied no I was here to take a test ride on a Victory. The staff member asked me witch Victory and I said the Cross Roads or Cross Country. He said to me "We don't like to give test rides on the Victory unless you can afford the down payment"at that point I said oh and he started to explain how dealers are going out of business form giving guys test rides who then don't buy and then they have to sell the demo bike at a discount bla bla bla. So I left and will not be back. 1st, I set this demo ride up in advance on your web site and Riders Ville cycle is listed as a participating dealer and they where the closest to me. 2nd, I go there only to be insulted by a member of their staff who assumed that because I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt that I could not afford the down payment on one of your motorcycles. 3rd I drove @ 100 miles and wasted close to 2 hrs of my day for nothing. I don't think or believe this to be a reflection on Polaris or Victory Motorcycles but I do think you should know how they treat potential customers. I have worked in retail for 20 yrs and I am currently a manager for a large company with stores across the US , Canada and Mexico as well as Asia and Europe and it ain't Wal-mart. I know that people aren't buying things like motorcycles and that every one that walks in to a shop should be treated with a little more respect. RESPECTFULLY, Patrick McDunn
  15. If your day is going like mine (not a lot to do), test your skill at recognizing vehicles by their taillights... http://www.driving.ca/theprovince/quiz/taillights/index.html I got 28/35
  16. I did test #1 on synth oil with 2,700 miles on it, and it looks really good, according to this test method. I used the back of a standard business card. Pretty cool! file:///C:/Users/HPPAVI%7E1/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot.pngfile:///C:/Users/HPPAVI%7E1/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot-1.png
  17. There have been a bunch of threads lately as to the best headlight for our bikes. Those that have the SilverStar Ultra feel it is the best, those with HID feel it is the best, most of us feel that whatever we have is the best. What I would like for some of us to try to accomplish, is a side by side by side by...... comparison of the different headlights available to us. There would be a Silver Star, Silver Star ultra, PIAA, And several different brands of HID, with maybe a stock thrown in for fun. The test could be held at a MD or possibly even a M&E that ran late enough. Before the test every one would need to make sure that all of the lights are aimed to the same point. The bikes would have to be lined up across a dark road and each take turns turning on their head light. It would have to be judged by everyone as to best illumination in both hi and low beam, beam patterns and even by someone a few hundred yards down the road looking back to see which was most visible and or was blinding oncoming drivers. That person down the road may even have a photographic light meter to get some actual non-subjective data. This way it will be as scientific as possible. Well at least as scientific as we can be that late in the day. What else needs to be added to this and how can we pull this off? This thread is not for the "I like what I have posts" but to try to determine what really works without 1 person having to go out and buy all of the systems to test.
  18. Hello everyone Has anyone ridden or bought this beastie? My main question is - does it have the same "chirp/whine/noise" as the Venture? I'm thinking of this as a second bike but I really don't want any more Yammy noises!!! ps - somewhat difficult around here to get a test ride.
  19. Well I finally found a dealer about 65 miles away that has a 09 model RSV that can be taken for a test ride. Believe he said it was a demo that they purchased from another dealership when it closed down. Hope to take it for a spin this week. It's a shame my local dealership dosen't want anything to do with the Ventures - but then again its probually for the best since I wouldn't trust them to work on a lawn mower. Maybe if all works out well there will be one sitting the garage this summer!
  20. I made a reciever hitch for my bike. Since I have all the stuff to make one, I did. Anyway a friend of mine was helping me, and we decided we needed a reciever hitch cover. He used to demo derby a lot, and had some odds and ends lying around. He came up with an emblem off from a 1964 Chrysler Imperial. It is perfect, and a great idea. It works pretty good. I am not going to pull a trailer, but made a small rack to carry a cooler. I did test load everything to see where to place all my stuff before heading on a trip for a long weekend. Next thing is to test ride it. Here is a few pics!
  21. If you test thre wire 0 ohms it is copper. In the end cap there is a resistor of some kind. can't be tested with o meter. How do you know if it is good or not.?
  22. Finally got income coming in so I can come back to a home away from home for my 86 Venture Royale!!! YAY!! However, I have a question about swapping heads. Will a head from an 84 fit and work on an 86? Last fall, everything was running great. Then I had a small backfire while starting the bike and I lost HALF my power. After doing a Leakdown test and Compression test, it seems I need a valve job. HOWEVER, I have a good head that was given to me off an 84. All the measurements are within specs. I just need to know if they will swap or do i need to do the valve job on the 86 and put it back on the bike? Any help will be GREATLY appreciated. I NEED to get back on the bike. I feel a part of me is missing. Thanks!!!! Merlin B Westminster, CO PS I forgot to say the 1984 is a 1200 CC and the 1986 is a 1300 CC. Thank MIGHT be important
  23. sgn


    From tapatalk and blackberry storm
  24. Yamaman


    Just checking to see if we're down... there hasn't been a post in almost an hour!
  25. Any Venture owners live in the Knoxville/Maryville TN area? If so, would you be interested in test riding my Venture for me? I have an 08 and I'm concerned about the way it is running. Thought maybe some of you experts may live close enough to give me your opinion or at least make a comparison to your Venture. Seems like when its under a load it feels like the pulse of a v-twin. I thought it would be smoother than it is. I've synched the carbs, put new plugs in it and used the seafoam. The Dealer said it was fine but I would like a second opinion. Thanks Ride safe Jim Garner
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