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Hi to everyone i havent been a member long but ive really enjoyed all of the help and support that has been offered on this site. I m laying in a hospital bed right now in Thunder Bay Ontario after being blown off a curve. Theyve pinned my left femur back together and fused my back from my lower neck to below my shoulderblades. I went into the surgery with full muscle control and feeling. No numb spots and all responses were normal. This is day three after the surgery and im still numb from the chest down and very little muscle control in my left leg. I cant tell if im moving my feet and legs unless i can see them.  Doctors have run mris and cts and things look good but the numbness cant be explained other then swelling of the spinal cord. So im asking for prayers. Im asking for a flood of them.  If a centurion could approach Jesus with the faith that just Jesus saying the words be healed would be enough and a bleeding women with the faith in a single touch of Jesus's cloak would heal her i can boldly approach the throne and humbly ask for the healing touch of our Lords hand and i would appreciate it if you would join me there in prayer these next days and weeks.

Thankfully my wife has been allowed to visit yesterday and today but with lockdowns due to covid that will be the only chance i will have of seeing her for a long while. Through it all blessed be the name of the Lord

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He's got the whole world in His hands, and that includes you as well. Spend the time you have with Him, and soon enough our prayers will be answered.

May He bless you and keep you, and make His face shine upon you and give you peace.

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Heavenly Father,

Lord we humbly come to you on behalf of our brother Dennis. You know all that happened with him and what he's going through right now. We ask for 1st of all your healing power in his body, we also ask for the peace that only you can give for him and his family.

As it says in Matthew 18:19-20

19) “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.

20) For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Lord we ask for peace and healing in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior....Amen.

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Posted (edited)

Lord, We ask that you look after our Friend Dennis and help him with his recovery and the needs of having his family by his side. In your name we pray together in Faith. 

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God has been so good to me over and over again ..I will be praying for you ...In the book of Mathew Jesus does say that he wants to ask when there is a need and that we are to have faith that our prayers will be answered 

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Thanks so much for all your prayers. Im still in thunderbay hospital and still am numb from the chest down but today was my first official physo appointment and i think things went well. Im finding that my left knee is weak as jello and unless i can see my feet i really dont know where they are while standing. Talk about new experences! But God has been good to me. Hes allowed my wife to visit for four whole days when they originally told us a max of 2 hours once period due to covid restrictions. Found out my surgeon is a believer as well and was encouraging prayer to his patients. Met a retired teacher who underwent disc replacement in his neck and had many late night talks when pain kept us awake and was able to pray with him. So even in the midst of something that has left me asking God why? Ive seen his hand at work and i am humbled. Praise his name

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Just a update. Ive been going through physo and can walk with the aid of a walker. Still numb from chest down but its good to be able to move on my own. Going to be wearing a full brace for another three months still but should be home by the end of june! Thanks for all the support guys!

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Quick update

Thanks for all the prayers guys! Im officially home and using a cane to get around. Im going to be wearing a neck/back brace till the end of august but im alive and moving so i will take it.

My sweet wife took the time to carefully explain to me that im not going to be doing anything dangerous for the next little while. I can tell when shes serious cause she has a way of grabbing my nose hairs and pulling me down till we are eye to eye and explaining things in a voice that would make a drill sergeant tremble.  Sweet little thing she is.

Ill wait a while before my next round of shenanigans.  

Was starting to see what i could do with the vulcan and do you know they put the rear sparkplug directly under the frame?  The only way i can see to pull it is tilting the motor forward.  All the others ive seen has the plug accessible from between the Y of the frame.  Should have bought a 900!

Dont suppose anyone has a set of exhaust pipes that would fit a 98 vulcan 800 classic. Im told a boulevard of the same vintage would work.  Otherwise ill try fortnine or summit racing and watch for a sale.

Thanks again everyone


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