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  1. Entering Missouri and just after getting fuel on the way back to East Tennessee from Sturgis my '88 VR I experienced a noticeable loss of power and more noise coming from the engine, almost as it there were an exhaust leak at one of the front cylinders. I thought it was bad gas and would get better with the next tank. With the next fill up I added HEET gas treatment to dissipate any water that may have been in the fuel, but with no noticeable improvement. We were pulling a trailer and riding two up. The bike has a loss of power and takes much longer to get up to speed, but cruises fine at 75 -
  2. Just refilled my old 83 with gas and upon returning home to garage discovered gas leak. It is a 'pressure' gas leak that goes away when bike is turned off. The bike starts up and runs great but once started gas leaks out below just forward of fuel pump. I checked the pump and hoses and it appears to be coming from up in the upper area of bike around gas tank and carb area. I sure hope the plastic gas tank hasn't cracked, (or) it could be a hose problem. I can't figure out how to check where the output of the fuel pump joins the engine. Anyone else ever have this problem? Just a bit t
  3. I just rode my buddies 03 RSV, and his has much better acceleration and much better gas mileage. Mine is 99' RSV. Any ideas on where to look first?? I appreciate all of you members with all of your good advice and experience!! I have not synced the carbs yet. could that be it? It has 48000 miles and I don't know if the valves have been checked or not. It rides good now, but seems like it should be better. I am getting around 25-30 mpg. He is getting 35-39 mpg. thanks, Alan..
  4. I have a 87 venture and it has been running fine for the last two years. About two weeks ago I went for a ride and it stalled out on me while going about 30-35 mph. It felt like it ran out of gas. I got it started again but had to keep playing with the choke. It did this for about 10 min. then cleared up and ran good. About a mile later it started again.I've had fuse problem before so I checked the fuse box and the ignition felt loose but after playing with it, the bike started and smoothed out. I put a new inline fuse holder in and the bike been running great till today. Today It did the same
  5. Anyone have a coil go bad on them? I got some bad gas a week or so ago right after I sea foamed her. Erratic idle and ran like crap. Filled up with good gas and cleaned the carbs real good. Idle smoothed out, but when I get on it, or under load, it just doesn't feel like the power is what it was before. Oh yeah, changed the plugs too. I hit the cruise the other morning and got the 5 blink code on my cruise control lights. I have also been riding in quite a bit of rain with this Texas monsoon going on. Anyone have any ideas or have had the same problem?
  6. Wife and I went for a ride today. Stopped a half hour from home and filled the tank. Went out a little later to put the bike away and no gas. I have checked the lines on the filter and fuel pump and they appear fine. Then I checked the main feed line coming from the tank to the fuel pump and it seems fine. The line coming off of the reserve tank appears fine. The overflow tube is dry at the end. I see no gas on the ground and I do not smell any gas and the wife didn't smell any while riding. Everything I have checked seems fine. I haven't removed the tank yet. What haven't I checked
  7. I have a 87 model and when it gets wet the tach drops to 0 and it runs like crap. This happened to me at Vogel last year when we started out on the tail of the dragon. We left the gas station and I hit a pothole that splashed quite a bit of water up on the bike. It started missing, spitting, sputtering and wouldn't take gas. As long as I don't give it much gas it runs ok and the tach registers, but when i accelerate, the rpm drops to 0 and it starts sputtering and popping. At Vogel I also had water in the gas when we drained the carbs, but after that it still ran ragged, so I let it get almost
  8. Hi, I would like to bring to your attention that in Canada the gas is sold by the liter and the RSV takes 22 liters.To give an example I took a ride with a full tank of gas,and when we pulled in for gas I had put on 284km, the bike took 17 liters which means I had 5 liters left with no reserve light showing yet. I figure that I got 50 miles per Canadian gallon or 6 liters per 100 km.To make it a bit easier I divided 284 km by 17 lts =16.70 is the kilometer liter that I averaged.I grew up with miles & gallons but the government changed things and now we have metric measurements. I am going
  9. I'm not really sure where to post this, so moderators, move it it ya need to. :-) My Father-In-law has a 1974 Yamaha RD200 Electric that he left garaged for 15 years. he parked it when the tires went flat and never bothered with it again. I snagged it out of his shed a few years back and with the help of a friend of mine we've got it back in running order.. the only problem we are faced with now is the gas tank. He left gas in it for those 15 years.. I'm sure you can all imagine what we were met with when we opened it up. We've run several of those tank cleaning kits through it (you know
  10. I'm not real familiar with 2 stroke engines. I'm better with 4 strokers. I have a 1980 Yamaha snowmobile that won't start. It literally ran fine one day, and wouldn't start the next. It almost acts like it's flooding itself. It will start and sputter for a few seconds and then die. Then I have to blow out the cylinders and spark plugs to get it to sputter like that again. I've been into the carb a couple times and can't find anything wrong. This model has an oil injector, meaning I don't have to mix gas for it. It mixes oil and gas itself. How might I check to see if the oil injector
  11. If you are tired of not being able to completely fill the gas tank and having the bubbling air escaping from the tank blow gas all over the tank top, you can solve this by adding a few air vent holes to the tank filler neck. I had to put 4 fairly good sized holes in the front and right side. The process is simple - just use a punch awl and ball-peen hammer to make the holes, as shown in the picture. Here are a few more tips: NEVER NEVER NEVER drill! Not only will that dump metal shavings into the tank, but all electric drill motors create sparks! When you use a punch awl, just put
  12. I have a friend with three thats right three 1970's vintage 750 Kawasaki triples. Two of them are together, one with an expansion chamber, and one basket case. The bikes have been setting up for a number of years. Any questions about where to start on getting one or more running? I'm thinking that the seals most likely need replacing, carb boots could be cracked and leaking. Cleaning the carbs. Draining, inspecting and cleaning the gas and oil tanks. Replacement of plugs etc. We just don't want to get one of them started and discover the hard way that there is an air leak. Any other sug
  13. Hi Everyone, Going to take my gas tank off so I can have it airbrushed. Is there step by step instructions for the (not so handyman) so I can take it off.... I guess I should drain it too....eh! I was hoping it was pretty easy/straightforward so If anyone has some information or can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. I have a 2005 RSTD. went to go for a ride today and when I started the bike up there is gas coming out of what appears to be a overflow tube next to the airfilter. Any help on what would cause this? Tom M
  15. East/West Start in Searcy and run west to Fayetteville or the other way around. It will take you a while. This route is more than 200 miles. This highway crosses highways 67, 65, 7, 23, 71. All good points to get on board. The only town of any size between the start and end is Clinton. So you may need to gas up here.
  16. Gas Tank Removal Removing the gas tank on the RSV or the Royal Star Tour deluxe is very simple. The question does come up here from time to time though so here are some simple step by step instructions. RSTD may vary slightly. http://www.venturerider.org/gastank/tank1%20(Small).jpg Step 1: Remove the cowling around the gas cap. http://www.venturerider.org/gastank/tank2%20(Small).jpg Step 2: Use a pair of pliars to squeeze the tabs to unplug connector from metal tab. http://www.venturerider.org/gastank/tank3%20(Small).jpg Step 3: Unplug the connector. http://www.venturerider.
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