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  1. I'd take a Look into the High/Low Switch on the left Handle Bar. Those Contacts are often corroded and cause a lot of Resistance.
  2. Gary, my guess would be either a small 3 or 4 Axle CNC Mill or a 3D Printer. I'm also sufferin' A LOT ...
  3. Welllll .... let me think about that ..... NOHHHHH, i'm not gonna do that !!!! I learned, Dog Groomers are not cheap around here !!! :mo money: And the poor Exchange Rate nowadays doesn't help at all !!
  4. Rick, do you mean to say we all have to shave our Heads to get equal with you ?
  5. The Carb Bodies and most internals are the same, and physically fit on the Vmax Intake, but the Jets are way different inbetween Vmax and 1Gen Ventures. I'd not run a Vmax Engine with the jetting of a Venture, it's not just a loss in Perfomance, the Vmax will run way too lean, damage will occur ... You could completely rejet a 1Gen Carb-Set, but when it's all done, you'll have spend a LOT of Money. There are three Jets inside every Carb-Bowl, two on Intake and behind the Side Cover plus the Emulsion Tube (aka Needle Jet) and the Jet Needle.
  6. A great win-Win Situation. He made the record and if Things would have gone south, not much Harm would have been done. The Renault-Truck is .... average at best and this 2013 Lotus-Renault Formula1 Car isn't even worth mentioning. Only the Trailer is worth surviving ...
  7. I'd make contact with Dano and have him upgrade the Starter Clutch while everything is torn apart.
  8. Sorry Carl, but when you ohm out these five Wires, you probably look at the Connector and the Pins to stick the Wire leads in ? :p
  9. My first Look would go at the Ignition Pick up Coil, if this checks out while testing after the miss startes, i'd look at the TCI.
  10. The Vmax Guys in US allways run on 1/4 Mile Tracks, there are only one or two 1/8 Tracks i know of. You might be right about NHRA limiting Track lenght as the Top Fuelers got very fast. Over here, the Top Classes in the european Championship run 1000 ft Lenght, Bikes as well as Top Fuel. The average Joe's mostly race on small Air Fields or a closed Part of an Autobahn, there's only one Occasion a normal Guy can hit a real Drag Strip (meaning a prepped Track), that's public Race in Hockenheim in two Weeks. And that's only because the Dragster have Test&Tune Sessions to prepare for the big Dogs Race the following Weeks (Nitrolympics) and public Race is a Cash Cow and fills the Gaps in the Test&Tune Time Schedule. There are some recent Runs from two Weeks ago on Youtube ... first Run against a Guy on a BMW S1000RR second Run, also against the Beemer Guy third Run against a race modded Cowasaki ZX-10 Those all are slow, 11.4 and 11.5 seconds Runs. I'm not good enough out of the hole and some head wind didn't help either. Even with my big, fat Frame, i should do about a second faster than that, my personal best is a 10.958@200 kph though. Lighter weighted and skilled Riders in US do about 9.8 with similar Bikes.
  11. Sorry Puc, but last time i checked, a 1/4 Mile was still a quarter Mile, even over here in a metric part of the World ... These Days you decribe are still there, unfortunately not so often over here, but still ... I also raced what i brung (my '09 Max), so, where's your Point ?
  12. Sounds like you need to replace the Clutch Fluid and bleed the Clutch very good after that.
  13. Have a Talk with Dano he can fill you in much better than i can. Basically, you send him your Flywheel and he'll mount a much better Starter Clutch Assembly and supply a new 76-th Wheel. The new Clutch works with 18 elliptical coupling Pieces where the 1Gen Starter Clutch brings in 3 Rollers for Duty. One may say, it's not necessary to replace a working Starter Clutch. That might be true, but you never know when Things start to go south and it could happen next Week. It's not a fun job and while you're have the motor apart, it's a good Idea to do this and never think about the Starter Clutch again.
  14. Good Job so far, my sincere congrats !! Please, only use Loctite where called for. The Manual is not wrong on everything. I'd also consider calling up Dano and have him replace the Starter Clutch with the upgraded Clutch Assembly while you have the Engine apart.
  15. Iirc, Mike bought the Shindengen MosFET during a Group Buy Dano set up for us here.
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