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Please keep Eileen in your prayers

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As some of you know, I haven't posted as much over the last few weeks as I normally do. There is just way too much going on right now and it just seems that there are not enough hours in the day. Hopefully things will get back to normal in the near future but until then, I apologize that I'm not doing more here.


As those of you who attended the Cody rally know, Eileen and I ended up cancelling the trip. We were really looking forward to it because due to my own illness over the past 3 years and other family illnesses before then, we have not done a decent bike ride in several years. I sometimes feel that we should just give up and sell the bike. I'm NOT going to do that though and will just hope that next year is finally back to normal. Whatever normal is now.


Some of you know that Eileen lost her mother and her sister to cancer over the past 5 years. She took care of both of them during their illness and in fact we had built the little guest house so that her sister could live out here beside us and Eileen could take care of her and spend time with her while allowing Connie to retain some of her independence. It was a very difficult time for Eileen but she did well and it was something that she had to do. Almost immediately after Connie passed away, we found that Eileen's mother also had cancer. It wasn't as emotionally draining but still bad and then she passed away about a year later. Then of course I had my own ordeal wth the nasty disease that the intitial treatments and then complications last summer pretty much took away two more years of any real riding.


We though that this summer would be ours again. It was not to be though. We find out a while back that Eileen's sister in law, her brothers wife that lives in Dallas, has cancer. This is the only adult member left in Eileen's family and Dolores is more like a sister than a sister-in-law to her. She has spent the past months going through all the usual treatments and then various clinical trials but basically, nothing worked. Eileen ended up going to Dallas during the time that we were scheduled to be in Cody so we had to cancel that trip. Then we had planned to go to Vogel or Big Tom's WNY rally this weekend but that's not happening either. Dolores has made a turn for the worse and they have basically given up on any treatments. She was in the hospital last week while they tried to stabilize her and basically just make her more comfortable. She is back home now and it is just a matter of time. Probably only a few days. It's really sad because this lady is only about 48 years old and has always been very health conscious.


So, Eileen is flying to Dallas again tomorrow in order to be there to help her as much as she can and basically just spend a few final days with her. It is going to be a very difficult time for Eileen as well as her brother in Dallas and their two sons. The sons are older now, 19 and 22 I think but still taking it very hard.


There is nothing that anybody can do but I simply ask that you keep Eileen in your thoughts and prayers and that Dolores will find some comfort and peace in her final days.


Again, I apologize that we have been MIA from all the regular events this summer but hopefully things will be better next year.

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Sure am glad that you decided to share this with us. Living for a short time (+- 70 yrs) is a fact of life, but during that time we tie together, fall in love, become attached to each other, depend on each other,,,,,,and then when one needs to leave,, it hurts. It also hurts us when some one we are attached to, hurts and has to suffer. Sometimes, there's not much we can do, but just be there for each other, and just hold hands. It's good that we can now hold your hand and help you in that small way. It also gives us the privilege of asking for a much higher Help to give you peace and patience while these issues plague you.

We will pray for strength from above for you two, and saving grace for your sister-in-law, that she may find her suffering here to be short, and after that to be rid of all tears, sorrows and troubles.

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I wish there were words to comfort other than we are here for you both. It is not easy watching folks you love suffer and battle these diseases. I truly hope that you 2 can get these times behind you and do the long trip you deserve together. We love you both and wish nothing but the best for you 2...your in our thoughts my friend. As always the phone is on should you need to vent.

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Tell Eileen that we are thinking of her. I know she's a strong woman, and we feel for her, having to keep going through this. Hopefully, this will be the last time. We'll be thinking of her sister-in-law, and her family also. Hopefully, she won't suffer too badly. I went through this with my Mom's pancreatic cancer, and it sux.

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Don, as you know we lost our son to cancer a year ago last February and Linda has had cancer twice and was fortunate enough to beat it. We know all to well the stress and anquish one goes through when dealing with this dreadful desease.


Linda and I wish you and Eileen and your family all the strength and prayers needed to get through this time in your lives.

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