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  1. I have amazon prime already and we have netflix for videos via mail. Netflix has a tremendous selection of movies on disc and has a great turn around. On the other hand netflix on line sucks unless I'm totally missing something. I haven't been able to find anything worth a hill of beans on amazon except for all the goodies I buy on line
  2. it looks like I'm going to have to wait until the ball drops and see what happens. Spectrum is saying that they are going 100% digital but I thought most TV mfg's built in a decoder in the newer tv's. I have 3 tv's connected to the cable right now. One has a dvr, a second one has a decoder box that I just ordered (free - I think) and the third is direct hook up. I still get digital channels on the third one but it's a hunt and seek situation. I only watch a few channels on it anyway so that one is no big deal. I guess I'll find out at the end of the month.
  3. My intention is to stream TV thru my internet connection thru the Roku - am I on the wrong track ? To put and antenna up I would have to set a tower because I have a metal roof and I don't want to poke holes in that nor do I even want to walk on it - I'm thinking it may be slippery
  4. This sounds just like the guy that writes a check without having the funds to back it up. When the check bounces, it's the banks fault.
  5. Premium channels are not even on the horizon for us. There's nothing there we want to watch. I googled Roku and it said to download a channel app and things were pretty much good to go guess I'll have to buy a cheap Roku and try it on one of the tv's
  6. almost time for this thread to be deleted - starting to get personal
  7. I wasn't sure where this should be posted but here goes - TWC which has now become Spectrum is going to have a total digitl format pretty soon. I have read that the simple way to save the monthly fee to them for tv service is to use a Roku or other digital device to decypher their signal. I'm going to opt for the roku but I'd like to know if anybody else has any first hand experience streaming local channels via the roku. Also, I'll be putting the Roku on 2 TV's - I might mention that I don't have any of the upper channels like HBO and the other pay channels.
  8. in 6 days it will have been 5 months of useless ranting over how the entire state of WV is out to get ONE person. Time for Mueller to start asking questions eh ?
  9. why not suggest an email - seems everybody has an email account
  10. The good thing about NOT being on facebook, twitter and all those other bs social media crapolas is that I don't have to give them up. Probably never noticed that I don't even post here very much and since I'm out of motorcycles AGAIN, I'll probably not hang around here anymore. It's been a fun 10 years but my wood shop keeps me so busy that I haven't been on any of my bikes for 3 years.
  11. yeh - I got nuttin to say
  12. like slowrollwv I get alerts from banks and lending institutions that I never had accounts with -
  13. Thank You Don (and Eileen) and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. We normally have dinner here at home but this year it seems everybody is elswhere. There is a restaurant nearby that will provide a complete dinner for anybody that wants it and we are taking one to our dear friend (83 yo) in an assisted living facility that has terminal cancer. She is so upbeat that I am humbled every time I speak to her. Anyway, her family cannot make it so we are standing in.
  14. last time I did any traveling I noticed that there are houses all over the country, some of them are even for sale. I'm pretty sure that if things were so unbearable I'd be liquidating and get the H@l# outta there.
  15. Nope - we had a great year thus far. Maybe not as good as it could have been but we learned a LOOOOOOONG time ago to make the best with what we have - and be thankful for it. If one would stop and look around they might find that things may be worse on the other side of the street. Happy Thanksgiving
  16. Puc. - thanks for the clip, not looking for a bike but Van Dyke is tops !
  17. Congrats Rick on your retirement, you're gonna love it ! (retired 12 years and counting )
  18. We spent 10 days to 2 weeks every year for 22 years in Chassahowitzka visiting my mother at Christmas. That 'bear crossing' sign is right near the back road into Chazz.
  19. Thanks Rick - It's in the mail to you - should have it on the 28th I forgot -envelope and postage $3.85
  20. Yep, you're right - size does matter I've never owned a 1st gen.
  21. I Have an owners manual for a Venture, not sure what year but pretty sure that doesn't matter. The fornt of the manual says - XVZ13TFW ( C ) & XVZ13TFMW ( C ) Also is the Riding Tips booklet If somebody needs these for their bike a padded envelope and postage is the total cost
  22. OK - cancel the search Just heard from Larry - all is good with the exception of working a LOT more than he wants to.
  23. Has anyone herad from/seen YamahaLarry ? A while back I sent him a few things for his benefit auction but never heard whether he got them or not. Sent him a couple PM/s but never heard back, not even a kma Hope he's not laid up
  24. those that can "DO" Those that can't cry about those that can
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