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  1. Are there any members in or close to Bristow OK? Another owner friend is looking for a riding wrenching buddy.
  2. Welcome: Glad to see you joined. I applaud you for sticking with it. I hope you get a resolution to your issues. Lots of great polite helpful owners on here.
  3. So sorry to hear of your engine damage. Turning the fuel petcock off when bikes are in storage is a good idea but that alone will not prevent hydrolocking. The rubber o rings and needle seats deteriorate over a period of time and allow fuel to seep into the crankcase. Diluting the oil and if let go long enough will fill the cylinder full of fuel and bend rods or send them out the cylinder head. That is precisely why it is important to check the oil level on our machines often. I only add 3.5 quarts of oil at an oil change. No more than 1/2 way up in the site glass. Then I keep an eye on the oil level to make sure it does not expand above the 1/2 way mark. A good sign of possible fuel getting into the oil. I always wanted to learn how to rebuild my own carbs but due to time I chose to contact Mike Eykamp last season and opted to swap carbs with him. It costs some money but it was not difficult not remove my carbs and ship them to him. He immediately shipped a rebuilt set to me. I installed the new carbs and have enjoyed knowing I have some piece of mind that I can rest easy knowing I did what I could to prevent becoming a victim of hydrolocking. Good luck with your search for an engine. I hope this helps another owner.
  4. Hello Everyone: Bucket list event for several years. Considering it this year.
  5. Hello Earl: He is a new owner and was looking for someone to help him get to know his bike mechanically and possibly ride with at times.
  6. Hello Everyone: Trying to help a long distant friend find another owner near Buckingham PA. SE PA.
  7. Hello Everyone: Sadly I do not get on the main forum page like I did for the first 8 years. No real reason other than my home PC quit and I mostly use my iPhone to surf. Not as much fun with the smaller screen for stuff like this. I am active on the FB page as well as other Yamaha Facebook pages and have kept in contact with many of you on there. I owe a debt of gratitude to this site and the many wonderful members. Lee and I made Don Nelson’s event last season. We still enjoy our 2005 RSTD and continue to make priceless friendships from the of W. Nebraska.
  8. Hello Everyone: Greetings from W. Nebraska. Still here. Still riding our 2005 RSTD with Harley Trunk when we can. Don’t post here too often. Watch the FB page. Enjoyed Don’s MD in June. Sure like our VR friends.
  9. Thanks for the reply and kind remarks about the Western Nebraska people. I appreciate the offer on the camp spot. We are booked in custer as usual but will keep the camp offer in mind for future trips. Please let me know if you travel our way.
  10. Hello Everyone: Just wondering if any members are attending the 2019 Sturgis Rally or will be in the Custer area Aug. 3rd and 4th? Always like to meet our friends.
  11. Sadly I think I purchased a harness awhile back. Let me know if you remember where I put it. Lol
  12. Hello Everyone: 10 years and 55k miles my 2005 RSTD left me stranded. Stopped for fuel the evening before departing for a trip to the Black Hills with my 11 year old grandson. Sudden ignition switch failure. Worked until 9PM to get it tore down. Stopped for rest and research. Started at 5:00. Thanks to Don Nelson's tech write up and advice from Mike Eykamp and Mike Griswold I had it removed, repaired and reinstalled by noon. The switch was not burnt badly. Just had a film of some sort covering the contacts. Electrical contact cleaner, emery cloth and a fair amount of labor salvaged our trip. I did not want to disappoint my Grandson After experiencing this I would not want to experience this issue on a long trip!! Winter time maintenance should include switch maintenance and fuel pump inspections. Sure appreciate this site!!
  13. Great advice from everyone. Several options. If you can afford the new pump from Dennis Kirk then I would suggest going that route. Quick and easy. Then replace the points in your existing pump and have a spare. If you need help contact me.
  14. I originally used a Wompus rack and later modified it using the existing holes and lowered it about 4".
  15. I have relatives that live in that area and might be able to help with bike storage. Contact me if you still need help.
  16. So sorry to learn of this. Fond memories of Black Owl.
  17. I had the same thing happen. Went back in, problem solved. Just needed the practice I guess.
  18. Hello Everyone: So nice to see so many familiar names and faces on here. Cowpuc: Thanks for posting on the FB page!! I am not on the VR site as much as I once was, so I was unaware Russel was not feeling well. Russel: Fond memoriries of the Cody Rally in 2010. Sure hope you get to feeling better soon!!! Prayers sent your way.
  19. I am still enjoying my Harley trunk on my RSV rack. For me quick connect was not desired. I replaced the RSTD side rails with RSV side rails. I did not want to modify the RSTD rails.
  20. Hello Heather: I am not on this forum as much as I used to be. I watch the FB page the most. Just saw this. Glad you survived. My experience with Towing companies is not good. They quickly rack up a large bill that they expect insurance will cover. We all know that is not the case. I hope someone was able to help recover Big Red for you? Heal well. Keep us posted.
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