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  1. Hey Don, again a sincere THANK YOU! for all you do, I know it aint easy. I hate change, but know its inevitable, I will figure it out and in time come to like it. Thanks again. Craig
  2. That is one beautiful bike! Is all the chrome factory or was it added by previous owner. Thinking about going back to 2 wheels, that beauty could be a contender. Very Nice Craig
  3. Would like to express sincere condolences to his wife and family, I never met Dale and after reading his obituary it was certainly my loss. Seems like the kind of guy I would have hit it off with. I understand his decision to end his time on this earth on his own terms. I only hope the family can understand and find peace as well. RIP Dale sounds like you lived a wonderful life. Craig
  4. If you are on the short side, like me, you can get flatfoot on a gen 2 alot easier then 1st gen. I have owned both and was never real comfortable whenever I had both feet on the ground. Other then that I think seat/ride position is the biggest difference. Craig
  5. Glad to hear, you finally found both culprits, and it didnt cost you an arm and a leg. Craig
  6. Like Don, I cant be much help with wiring, but really looking forward to following your progress on build. All the best, Craig
  7. Ya gotta love those easy fixxes, and that one was cheap too! Craig
  8. Just throwing out ideas? New Battery, low charge or bad? How old was old battery, mite be a bad stator or voltage reg. Bad connections at ground points? Ignition switch bad? Sorry cant be more help. Craig
  9. Not an owner, but did do a fairly good test ride. I was doing 70mph in 3rd and it was just cruising along. I couldnt even figure out what 6th gear was for?? Could you be bogging the engine at too low rpms. The one I took out was more responsive then my RSV, alot more responsive. I did love the bike. I am sure you will get responses from actual owners in a bit. Craig
  10. Very Cool, Thanks for posting! Craig
  11. Amazing story Phil and very happy for ya. Wish you and your help all the best in getting that job done:thumbsup2: Craig
  12. Boat was definetly taken care of, must of kept it inside a good part of its life for the interior to look that good. Looks very similar to the first boat we ever owned, that was 28yrs ago, same age as my daughter.... Be careful out there:thumbsup2:
  13. Yep I swear by them, put them in every bike I own. Quicker, easier starts, long life and no fouling problems. They are worth it to me. Craig
  14. Thanks for all the pics, is that Rooster? and Brown Angel in the back? Joe needs a haircut too! Thanks again, Craig
  15. Member on here named Skydoc, will lend you the tool if you purchase gaskets and other nec. items from him, great guy and knows 1st gens inside out. I am sure he can help you out. Look for him under Member Vendors, or community he lives in Pa. Good Luck, Craig
  16. Hey Moe, you have a PM:thumbsup2: Craig
  17. I always watch the front wheel for movement, if it moves even alittle I am on the brakes and horn. I never stopped tho, be afraid some ahole would go rite over top of me. Just taught my grandson that one too. Craig
  18. Pretty scary read there Don, I am like you, dont wear safety glasses near as often as I should, but you have an added incentive. Glad to hear its healing up and getting better. On a side note aint it amazing the things you need to do when you are self employed and make commitments? Many who work for someone else would be on disability for 6months over that one. Not meant to start ruckus, just an observation from someone who was also self employed. Craig
  19. I have any "H" basket, off of 07 with 40K , make me an offer if you are interested. Thanks, Craig
  20. Oh its back on the road and running great. He is on it every spare second he has. Next time he is down I will take some pics, its bright red and looks pretty good. Craig
  21. Nick, the kid you sold the Maxim to is into knife making, altho not as deep as you. He starts from 12" saw blades and has made quite a few with custom handles, wood, corian, and stone. Looks like your setup will make for a fun hobby. Very cool:thumbsup2: Craig
  22. Packed up and heading out, look forward to seeing everyone at the rally. Craig
  23. Pick a nice day, rent a car one way. Have the Eluder owner pick you up at car drop off. Take care of paperwork and ride that baby home. Craig
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