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After 26 years


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  After 26 years working for the same company, it's time to move on.    Things have been dicey for the last few years, but at this point they can no longer offer reliable year 'round work.    I was hoping to retire here, but the bottom line is I gotta work.     


  I"ve accepted a positiion with another outfit;  they're matching my benefits plus a little bump in pay scale..

  Sad to go but it's necessary.    I'm starting to get a little excited about it though as my duties will be a little different, in a good way.

  Wish me luck.

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I know how it is I was with a company for 24 years and had move on but in my case it was the best move I ever made job wise anyway, none compare to the job I have now retirement is great!

Good luck in your new job 

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4 hours ago, ragtop69gs said:

Hope it's everything they promised.  

  They didn't actually promise anything.   The primary issue is lack of work where I am.   I know several of the guys at the place I'm going to and they all seem pretty happy there, plus they're pretty pleased that I'll be joining them.    I'll be coming on board as a senior tech, which means I'll be doing more of the sort of work that will fit my experience and skill set, rather than jumping around on rooftops like I'm still 25 years old.   I'll be doing more direction / supervision, kind of like a working foreman.   They're taking me on, matching the benefits and pay above union scale that I've worked so hard to get where I am now.   That's pretty rare, so I don't think they're expecting me to be a grunt.   I've only 4 years to go until retirement and they know that and are still willing to take me on.

  I'm not comfortable with change, but I really should have done this years ago.   They first offered me this spot in 2019, but I opted to stay loyal to the company I've been with for so long, but, like I said, I gotta work or I'll have to start contributing to my health benefits and my pension would suffer without full time hours.

  It's a necessary move.   Even the people I'm close to in management with my current company are aware that I'm leaving and say I'm probably doing the right thing.   

  They even floated the idea of paying me 40 hrs a week, working or not to keep me, but i declined    That could only last for so long.

  I'm sure I'm doing the right thing.     I hope....lol...  Only 4 years to go....

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Posted (edited)


I am in a similar field. I have been very fortunate(read LUCKY) that my frequent decisions to change employers has always benefited my family. I am now, #2 in the service dept. and #1 is ready to  retire at any moment. Ironically, the company I now work for is the one I started out with in 1995. 

All this to say, I am sure you made the right decision. 






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It's sad when you've been with a company for so long and you see the issues and can do little to help correct them. I've had 5 full time jobs in my adult life. One, the first, was only 6 weeks because I was not given what was promised. I've been fortunate to be able to have had my own side business for about 15 of those years. My tenures are not as long as yours, 6 weeks, 2.5 years, 5 years, 12 years and 18 years in the current company. During this time my roles have changed dramatically too. From a tech building PC's and networks to managing DR, office construction projects around the country to basically anything no one else wants to do. If it's hitting the fan I get the call to manage the issue to resolution. It's kept the career challenging enough to keep me interested.

As far as retiring, I tell everyone I'll retire at noon the day they bury me.  Part of that is choice, part is not but hopefully can change that before the time comes. 

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