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Prayers requested for my wife, Kris

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Kris has been admitted at University Hospital tonight. Test indicate she suffered a heart attack Thursday and did not know it.


I have no details yet, she will be having a heart cath done tonight or in the morning. Please keep her in your prayers.


I should add that she is not in pain and seems to be fine right now.

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Hoping for the best outcome for your wife!  Do some research on Vitamin K2, MK7.  It helps the body use calcium for your bones instead of clogging your arteries.  It has helped me a LOT.  I can be much more active before feeling angina pains now. I started taking Doctors Best brand 100mcg daily and now I'm taking it 4 times daily.  The stuff has really worked for me.  

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Thank you all for your prayers!


Status up date: The heart catheter showed no arterial blockage. There is some concern that the the aeortal arch that was replaced 20 years ago has some leakage. There are differing reports on whether there was or wasn't a "heart attack" and how severe the damage may be.


Kris is in good spirits and not suffering any pain, other than that inflicted by being bed ridden in the CICU.


More tests to come.

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Today was an emotional rollercoaster. 

This morning Kris was taken off of the ECMO (heart and lung machine) because she had shown significant improvement over the last few days. She was doing fine but being kept sedated to let them get her meds dialed in. In an instant, her BP crashed and her O2 levels dropped. She was taken to the cath lab and emergency surgery was called for. They found a "flap" in her aortic artery at the site of her aneurism from 20 years ago. This flap was intermittently occluding the artery which is why things would look good and then go to hell in a hand basket with no warning. They placed a stint in the artery and her BP stabilized and started to rise. The surgeon said there was a pressure factor(I think that was term he used) of 100 due to the flap. Meaning that for her arteries to see 70 systolic, her heart had to be pumping at 170. Basically working more than twice as hard to maintain the needed BP.

It looks like this may have been the problem the whole time and just wasn't presenting when they were looking at it before.

She is back on the ECMO, but only to oxygenate her blood while her lungs recover from the resulting pulmonary edema rather than doing the heart's work. They estimate 2-3 days for her lungs to recuperate.  Presumably, we will be back where we started today at that point.


Again, thank you all for your prayers.

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