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Prayers requested for my wife, Kris

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Kris has been scheduled to be released from the VA Rehab center noon Friday. The following surgery has not been scheduled yet.


Again, thank you all for your prayers and support. All the medical teams involved thus far have commented and praised her support from family and friends and that includes all of you.

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We finally got Kris' surgery scheduled with the VA hospital in Cleveland. She will get her second zipper next Thursday. She is in very good health and, while this is still a serious operation, she should have a better go this time than she did 20+ years ago. Please keep her in your prayers for the up coming procedure.

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2 hours ago, luvmy40 said:


Kris' surgery went well yesterday! 10 hrs. on the operating table. She is in SICU recovering and was semi awake(still loopy on sedatives) last night. 

Thank you all again for the support!

Great news.  Will keep her in our prayers.


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