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Been busy and away from site.....


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On December 13 at 11PM my wife was making strange noises in the bathroom. I went in and found her unable to move any air in or out of her lungs.

She also was cold to the touch and sweating profusely.

I had my son call 911 and they arrived in less that 5 minutes.

They gave her a 12 lead EKG which indicated a cardiac event was in progress. The gave her Nitro and placed her on a industrial CPAP device and headed to the hospital.


Long story short, two days later they cracked open her chest, replaced the Aortic and Mitral valves in her heart and also did a double bypass.


Being she is 4'11", 119 pounds, does not smoke and exercises regularly; the docs were mystified why this happened in the absence of any heart disease.

They speculated the she may have had Rheumatic fever that was left untreated and it took till ages 52 for the valves to allow regurgitation of the blood in her heart.


It's been 25 days post surgery and she is doing exceptionally well.


I've learned that sometimes an event like this makes you appreciate what you have.

Just my rant as I'm tired working, cleaning, cooking etc but I wouldn't trade a thing; having her alive is the best X-Mas present I have ever received.

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Sorry to hear your wife had to go through that!


Great to hear she is doing well!


My wife welcomes your's to the Zipper Club. Kris had to have her aortal valve and quite a bit of the artery replaced about 15 years ago. Hers was a congenital issue and she was quite young for such a process.


According to her doctors, the newest process for the homeogenic replacements is so good that they will never need replaced again. At the time of Kris's surgery we were under the assumption she would have to have the valve replaced again in 10-15 years. It seems the new process was still under scrutiny and they were not telling anyone about it until they had more empirical data.

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artery vs. aorta
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Oh my !!! that would have put me into cardiac arrest..Must have scared the BE JESUS out of you. Thank the Lord you found her when you did. So very glad she is doing well. Bet you hug and smother her with more kisses now than before. I will keep her in my nightly prayers... Now go and SPOILER her .... Stay strong my friend.

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Wow, it sure was a good thing you were there as that could have been terminal. Glad she is recovering well.

I have had a few scares with Linda as several years ago she was working in a nursing home and had a heart attack and ended up having the "widow maker" vein on the back of her heart replaced. A couple months ago I was getting ready to go some place, but got delayed. I noticed that Linda was not responding to our discussion and when I checked on her, her sugar level was in the 30's and she was completely incoherent. I was able to get some sugar back into her and she was okay. If I had left when I had intended, she may not have survived.

Now, we are in the process of getting her healed up where she fell and broke the ball off in her shoulder socket. BTW, I posted an update with pictures of the x-ray, but it appears it has not been noticed. The thread was "Not our best Christmas'. I must admit, the x-ray is hard to look at.

Again, glad she is doing and especially glad you were there for her, then and now.


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Sounds like a real close call. Had you not been within earshot and investigated, the outcome could have been very different. So glad you were able to get her medical attention in time to have her still with you. Scary how even the seemingly healthiest of us can still get caught by surprise when it comes to our health. Best wishes to you and your wife and hope life is quickly returning to as normal as possible for you.

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