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  1. I would be quite careful about naming "bad" dealership by name and location. Some wealthy dealers do not take kindly to this and will sue your rearend in a heartbeat for slender and damage to their reputation. Just be careful. There are a lot of lawyers out there. Thank God, I am not one of them........
  2. How soon before you can ride again ? Glad you're doing well.
  3. Very cool. I sure am happy I can just plug the Garmin into the aux and still get tunes. Horn will probably go into front fairing....this horn is loud enough to go anywhere on the bike. Thanks for the info, Gents. Happy Trails.
  4. Toe-in Camber Rear Wheel/axles forward distance...... and you're done; should not even take an hour:smile5: In the next couple years I think I might do my RSV with a Champion sc. I did my Sportster 1200 with a Velorex a few years ago, and I really miss it. Yes I did it myself and it took me less than one hour..........:bawling:Actually more like a month of trial and error. Successfully installing a sidecar is like managing a marriage, it is all about "compromise". Cheerio
  5. Though I have split the front fairing many times, I cannot remember whether there would be enough room in there to install a Stebel horn; could anyone enlighten me whether this would be possible? Also is the second horn inside the fairing? If yes that would be great. That is because I do not really think the Stebel horn belongs/fits in place of the stock horn on the right side. The Stebel unit is too large to fit, with real close proximity to hot exhaust pipes, especially the electrical wire connectors...... I installed a Stebel under the seat of my 08 Triumph Tiger and what a blast:yikes: !!!!!. This horn rocks:p. My next question has to do with GPS. I have found a Garmin 2720 for $100, so I bought it. The text-to-speech will got thru the RSV audio system thru the AUX input which is split to presently allow Sirius radio and a small MP3, which I do not play at the same time:smilies6:. If I have the GPS text-to-speech connected and the GPS on, will the text-to-speech still be audible while I have the Sirius playing into the AUX input also ? Could having both plugged in and on (Sirius + GPS voice) induce any damage to the audio system such as overload and such ? If having both plugged into AUX and turned on for music and directions is not recommended, I guess I would have to have the GPS connected to a seperate mono (one ear) earplug/helmet mini speaker. Many Thanks for any info/experience with these very important matters...... Cheerio
  6. Just be careful what you post on the net...you can get sued very easily. As unfortunately as it may be.
  7. Goldwing is tops, but has become way too expensive for me. Also lack "charisma"; feels a little bland to me...almost too perfect. It can be ridden hard and quick even in the twisties. Handling is great; foot peg location sucks.
  8. Thanks Brad, I think I got it. Just like dirtbike muffler clamps, the smaller ID goes onto pipe/header and larger ID goes onto muffler because OD of muffler is slightly larger than OD of pipe/header. Thanks for the hint of sliding clamp onto muffler first. Cheers Phil:clap2:
  9. So I will be installing RK mufflers on my RSV this weekend. Got Brad's brackets (Thanks Brad, by the way, they look great) and got the wide V-Twin muffler clamps. The inside of the clamps have a ridge at one end on the ID side. 3/4 of the ID is one size and 1/4 of the ID is a little smaller. How do I install the clamps with this smaller I/D on one end of the contact surface. Do I put the smaller ID onto the pipe and the larger ID onto the slotted end of the muffler (but clamp might not tighten all the way on the mufller side), or do I install the smaller ID onto the slotted muffler end ? Did you guys use any high temp silicone to seal everything up ? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Long live this forum !
  10. PM sent. Me want buy brackets but linky in posty no worky. Thanks Phil
  11. Bought Diamond R leveling links from one of the members and installed them: The best handling mod; period. I rode the bike right before the change on purpose, installed and rode the bike again...a drastic improvement. I cannot recommend this change enough to anyone. Best for the money. Do It.
  12. I saw 2 nice RSV's at Marcus Dairy yesterday (Sunday) parked next to each other. The 2 bikes were the same color ! Who are the owners ? I live in CT and my RSV is also red and black like those 2. Cheers
  13. Sorry, just joined and I do not know whether you go tyour clutch issue fixed yet. Bruce or Chug (mechanics) at RER will take care of you. Talk to Ross in sales first and then to the service desk. Tell them you're a personal friend of Phil Mille (that's me) and they should take care of you. I am a friend of Rick, the owner of RER. Any problems, let me know, and I'll call them for you. I bought many bikes from RER and just aquired an 08 RSV from them. Cheers Phil
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