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  1. cold pipes on left side and hot on right also pulled wires on left side maid no difference puy them back then puller right side motor stop runing pipes will get hot on left side when prm is 2000 or more:confused24:
  2. I have a 1983 venture it will idle on 3&4 only is this right or does it need to idle on all 4 cyl if not right anyone know what i need to do
  3. Ihave this at idle runs on 3&4 only when you say #2 idle know are you talking abouting the main idle knob on left side that adj idle for all crads
  4. Does anyone know y i must have my choke on to get bike to run if i turn choke off it will stop runing:fingers-crossed-emo
  5. Any way to tell if you have good spark or if your spark is weak in your ignition system:sick:
  6. how can i tell if i have weak ignition or good:detective:
  7. is thery any way to tell if the valves need adjusting with out taking vavle covers off:confused24:
  8. on cylinder 1&2 they just get warm also the exhaust just gets warm not hot like 3&4 cylinder i have gas and spark to all cylinders compression pressure on all 4 cylinders is 165 psi is this right or should all 4 cylinder get hot on 1&2 cylinder i can touch the motor and exhaust right off cylinders just warm ever after a 30min run time does not get hot like 3&4
  9. What carb can i use on my 1983 venture that i can bolt it on and just go:confused24:
  10. Will a carb from a 1988 venture work right on a 1983 venture:confused24:
  11. I have a 1983 venture on one of the carbs a lot of gas comes out of jet needle hole can some one tell me how to stop this
  12. can i use a 1988 carb on a 1983 venture will it work:starz:
  13. maintance day where is it
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