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  1. That’s Awesome! About a year ago I had the same pleasure with my youngest. We’ve done some pretty fun bonding even though she thinks we’re just going out for a ride🤫. Memories from her first ride.
  2. I think you Northerners done went and broke your weather. It’s down here in my yard, all ice with what we consider heavy snow coming (up to 8 inches). I would greatly appreciate it if you’d come and get it.
  3. And just in time for her birthday.
  4. this is the way to load a bike properly. You only get to use one rope to tie it down.
  5. There you have it! Proof of global warming, 3 degrees warmer after just 57 years.
  6. #1 A roll of toilet paper for emergencies, and hope you never have to use it
  7. Riding alone, with a passenger, and with riding mates----------------------each one 100% different from each other. First I'd say to figure out which one it is then take some shorter trips before you embark on that big trip.
  8. Best take your bike, that would be tops on the list, then my mother always said to take clean underwear, so I would add that. Later in life I also learned that a pillow and something soft to lay on would be a nice addition. Also I learned, and many others would back me on this, if you take a passenger and that person happens to be female, get a trailer!! Other than that, I'm READY!!
  9. Lenny, sorry for your loss. No doubt his family and your entire community are reeling and hurting from losing someone such as Fred. The way you described him, I have no doubt he understood how precious and precarious life is and long ago decided that when his time came, he was going out happy. Those who cherished him may never know if the vaccine contributed to his passing or was purely coincidental but I hope and pray everyone can find comfort in knowing that he lived his life to fullest and died happy. That is his legacy. As far as your decision about the vaccine, I hope you can
  10. Hi all, I contacted two dash cam manufacturers to do a comparison review of a high priced and a low priced unit. I struggled with the planning of how to hook up two sets of cameras. I channeled my inner @cowpuc and got it figured out. Then the fun began with taking rides and then reviewing video to find good comparison photos. Comments are welcome. Please share your dash cam setups with the forum. https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2021/02/10/motorcycle-dashcam-challenge-blueskysea-dv988-vs-thinkware-m1/ VentureFar...
  11. Hi All, I thought I would send some news your way that pertains to this subject. Never thought I'd be weighing in. My wife has worked at the same insurance company for 43 years. She manages the contracts division for this well known company. One of the gentlemen that she had worked with for 40 of those years, his name is Fred Dickson, retired 3 years ago. Fred retired at 68yrs old, so that makes him 71 this year. Fred is a beast of a man. What I mean is: he has always been a highly active person, and has had lazer focus on his health. He has for many years competed regionally
  12. I want to start this by saying I do believe the virus is real and has sadly caused much heartache from the premature death of many people. My heart goes out to all of those affected. I still have much skepticism though on the impact of this virus to the majority of the population, many who contract it and have few, or no symptoms. There is much, imho, opinion still not known (like why some people have no ill effects from contracting the virus). Enter the "vaccine", which may not technically and legally meet the definition of a true vaccine. Please read what this Dr writes about the 'v
  13. Today I took my youngest on her first ride. She loved it, she thought it was so cool when other riders would wave and I would wave back.
  14. Sorry can't because of Covid border closed!
  15. Sorry Ron I think we left the door open but hey we are glad to share with you. We are just trying to share the beautiful and scenic winter wonderland with you. Now if we can send some of the cold air that is coming.
  16. Can you guys turn off the the snow machine. I need to pick up a bike in Ohio and get it down to Arkansas. From @luvmy40. I know y'all like your snowmobiles up north.❄️🤠
  17. Here in Manitoba Canada winter is not done till its over....In 1963 we had 8 feet on snow on some of our country roads( we often had snow banks on our yard 4 feet deep ) ....We woke one morning and we found 1 side of the house dark and snow up passed the windows we had to climb out of windows on the other side of the house to shovel the snow from our exit door ...Temperature was minus 35 degrees ...The temperature here today now is minus 32 degrees
  18. As long as you didn't bleed the clutch and just messed with the basket there shouldn't be a problem with the clutch disengaging... Valvoline makes a wet clutch oil in 10-30 and 20-50. I ran 10-30 in the winter and 20-50 in the summer in my '83VR without a problem. On occasion I might have used Castrol 20-50 which is my oil of choice for all my rolling stock. When you mentioned that everything was OK when you tucked her in for the night and in the morning the clutch wouldn't work makes me think that any air in the lines worked it's way back up to the master and the hydralics when fuba
  19. This hits home and is so true. I always have TP in my carry on. And growing up my dad always had a roll of TP in a coffee can with some sanitizer behind the seat. When I turned 16 I started to carry my own coffee can and have one in every vehicle. It took 25 years of having that insurance behind the seat, but when the time came to cash in on my investment it payed off in Spades!
  20. I camp mostly when I travel so I pack like I would when I go on a backpacking trip in the wilderness, other than that I usually eat at restaurants, so I cut down on the food I carry and just keep a few non perishables or freeze dried meals in case I cannot find some place to eat. I carry an aeropress coffee maker. see https://aeropress.com/ some coffee makings and water. Often I include a backpackers water filtering system my top choice is platypus see https://www.platy.com/ca in case I either need to get water from a stream, lake or camp ground. often camp grounds have water sources that st
  21. Technology fails, I always took a spiral bound truckers map with me in the trunk unless you're absolutely familiar with the route you're going 0.02
  22. Be prepared. Pack efficiently. Take your time. Eat, sleep and rest. Enjoy. I did 4K miles in 3 weeks...3 years ago. Loved it.
  23. Have some water along to drink as it get hot and dry out that way. I also found out that any fasteners that you have changed on your bike, make sure you have the tools along to remove them incase you need to get to something behind those items. Rick F.
  24. Just wait, soon she'll be telling you about some boy with a motorcycle. But grey hair is a sign of wisdom and maturity.
  25. Once again, it was our honor to host you at our home this year for Freebird's Maintenance Day. Eileen and I both love having you here and it sure seems quiet when you are all gone. Here are a few pictures, hope the rest of you post yours also.
  26. Well I would like to sale my bike. Going to need to pay off some dr bills next summer. Havent been riding it as cant hardly get on and is real shaky getting back off. I've replaced clutch, installed sonic fork springs, changed rear shock out, added blue tooth, adjusted valves, replaced twinkie gaskets, have 50,000 miles on it, replaced battery last spring wont take less than 4,000. thanks for looking
  27. First, let me say thank you to Don and Eileen! Nice time! Second, what an honor to meet everyone! Here ya go: That's it for me! Pat and I enjoyed it! Thanks again!
  28. Seems how's da Bossman set the clubs MD pic posting presidence by not sorting his pics and being good with posting that pic of @Marcarl and @saddlebum walking toward the camera like 2 of the 3 from some old Clint Eastwood movie,,,,, I am gonna just go ahead and post my collection UNEDITED and you lop eared VR varmints ,whether ya attended or not, decide which is The Good,, which is the Bad and which is the Ugly :
  29. Here are a few more pictures. Phoneman posted these to the Facebook page.
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